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It is not a secret to the people who are close to me that – among Marlene Dietrich, Marlon Brandon, my mother Marlene Araújo and actress Claudette Colbert – the Brazilian marketer Washington Olivetto has been one of my idols since I was very young. Washington Olivetto is chairman of WMcCann Brazil and chief creative officer of McCann Worldgroup for Latin America and Caribbean. WMcCann is a fusion of W/Brasil – former Washington’s agency – with MCCann Erickson, an American agency and one of the largest conglomerates in the world of advertising. So Mr. Olivetto is with no doubt an icon in the advertisement world.


Well, Washington was in New York City in the beginning of this month of October to receive his Clio Lifetime Achievement Award. Olivetto already won the Grand Prix Clio Awards for film category in 2001, with a commercial for the Brazilian magazine Época.


The creative team at the WMcCann Brazil prepared an amazing surprise for when he returned to Sao Paulo. Washington was given a giant book – as big as a table – with testimonials from friends about him. They asked 108 friends of Washington to describe him as if he was something else; each friend, depending on its particularity, answered what would be Washington if he were a song, a restaurant, a Rio street, a joke and so on. I was extremely honored to be thought of as a friend, so I was given by them the question to describe Washington Olivetto as a ” FANTASY “.


This is the second time I am part of a personal project of his. Many years ago, my first encounter with Washington Olivettto on a first class cabin on a flight from New York to Sao Paulo resulted on me being featured in his 2008 book ” O Primeiro A Gente Nunca Esquece ” which can be translated at “The First One, We Never Forget”‘; the title of his very famous bra commercial in Brazil . All I can say, is that I was very happy to be included in the giant unique book given to Washington Olivetto featuring people like Lulu Santos, Andre Midani, Jose Bonifacio de Oliveira Sobrinho (o Boni), Maria Bethania among many other people who are in the POP scene of Brazil and who are his friends. Thank you WMcCann Brazil !! Well…is that really such a thing like third time’s a charm? 😀


WMcCann Brazil: If Washington Olivetto were a “fantasy”, what would it be?

 Gazelle: Washington would be the other side of Alice’s mirror. Because this ‘other side’ is like Olivetto’s mind; where all is possible thanks to the power of his boundless imagination that uses fantasy and reality to shows us the way to the truth always full of wonders.


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