sobresaltos art project


* Scooter LaForge, Alexandre Mury, Guilherme Keller and Stélio Constantino Barbosa
** Moi with Stélio Constantino Barbosa , a local maid, Alexandre Mury and Gus Beaumont (by Scooter LaForge)
*** Moi with Scooter LaForge and Alexandre Mury
**** Scooter LaForge and moi ( by Tati Hauer )
***** Scooter LaForge, Alexandre Mury(back) , a street vendor drinking wine, Gus Beaumont (back), Stélio Constantino Barbosa and moi

Tati Hauer:

        As I mentioned on the post ( Pumps and the Pope) , we ( Scooter and I ) received an invitation from our friend Brazilian artist Alexandre Mury to join in the project ” Sobre Saltos “(on heels), a project initiated in December 2012 in Mato Grosso do Sul state, it was conceived by artists Stélio Constantino Barbosa e Nizael Flores de Almeida. So we both had so much fun spending that Wednesday morning in the company of Alexandry Mury, Gus Beaumont, Guilherme Keller, Stélio Constantino Barbosa and photographer Tati Hauer who documented the project; of course when the photos will be available I will show them to you !

          Walking on high heels on the streets of Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro. was very exciting, specially when people really interacted with us, which indeed was one of the intentions of Stélio. At some point we met and posed for Brazilian TV star Regina Case, she stopped and talked with us for a while…so much fun.

           You can read more about the great idea behind ” Sobre Saltos ” and the confusion that it caused; images went all over the world:  


Scooter LaForge, Guilherme Keller, Alexandre Mury, Regina Casé, Stélio Constantino Barbosa, Gus Beaumont and moi 

Copacabana / Rio de Janeiro 


 Freak Chic

 by Gazelle Paulo


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