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The situation is IN this space


    I had written a post about my feelings about what happened during Fernando Carpaneda’s exhibit QUEER.PUNK  which took place at the Leslie/Lohman Foundation Basement Annex, located below the WINK store.

   The owner of the store had expressed to me by several e-mails(Bad Reporting on Prince St) that my opinions in the post have offended him, his wife and his business. He believed that my personal opinions stated that I thought they took an anti gay position towards the Fernando Carpaneda show, and that everything was nothing but a misrepresentation of a landlord/tenant dispute. He felt I attacked his reputation, and he wanted the post removed or to at least revised so to not paint himself, his wife or his business with anti gay beliefs. I explained to him that I didn’t attack him, his wife or his business. People were crying real tears over my opinions !

    So after I consult with several people who are well informed, they tell me not take it down, because it is my opinion, I allow comments in my blog, and I do have the right to think what I want, right? I guess so does CEO Gregg Steinhafel , I guess he agrees with me.

    Then the owner sends me this link  perhaps trying to teach me a thing or two about  ” libel” , is he trying to intimidate me? Is he really trying to really defend his reputation, which he believes I attacked, when I say I didn’t? He has that right, I too probably would fight for my reputation, no maybe I would fight more for my image. Or ,should I dare to think that he is trying to manipulate me? I don’t know, I don’t care…Am I really afraid to even think now?…as I let him know, I could be so cynical AND wonder why Fernando Carpaneda had to stand outside his show for the last days of his exhibit, unfortunately ! And, because I didn’t witness myself all that what I was told  that  happened there…I have decided that this situation with that post is not worth my time…not at all. But, I could rather write about my experience dealing with him and the e-mails he sent me. I can prove it, I have them all. Oh please…and who do you think you are to try to teach me a lesson about evil, when I feel that you don’t even see evil inside your heart. Let’s not go there….let’s not turn me on !

Just saying…



Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

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