globalize fashion with ninetEEn74

“”Very often egoism is the best drive to success. The fashion advisor RAOUL KEIL just wanted to becalm his curiosity, to unite creative people and travel. He made a business idea out of his passion – over 35.000 “”pro-fashionals”” use his web portal by now. “I just came from a trend scout in Sao Paulo and fell in love with this country. Most of all in fact, that the Brazilians produce are amazingly creative things without huge budgets.” Still in the airplane back to London he was thinking of a way to conserve the energy of the experienced. Being around in the fashion world for many years, he knew about the main problem of the young creative’s: the right contacts! “I have a good eye for talent and I know what sells. In the airplane I have written down the concept for this platform that puts the individual of this industry in the center of attention.” It shouldn’t just remain a concept. It wasn’t the first time that the men born in Cologne had an idea which had to be realized. Already in 2004 Raoul jumped into the cold water, leaving his part time home Berlin and moved to London with just one suitcase. There the proactive marketing man worked in an fashion agency, founded with a partner the label Villain for men and learned everything from production to sales to PR and therefore got to know every aspect of the textile business. “London has an incredible energy, the people are motivated and outgoing – you have much more possibilities”, says the 34 year old today. He knew how to use all of this. Back from Brazil he did everything to find an investor. In June 2008 the internet portal Nineteen74, which is the founders year of birth, went online.The goal of this homepage is to unite creative people from every corner of the globe, coming from different disciplines and backgrounds. Creativity is thereby the surrounding and connecting topic; however, more distant profiles are also more than welcome. Over 35,000 designers, Photographers, Stylists, DJs, VJs, Journalists, Graphic Designers, Models and Illustrators from 152 different countries have registered already and 140 new registrations enter each day. This successful concept got a distinction at the Webby Awards in 2009, which are the branch-oscars. “”
 I (gazeLLe) have my profile already there and so should you.

couture cOOkies by eleni’s

  From the kitchen of Eleni’s mom, Jeanie, who started baking her famous recipe in the early 1970’s so that little Eleni could share them with her friends in their California neighborhood, to the present pages of fashion magazines and elegant addresses all over US, UK, Canada and Puerto Rico…Eleni’s cookies and cupcakes are nothing but the best and delicious gifts, made with love, that money can buy. The gift sets are so fun and colorful, that they are sure to brighten your day or your special occasion…Do I need to say Father’s day are coming? Do I need to mention they can be couture all the way… You can indulge yourself at Eleni’s store in the Chelsa Market.

vamping at vamp !!

In my strange world, the first impression of any party starts at the door, so when I got out of the car in front of Element and saw the gorgeous, tall & thin Bianca Cimo in charge of it for the Vamp opening night, I could tell that the event was promising! The beautiful and smart Allanah Starr gave New York City a hell of party that for a while reminded me of the great small balls given by Regine Choukron in Rio during carnival at her elegant club Regine’s( yes my friends, I am that old), of course this time with a twist. For a moment there was a sense of chaos, which is the perfect touch for a great party…from go-go boys to tranny chasers, from hardcore fashionistas to boys in dresses with funny make up…from the really beautiful to the beautiful by association… the only thing left to do was to really have fun in a party where you were invited to ” Experience the decadence of 1920’s Berlin in New York City 2009 ” . Vamp was hosted by Kenny Kenny, Amanda Lepore, Jordan Fox, Joey Israel, Lady Fag, Kimber James, Danni, Persia Lace, Tobell Von Cartier and of course Allanah Starr. Music by Serge, Peter Presta and Cazwell. Lisette Melendez perfomed live…unfortunately I lost her performance…but I can’t wait for the next edition of VAMP, New York City IT event.


 ALTOGETHERQUEER, a multi-sensory visual and language-based installation opens on June 18th at The Garage. Getting ready for Pride Week in New York city?? This is an event that is setting the tone this year. The show is produced by the revolutionary artist Laughlin Artz and has the collaboration of a group of visionary artists expressing their views into the world of queerdom, combining visual art and language.  Altogetherqueer showcases the works of Laughlin Artz, Vincent Gagliostro, Olan, MIke Ruiz, Consuelo Gonzalez, Adam Hardman and Felicia Spano. The show will run till June 28th.

shOOt your slut # 2

SHOOT YOUR SLUT # 2 (the first comic magazine about freak chics) is cooking and will drop on wonderland this month. The first issue featured stories by Kenny Kenny, Tasty Tim, Jette Mansfield, Dusty “O” and moi(gazeLLe). Shoot Your Slut is produced by the brilliant Belgian artist Piepke and the fabulous D. Von Sleeze. In the magazine, stories are told by the fierce freaks that are invited by Piepke who illustrates this amazing adventure of the clubland personalities. Piepke also illustrated the cover of Gazelland Magazine 6 (Art Issue). In New York City the magazine can be purchased at the Patricial Field store. The second issue features Nicky London, Ryan Styles, Gaisha, Jonny Slut, Shealita Baby, Hard Ton and many more… God indeed saved the Queens !!

ru paul:” we aLL came to this world naked, the rest is aLL drag”

 Ru Paul mask: you will be able to view and enjoy this art piece by artist Fernando Carpaneda in London at the Resistance Gallery during a three day festival event presented by Jason Atomic and Garry Vanderhorne. The event will be based around the mystique of the mask, and it starts on July 30th. You can join the event and the group ICONOGRAPHY OF MASK on Facebook.

vamping with aLLanah staRR



Today I had lunch with Patrick McDonald at Cafe Life on the East Side.Then we walked to the Garo Sparo store to say hi to the fabulous Iggy. The beautifiul Allanah Star was there, trying gorgeous corsets…she was being followed by two camera crews…I guess we(Patrick & I) did a cameo in it for whatever the video is for…she asked us if we are coming to opening of VAMP tonight at Element.