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 Gazelle is not an expert on anything. These answers are just opinions, some based on experiences, some just my own common sense. The questions have been edited to smaller sentences.



Q – 
I was in a great relationship for 5 years, unfortunately he passed away about three years ago. I recently was asked on a date by his best friend who is a very nice hot man, but I really don’t know how to feel about it.
           (Patricia E / SP)


A –  Well, then don’t feel anything, just go and enjoy the night, maybe breakfast . I mean, if your partner was still alive and you guys had broken up, I don’t think going out on a date with his best friend would have been a good idea, but he is not longer alive and it has been such a long time ago…I don’t think that there is nothing wrong or weird about it, specially if you are also attracted to him.




Q – I was recently at a sex site, and someone unlocked their photos to me, and the photos are from the boyfriend of a good friend of mine, someone who I really like and admire, what should I do??

                      (Hugo G. / NY)

A – Oops, this is complicated…chances are that if you get involved, they could break up and get back together and then you are the bad guy….BUT, it all depends how deep is your friendship with this friend of yours. I would be very annoyed if a closed friend of mine would hold such info from me. Maybe, they have an open relationship….


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