sobresaltos images by tati hauer

*Guilherme Keller, Scooter LaForge, Gus Beaumont, Gazelle Paulo(moi) and Alexandre Mury
** Alexandre Mury, moi and Gus Beaumont


   The official images of  project ” SobreSaltos ” captured by photographer Tati Hauer can be seen at her Flickr profile : 




* Gus Beaumont, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Stélio Constantino Barbosa, Alexandre Mury, Scooter LaForge and moi
** Alexandre Mury, Scooter LaForge, Regina Casé, Guilherme Keller, Stélio Constantino Barbosa, Gus Beaumont and moi 


  Freak Chic

  by Gazelle Paulo


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