bergdorf gOOdman does diana vrEEland



        Well, if you are a great admirer of Diana Vreeland and you happen to pass by 5th Avenue and W 58th street, make sure you take a look at the three windows of Bergdorf Goodman, she is there.

        “Memos, the Vogue years” is a celebration of the nine years of Diana as the Editor in Chief at Vogue magazine (from 1962 to 1971), edited by her grandson Alexander Vreeland and published by Rizzoli. It is a super collection of her memos and letters to and from editors, designers and photographers. An absolute behind the scenes must have book that you can purchase in Bergdorf (7th floor). And to celebrate such occasion, Diana received this very well deserved homage from the store.


images from the Bergdorf Goodman blog site 


   Freak Chic

   by Gazelle Paulo


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