ten new names for miriam rios

       Well, the whole Brazil still talks about the fiasco that ex-actress and proud mother Miriam Rios made of herself in the politic arena when she took over to discuss pedophilia,  and all her new approach of someone of faith…it is funny how people are forgetful of their past, specially when their past has nothing to do with their future ambitions, you don’t have to be proud of what you’ve done wrong in the past(and why wrong?), just don’t be embarrassed by it…correct Miriam?

       I am sure she has not forgotten her erotic spread…and on that note based on her ridiculous ideas….I would like to play with her name…her last name “Rios” means Rivers…and I would like to believe that she too will pass….


Miriam Passa Risos

Miriam Pantanal

Miriam Geni

Miriam Segundo Dia

Miriam Terceiro Dia

Miriam Lady Rios

Miriam Emendada

Miriam Castidade

Miriam Eu Sou Uma Delas

Miriam Eu Prego

And of course, this piece by Celso Andre about Myriam Reus is just plain brilliant…

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

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