kolors by keNNy scharf at the paul kasmin gaLLery

* Kenny Scharf in front of his painting Klobz (138 x 90 inches)
** Paul Kasmin Gallery
*** Red Scary Guy
**** Paul Kasmin Gallery
***** Squirtz
****** Model in front of one of Kenny Scharf’s paintings

             As I was leaving the Kenny Scharf KOLORS opening reception show 20 minutes before the scheduled closing time, seriously chic people were still coming out of SUVs and Lincoln cars to enter the Paul Kasmin Gallery.

             Kenny must have been happy, in a poetic way his show timing coincided with Basquiat’s show three blocks away at the Gagosian Gallery …they were buddies. Kenny was also friends with Keith Haring, they all came from a time when artists started to integrate street culture into the contemporary art mainstream, using pop and comic imagery into their art. And here we are.

             KOLORS is a big show, with grand pieces. Squirtz, Red Scary Guy and Totemotiki are the three large colorful sculptures in it; they gave me the impression that they jumped out of the paintings and created the very familiar forms with shapes and unique emotions of Scharf’s work. I loved it and it is a must New York show ! It runs till May 4th (2013)

             In a very smart move, Scharf has also collaborated with Kreemart and NYC’s Doughnut Plant to create seven artful edible version of his very famous donut paintings. They are such cool paintings ! So, the donuts will be available for purchase from Scharf’s Carzy Roy Al in The Plaza at The Standard, High Line (Thursday-Saturday/ 7-10pm/April 5 – May ), yes, starting today….yummyliciuos !!!

* Pink Glazed Entering the Stratosphere painting by Kenny Scharf / 2009
** Donuts installation in the back of Scharf’s Carzy Roy Al
*** Scharf’s Carzy Roy Al (front)

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

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