we got married and it was beautiful !!

I got married to Cleucio Vieira last Saturday in Rio de Janeiro, in front of our mothers Marlene Araujo & Ereny Santos, and Marcelo Santos, Cleucio’s brother who flew in from Milan, and a small group of friends. The best thing about it? Cleucio is the best, an amazing kind man with the most beautiful heart and mind. The best thing about the wedding day? Well, with no doubt, it was a celebration of love, and to feel free like that, one must not be afraid to live and celebrate love. The theme of the lunch was “Garden of Love” where we practice the art of giving love. But also, we wanted to do things we love, with the people we love….we love our mothers, we love Saturdays, Feijoada, caipirinha, Veuve Rose and we invited people who knew of our crescendo story. Cleucio and I know each other for fifteen years, it was a love “in construction” as he used to say.

The day couldn’t help to have an art appeal which started when the Angel parfum scented flower invitations, individually painted by artist Scooter LaForge, were sent out to the guests. At the table, which had the formation of a big family, our friends received custom sized boxes as the wedding gifts, with an image of us created by artist Chris Fontenelle, my childhood friend from Piaui. The decoupage work on the box was made by my mother Marlene Araujo, before Chris signed each one. The original painting was at display at one end of the table. Twins Andrea e Adriana Cruz helped our guests to find their seats !

The wedding cake was a replica of the entrance of the “Dama de Ferro” club, where we met in Ipanema, back in 2002. The cake topper was made by the Brazilian born and New York based artist Fernando Carpaneda, a lovely sculpture of two men resembling us, inside an acrylic heart, with a sign above it that shaped our theme “Love Conquers All”.

Our celebrant was Celso Maciel aka Lorna Washington, the very iconic artist and gay activist, who is a dear friend of us for so many years !!

We wore unique shirts designed by Alex Mallet, pants and shoes by Osklen.

Cleucio and I would like to thank all the guests who came from Rio, Sao Paulo, Goias, Sao Luis, Teresina, Milan,  New York e Los Angeles. We are so touched by your actions. We would like to also thank some who couldn’t come by, but somehow still managed to be present that day….


All photos by our friends…we love you.

Obrigado !!

photo by my husband Cleucio Vieira !!



4 thoughts on “we got married and it was beautiful !!”

  1. Foi uma tarde linda e maravilhosa ao lado deste casal encantador. Paulo, querido, foi um prazer! Cleucio, meu dindo, sempre uma satisfação! Um beijo no coração e um abraço forte. Desejo a “sorte de um amor tranquilo com sabor de fruta mordida”. LovUs 💘💖

  2. Muitas Felicidades ao casal e todos os amigos e familiares presentes! Parabens por tudo tão lindo e cheio de amor em cada detalhe!

  3. Just received the news of your wedding. Wow! Congratulations!!! You look so happy and I’m truly happy for you! Glad you have found the one who will love and cherish you. You both look so lovely and inlove. Your mother hasn’t aged a bit since I last remember her, looks amazing as well! Happy New Year! ~*~BB~*~


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