easter parade nyc 2016


final now


Although I live in a city which is in a constant state of transformation, some things definitely never change. The NY Easter Parade is a must see event and it has been taking place in Manhattan for over 100 years now. Over the top Easter bonnets are spotted everywhere when paraders stroll along from 49th and 57th streets. It is fun, happy and a very mixed and democratic crowd.

pascoa final

with Christian Svoboda, who is always a hit at the Easter Parade:

pascoa 8

and if Bill C. is there, you know it is really an event.

pascoa 13

Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo



art basel hong kong 2016

hk 4

Ashley Bickerton

I was able to attend the private viewing of Art Basel Hong Kong; now on its fourth edition and quickly becoming a major art fair event world wide; it is now the most important Asia’s art fair. Personally, my three day trip to HK was so worth since I am testing waters to see what I am going to do next….I cannot be in the nightlife forever.
Before the general public had access to it; it was nice to be able to walk calmly, although it was full, through all the 239 galleries installations. To my surprise, you could actually meet and socialize with the artists themselves. At least that was the case in the two days of V.I.P private viewing. If the economic slow down of China is still present, I guess having artists on location to influence a sell is rather a great incentive.
Definitely, I can say I was in the presence of great quality works of art, which serves me well as a point of reference. It is impossible to feature them all here, but please enjoy these:

hk 5


hk 7

Roberto Chabet

hk 6

 Antony Micallef 


at Park Ryu Sook Gallery, and no, she wasn’t part of the installation

hk 3

Black Milk by Belu Simion Fainaru 

hk 1

Annette Messager

hk 9

Du Monde

hk 2

Kerlin Gallery

hk 10

yep, that’s me playing with the “Acrylic Mirrors” by Lee Bul at the Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac corner


hong kong


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the next “carioca sunga co” runway show on style fashion week

carioca show 2

It is fashion week time again for the CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO brand. This will be the third fashion show of this super cool Brazilian brand created by Gil Even, who is also the designer. Gil will once again bring to the catwalk a taste of the freedom and spirit of the “carioca” people, which means “born in Rio”.
I am very happy to be doing again the styling of the show, and excited to bring to the runway all the ideas that Gil and I keep brainstorming between seasons…for sure it will be a fun show. So, if you would like to attend the CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO presentation at the Style Fashion Week on March 18, please RSVP HERE , and we will see you in Los Angeles.

Check the first two CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO runway shows:

Style Fashion Week 2015 in Los Angeles and Miami Swim Week 2015


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tons do rio by lilian granado




I finally had a chance to get my hands on the amazing book Tons do Rio by Brazilian photographer Lilian Granado.
“Tons do Rio” which translates to “Shades of Rio” is a visual trip through the marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro by the poetic and sophisticated eyes of Lilian. In a smart way, the photographer invites the readers to also find their own way to appreciated the beauty of an already fantastic city: from the simplicity of birds flying on the sky to the interesting approach to capture hung clothes drying under the sun on a clothsline, this is definitely a book for those who love Rio, who will travel to Rio or even if you will never be able to physically know Rio de Janeiro, the freedom and spirit featured on “Tons do Rio” will transport you to it.
This is the first book by Lilian Granado, and it starts with a foreword by Frederico Mendes, who is also a photographer and Lilian’s husband. “Tons do Rio” is published by Reptil .



the pages of “Tons do Rio” are in a degrade format


this clothesline photo is one of my favorites


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daBBing is here … and it is a way of fashion


“Dabercrombie” by Stay Sick Clothing


You know when the trend is going to or is about to go “crazier”, when you turn on the TV early in the morning and you see Greg Kelly and Rosanna Scotto, hosts of FOX’s “Good Day New York”, dabbing with Migos, the creators of the Dab, to the beat of Look at My Dab.

Do I need to say that on the GOP Republican Debate last night, there was a girl “dabbing” behind Megyn Kelly who was causing an even bigger distraction than Donald Trump’s big hands….oh dear !!

The move or dance move is very simple, you simply bend your arm and jerk your head down to your elbow and back up again, just like you were containing a sneeze from becoming airborne! I know, it is hysterical….can we please have the “Macarena” back?

Anyway, surfing online I came across the super insane “Dabercrombie” shirt (above) by Stay Sick Clothing, and I think it just super cool and hilarious….and as the song says: Dab is a way of fashion…..

dab 3

the girl dabbing at the GOP debate last night

dab 2

Greg Kelly and Rosanna Scotto dabbing with Migos this morning.


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towel series by gazeLLe paulo

photo now 1

photo now 2

photo now 10

at the Royal Olympic (2012) by Fernando Ferraz


I have developed a fascination with towels on my head since the George Michael’s Freedom music video where super model Cindy Crawford glamorously plays with one … those two seconds scene was enough to have inspired me to have created fun looks with towels. I guess for me, the towel becomes the imaginary long hair that I once had it for real.

I love the series that photographer Mario Testino has also created throughout the years with famous people, which started with Kate Moss, and although I am certain that there is no way I would never be part of that group; Me, myself and I are very happy with my own series also, so move over Britney :D. The ones above, in the bathtub, were taken in Athens (2012), at the Royal Olympic Hotel, by my best friend Fernando Ferraz, who had no idea that the only reason I stayed there was because the bathroom was so beautiful that I wanted a “towel” photo there…well I guess now he will know…ooops :D.


photo now 8

at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong (2014) by  Fernando Ferraz

photo now 7

selfie, I believe around 2005

photo now 5

self portrait (2010)

photo now 6

at the same night with Patrick McMullan

photo now 4

in South Beach (2009) by bf Mark Anthony

photo now 9

in Mykonos (2012) by Richard Machado

photo now 3

and the number 1 photo that started the awesome Towel Series by Mario Testino; check them all HERE

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and the oscar goes to #bemglô

bem glo 1

bem glo 2

What to make of a situation that it goes out of control on social media? You cleverly capitalize on it. Brazilian star actress Gloria Pires was invited to appear, as a guest, on the TV Globo live transmission of the Oscar ceremony. Gloria, who is not commentator or movie critic, accepted the task and took it as if it was an informal night in the living room of your home, surrounded by friends. Gloria contributions to the show were limited to two or three words when asked about certain movies during the life transmission. The internet went crazy with GIFs about Pires performance night. The super respected actress didn’t even think twice about it, and it took the opportunity to launch a series of t-shirts with her quotes from the event which will definitely never be forgotten. The shirts are available at her brand site Bemglô . Absolutely brilliant, after all #SomosTodosGloria – We are all Gloria.

bem glo 3

Gloria Pires and Maria Beltrao at the TV Globo live Oscar transmission ceremony.


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best & worst dreSSed at the oscars 2016

Everybody has an opinion….well, below are my choices:



Olivia Wilde in Valentino

1 – Olivia Wilde in Valentino Haute Couture


Tina Fey in Versace

2 – Tina Fey in Versace


Charlotte Rampling in Armani Prive

3 – Charlotte Rampling in Armani Prive


Naomi Watts in Armani Prive

4 – Naomi Watts in Armani Prive


Prabal Gurung

5 – Megalyn Echihunwoke in Prabal Gurung


Rooney Mara in Givenchy

1 – Rooney Mara in Givenchy Haute Couture


Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton

2 – Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton


Heidi Klum in Marchesa

3 – Heidi Klum in Marchesa


Kerry Washington in Versace

4 – Kerry Washington in Versace


Brie Larson in Gucci

5 – Brie Larson in Gucci


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