fernando carpaneda art shows in brasilia and in galicia

Leigh  De Vries ( at the Carpaneda solo show tomorrow in Brasilia)
also shown on ” Art Takes Time Square “

          New York based Brazilian artist Fernando Carpaneda is opening a solo show tomorrow night in Brasilia. The show ” A arte de Brasilia em Nova Iorque (The Art from Brasilia in New York) curated by Fabio Almeida Prado presents some pieces from his past as well as 10 new paintings, some which were included in the recent exhibit ” Art Takes Times Square “. It will run from tomorrow till August 15th(2012) at the Rubem Valentim Gallery (Espaco Cultural Renato Russo -508 Sul).

           I had a late lunch yesterday in Chelsea(NY) with Fernando when he showed me the already sold sculpture ” O Boto (the pink merman) “. His news sculptures follow a non sexual explicit concept, but still very strong on sensuality. Just stunning !

          Carpaneda also will be included in a group show in Spain, in the city of Lugo (region of Galicia). The show opens on July 19th at the the ArteMenudo Gallery. Busy, busy, busy….

* ” The Christian Boy ” new phase sculpture (sold)
** The Pink Merman (o Boto) ” new phase sculpture (sold)
*** Gazelle, the pink merman and Carpaneda (Chelsea)
by Gazelle Paulo

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