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Gazelle is not an expert on anything. These answers are just opinions, some based on experiences, some just my own common sense. The questions have been edited to smaller sentences.



Q:  I am so tired of going out to dinner with my co-workers in business trips and when the bill arrives I end up paying the same amount that they do, and I don’t drink. Is there a way that I could say it is not fair the way the bill is split?    (Paul T. / TX)



A: Well, if it bothers you that much, don’t do dinner or lunch with them, simply….or if you only had a salad and the bill arrives and your share is about $50, honey, please check the bill, calculate yours with the tip and leave the money on the table…THEY know why you did that…and if they pretend they don’t, just reminded them that you only had a salad with a nice smile…it is not fair for you to pay for other people’s alcoholic habits, specially if they are not your friends. Now, if you are in a really fancy and expensive restaurant, money should not be an issue ever… and if it is…you shouldn’t be in such restaurant !




Q:  I lost my job unfortunately and my lifestyle has declined immensely, I no longer have the financial means to be with my friends who are still living the fabulous social life I was once accustomed to, and I feel that because I can’t not be in the same level, it is creating a distance among us. I really enjoy being with them, but I can’t afford anymore, and I don’t know what to do !   (Karl N. / NY)

A:  First of all, don’t get in debt just because you feel you need to keep up with your friends. Second, be honest with them that you no longer can afford ‘la vida loca and expensive”, if they really enjoy your company they will understand and you all can still find a way to still enjoy each others company…if they don’t care…find new friends !

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