the ten do’s and don’ts for fashion wEEk nyc by gazeLLe

photo by Gazelle Paulo
at home in New York City

      New York Fashion Week starts tomorrow ! So here are some tips from your Gazelle…

     1 – Do RSVP

          RSVP means répondez s’il vous plaît, in plain English means “please reply”. If someone took the time to put your name in an invitation for a fashion show that was sent out to you, have the same consideration and reply even if you are not going to attend it.

     2 – Do not act big when you are not even small, because chances are that in the fashion arena you don’t even exist !

          In the fashion scene, the real players are people who make real decisions that generate money…this group is small and everybody knows everybody…the fashions shows are for editors, buyers, customers or clients…and then for people like me who just like fashion and are lucky enough to be invited by the PR companies producing such shows…, to pretend you just came back from an fashion shoot in Milano is just silly.

     3 – Do have good grooming and good shoes !

          Hair, manicure, nose hair, ear hair…do I really need to remind you that if you want to hang out with the beautiful people…at least look like one. Shoes, classic or modern, make sure they are clean…and for women, if you are wearing heels…nothing is more horrifying that a worn-out heel…please get it together !

     4 – Do not crash a first row at a fashion show !

          Why would you do such a stupid thing? Don’t you know that this is a sure invitation to be embarrassed in front of lots of people pretending they are not there listening…but they are…and they are watching you make a fool of yourself while you are arguing with the person who probably did the seat assignments.

     5 – Do buy something at Fashion Night Out !

          So you went eveywhere, had a good time, drinking and sometimes eating for free…so give it back by purchasing something.Yes, even if you can only afford a simple scarf or a pair of socks.

     6 – Do not walk pretending you are a model when you are not !

           If you were a model, you would be backstage getting ready to walk in a show !

     7 – Do be patient with PR interns !

           This tip is for those who are celebrities or who think they are celebrities. Not every young intern working during fashion week knows who is every famous person in the city…and chances are if they don’t know who you are…you are really not that famous…but regardless of who, why, when and with…don’t lose your temper…at some point a more senior PR person will see you and take care of you…they wouldn’t forgive themselves if you wait too long to be seated…

     8 – Do not eat in your seat while waiting for a show to start !  

            Last fashion week, at the third row, few seats next to me, someone was eating a sandwich out of her fake Gucci bag…I don’t know if that bag was really fake…but what else could I think of someone who is doing such a thing?

     9 – Do dress with sense !

            Fashion week in September in New York is not a rehearsal for Halloween in October. Yes, I am guilty of dressing up extreme, but when I do it to watch a fashion show, it is for the right one. I will never go full Gazelle to watch a Lacoste show. Lately, people go over board to get attention from the photographers…not everyone can look effortless with so much information in a simple look…not everyone can pull it off like Lynn Yaeger, Patrick McDonald, Anna Piaggi, Tavi Gevinson and few others…so please don’t make a sad spectacle of yourself for the sake of a photo in a magazine or in a site….

   10 – Do have an understanding of what fashion is about ! 

            Fashion is much more than beautiful clothes…much more than a fantasy…

just saying…

Freak Chic

Gazelle Paulo

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