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Gazelle is not an expert on anything. These answers are just opinions, some based on experiences, some just my own common sense. These questions have been edited to smaller sentences.

     Q: I saw your photos of the Pride Parade morning party in your apartment, and I am getting ready to have a birthday celebration in my small apartment. Any suggestions?

(Megan H. / Los Angeles)

     A: First, the most important thing in a party is the people, if your place is small, don’t invite too many or it will be uncomfortable for everyone, make sure the chemistry is perfect. In your home you set the rules and you invite who you want, so co-workers, family and personal friends are totally different groups. I always find it easier to have a theme for the party, so that the quests already know what to expect; then nobody would ask for a tequila on a cheese and wine event. If you are going to serve food, keep it simple also…three or four different easy options are enough…remember your home is not a bar or a restaurant.

          Also…sorry, you can call me a pain in the neck, but nothing horrifies me more than a party with plastic cups and plates…maybe only drunk people drinking out of plastic cups would horrify me more…so have real glassware. Can’t afford really nice ones? That’s fine…get some simple ones…always according to what kind of drinks you are serving…it gives the party a more mature vibe…college days are a thing of the past!

          Music is important and it brings life to the party, as long as it is not super loud. At my little party on Pride morning, the music was kept really low because the whole party was being recorded…but good music is a must… fresh flowers is a good touch, but don’t over do it !

           I assume you only have one bathroom; so make sure it is completely clean of any personal items, put a lit soft scented candle in a safe place in it, away from towels and paper.

           If there is one thing that drives me crazy is to be asked to bring something to a party…food or drink…in Brazil the host/hostess is in charge of everything…but that’s the environment I grew up. From where I come from, you only take a gift to a birthday or anniversary…wedding gifts are sent days before the special date…so the concept to go to a party and be asked to bring a bottle of something is rather strange….for me, it disrupts your planning. I always believe if you can’t afford to do things right and on a reasonable budget…why do it? Anyway, have fun !


       Q:  Is it really necessary to follow the “Ladies First” rule in a elevator?

( Mark V./ San Miguel / Colorado)

       A: I sincerely think it is a waste of everybody’s time if the elevator is crowded. It is just common sense to let people who are closer to the door to get out first. Now, if the elevator has let’s say two ladies and one gentleman inside…I think that the rule in this case is valid.

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