ca-rio-ca sunga co SS17 fashion show


Thiago Lusardi


Jordan Torres JT


Kyle Kriesel


Jordan Rodriquez


Timo Nunez


Bruno Carvalho


Kadu Giacomini


It was definitely a pleasure to style another CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO fashion show this past week in Los Angeles. The fun Brazilian brand, created by Gil Even, brought to Style Fashion Week a very colorful and of course sexy collection. Mustache prints, happy faces, flags, solid colors, peace themes….it was all part of the CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO SS17 which had 27 looks. With the exception of the first four “kafia” looks paired with swimsuits that carried this theme, the styling for this show was light with the mission to only complement the designs created by Gil which always embodies a good sense of humor while elevating the male body form. I used the new Havaianas Action sandals mixed with the more recognizable classic version of this label. Most of the 13 hand picked models wore the Spice Necklace sharp pieces by Johnathan Cardillo. Tahitians colorful “cangas” bought in the Moorea Island gave a flowy super hero cape movement to some looks, oversized Invicta watches added masculinity when matched to bags and arm band accessories from Gilson Martins. And for the over the top rich eccentric customer traveler, model Kyle Kriesel walked down the runway carrying a $27,000 bag by designer Farbod Barsum / Beverly Hills made for Universal Body  paired with the “Por Do Sol-sunset” CA-RIO-CA sunga. Sunglasses were few; Havaianas and two vintage retro round pieces from my personal archives, they perfect framed the faces and hair created by Samuel Rodriguez. The peaceful final walk had white flags created by Rogelio Perez.



Jonathan Campos


Andrew Biernat


Willie Gomez


Bryan Pearn


Bryce Howard


Bobby Penney


Gil Even and his models

ALL IMAGES above by Ken Alcazar


me backstage before the show started

Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

eryc taylor dance 10 year aNNiversary







Last night, I attended the 10th year anniversary gala event of the Eryc Taylor Dance company. The beautiful, small and very chic party took place at the grand duplex penthouse of artists Mark Beard & Jim Manfred. In a space filled with fascinating and talented people, who also do great charity work, guests were exposed to delicious food, exquisite art, a silent auction, an amazing performance by the dance company performers, dressed in Scooter LaForge costumes, and lovely terrace gardens. Please visit the Eryc Taylor Dance company site for more info about their amazing program events and to become a member!




me with artists Eryc Taylor and Scooter LaForge

FreakChic by Gazelle Paulo

pop sucos in ipanema; just super “legal”







If you are visiting Rio de Janeiro and you need a place to have a light lunch or a cool early dinner,  you definitely should give it a try to Pop Sucos, located in Ipanema on Visconde de Piraja street, right across the General Osorio square. The name “sucos” – juices – might imply it is only a juice place, but this is really a full service restaurant with a complete menu. It is basic food, but very delicious with fair portions and great prices. The “pop” theme is interestingly used around the place and you can even order a burger named after “Andy Warhol”. Cute!!
Claudio, one of the owners, is extremely attentive to all the customers needs, and he even handed me the batman mask below…yes, I took a selfie in the middle of a full restaurant.  POP Sucos has only being in business for two months…I have a feeling they will be a major brand success. I will for sure go back….



FreakChic by Gazelle Paulo

pat & aNNa cleveland rocks yazbukey at pfw


Pat Cleveland with Anna Cleveland


At the end of the Yazbukey presentation, the iconic photographer Ellen von Unewerth poses with the models.

Yazbukey, as always, puts up the coolest shows in the ultimate glamorous and intense scene during the fashion week in Paris. This time around the fabulous designer didn’t disappoint; mixing cars with girls, in Louboutins, in a very easy dancing garage mood  – did I say vintage Jaguars? – it was definitely a cool way to showcase again her bold accessories. Anna Cleveland was back again from the Dressed to Kill last season presentation, and her stunning iconic mother/model Pat Cleveland joined her in, perhaps, one of the most memorable scenes of #PFW, at least me and Patrick McDonald enjoyed every minute of it. You can watch some of it HERE !!


Dyna Dagger channeling Donna Jordan



FreakChic by Gazelle Paulo 

london: mary & the martyrs by biLL viola



When in London, if you decide to visit St. Paul’s Cathedral, you must dedicate some time to experience the two installation show exhibits of American video artist Bill Viola; the just unveiled “Mary”, located in the North Quire Aisle, and “Martyrs” (Earth, Air, Fire, Water), located in the South Quire Aisle of the cathedral since 2014. Definitely a must, the two themes deal with the mysteries of human existence, a strong aspect of Viola’s art, since his works  focus on the ideas behind fundamental human experiences such as birth, death and aspects of consciousness. Mary is concerned with birth, comfort and creation while Martyrs deals with death, suffering and sacrifice. Strangely so, they are in symphony with this journey we are given and it is called “life”. The two installations are the first to be installed on a long-term basis in a cathedral in Britain, works focus on the ideas behind fundamental human experiences such as birth, death and aspects of consciousness.


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american airlines new safety video


Well, American Airlines has a new image: as of September 20th, the giant airline company changed their uniform employees , from the deep blue to a very chic dark grey with light blue and accents of red for the female group. To go along with the new look, the new safety video just dropped in the internet.
My opinion? I love it !! It is new, smart, different, it has a great fashionable speed and it gets the job done, because it gets you to be interested in it from beginning to the end. See it for yourself below.
And for those who don’t know….you can follow my adventures on American Airlines right here: Gazelle In The Sky

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nyfw s/s 2017 shades of style


New York Fashion Week is finally over; this time around I didn’t commit to go to a lot of  shows. It so much easier to follow everything online, but nothing compares to the great energy of a fashion show. Also, all the great vibe you can feel during the fashion week is quite contagious. I did take a lot of photos and these are my favorite ones….

FreakChic by Gazelle Paulo