ten 2013 haLLowEEn costumes by gazeLLe


   Ok, not ten…twelve is better !! 

   Well, Halloween is only two weeks away! This time of the year, my friends always bombard me with questions about what to wear out. These costume choices can be so dramatic, especially if you are going to be a part of a group! I personally don’t like anything that is too monstrous and bloody…so, I took the time and came up with these predictable ” fashionable” POP inspired based suggestions for you to do the final look !Please get the idea and add your own personal twist to it !

  1 – Amanda Bynes 

      Let’s face it, this is the easiest look to create…get a blond messy wig , a black iPhone, a pink grill and some colorful bong…and you are so set !

 2 –  Gatsby Punk

         Two big trends this year, try to get them both in one look and put some blood all over. 

3 – Selfie 

    Beyonce shows us the best selfie of them all…literally !


4 – Bird 

     Why go out as Big Bird, when you have a fierce fashionable Tweety Bird by The Blonds !!! Hot, hot !!

5 – Cher 

Cher is back …so let’s share the Cher love in any way possible….

6 – Chris March   

     His foam wigs with be everywhere this year….the super hot Halloween item of the season, still available at Target

7 –  Pregnant couch Kardashian & genius Kanye West 

      Do I really need to explain this royal mess ?

8 – Kinky Boots

     This a great theme for a group look…but keep the boots flashy and the top basic

9 – Malala        

     Get her book to accessorize the look, and you will be a hit in the name of peace

10 – Gravity       

      Well, the coolest movie of the year , and don’t we just love astronauts?

11 – Government Shutdown     

       This is the hottest theme…so get a yellow tape and wrap it around a Statue of Liberty look or any other federal service building representation, and hold a ” closed ” sign….yes, it is cheesy…..but is fun !!

12 – Miley Cyrus, the Queen Bee Bitch of Tweerking  

       You can’t and you will not escape from the Miley Cyrus fever this year….so, you have the option to have your boyfriend join in as Robin Thicke in that white and black striped suit …or just twist it even more…do a Michele Bachamann with a big bloody finger…

 So, go out and have fun…SHUT IT DOWN !!
 Happy Halloween 2013 !!

Freak Chic
 by Gazelle Paulo

roger ebert’s ten favorite movies

photo by Tina Paul 1995


Gene Siskel (January 26, 1946 – February 20, 1999)

Roger Ebert (June 18, 1942 – April 4, 2013)

          Now, longtime friends and film critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert will finally be reunited and talk about what they loved the most. RIP Roger Ebert. What a great man !!

Roger Ebert’s TOP Ten Movies

***** 2001: A Space Odysse ( Stanley Kubrick , 1968 )

***** Vertigo ( Alfred Hitchcock, 1958 )

***** La Dolce Vita ( Federico Fellini, 1960 )

***** Apocalypse Now ( Francis Ford Coppola, 1979)

***** The General ( Buster Keaton, 1926 )

***** Aguirre, Wrath of God ( Wernr Herzog, 1972 )

***** Raging Bull ( Martin Scorsese, 1980 )

***** The Tree of Life ( Terrence Malick , 2011 )

***** Tokyo Story ( Yasujiro Ozu, 1953 )

***** Citizen Kane ( Orson Welles, 1941 )

Gene Siskel TOP Ten Movies 1970 – 1977

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by Gazelle Paulo

ten things about the quEEn elizabeth II

Gazelle Paulo and a Queen Elizabeth II mask
Cristal Room restaurant in Paris
photo by Mao Padilha


     Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating 60 years as Monarch in 2012, the real celebrations in London will start on June 2nd, you might love her or hate her…but the truth is that the world is far more interesting with her Majesty in it , and I can’t have enough of the Queen and her family, as you can see above!


  1 – The Queen learnt to drive in 1945.

  2 – The Queen has 30 godchildren.

  3 – The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh have been married for 64 years. They were married on 20th November, 1947 in Westminster Abbey. The Queen’s wedding dress was designed by Norman Hartnell and was woven at Winterthur Silks Limited, Dunfermline, in the Canmore factory, using silk that had come from Chinese silkworms at Lullingstone Castle.

  4 – The Queen has owned more than 30 corgis during her reign, starting with Susan who was a present for her 18th birthday in 1944. A good proportion of these have been direct descendants from Susan. Her Majesty currently has three corgis – Monty, Willow and Holly.

  5 – The Queen has sat for 129 portraits during her reign.

  6 – The Queen made an historic visit to the Republic of Ireland in May 2011, the first visit by a British Monarch since Irish independence (King George V’s had visited in 1911).

  7 – The Queen’s real birthday is on 21st April, but it is celebrated officially in June.

  8 – The Queen was born at 17 Bruton St, London W1 on the 21st April, 1926, was christened on the 29th May, 1926 in the Private Chapel at Buckingham Palace and was confirmed on the 28th March, 1942 in the Private Chapel at Windsor Castle.

  9 – There have been only three Diamond Jubilees of Heads of State celebrated throughout the world during The Queen’s reign. King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand celebrated 60 years on the throne in 2006; the former Sultan of Johor (now a part of Malaysia) celebrated his in 1955; and the late Emperor Hirohito of Japan celebrated his in 1986.

  10 – The Queen is the second longest serving monarch. Only five other kings and queens in British history have reigned for 50 years or more. They are:
• Victoria (63 years)
• George III (59 years)
• Henry III (56 years)
• Edward III (50 years)
• James VI of Scotland (James I of England) (58 years)

All these facts above were taking from the official site celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee(link below)


Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

ten reasons why gazeLLe wasn’t invited to the 2012 met gala

Gazelle Paulo
photo by Brian Cummings

    1 – Because Marc Jacobs didn’t want competition !

    2 – Because Tom Brady wouldn’t take his eyes off my Brazilian skinny legs; Gisele would say something silly….and fashion hell would become us

    3 – Because honestly, Anja Rubik just ruined for me…there is only one gazelle for the night…she was in, and I was out !

    4 – Out of boredom, maybe Grace Coddington and I could become best buddies…and fashion would change directions !

    5 – Because they fear that I would throw myself on the floor…and pose for photos !!

    6 – Because I still don’t take myself serious…fashionably speaking…not A list…more like F*ck off list !

    7 – Because they know I would bring a date…

    8 – They know my camera always gets the most compromising photos…

    9 – Because if I had a chance I would explain to Kanye West what is the Shoe Hat, the Skeleton dress, the Tears dress and the Lobster dress…

   10 – Anna Wintour still doesn’t know what she would say to me…impossible conversations !!

other 10 lists

Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

the ten do’s and don’ts for fashion wEEk nyc by gazeLLe

photo by Gazelle Paulo
at home in New York City

      New York Fashion Week starts tomorrow ! So here are some tips from your Gazelle…

     1 – Do RSVP

          RSVP means répondez s’il vous plaît, in plain English means “please reply”. If someone took the time to put your name in an invitation for a fashion show that was sent out to you, have the same consideration and reply even if you are not going to attend it.

     2 – Do not act big when you are not even small, because chances are that in the fashion arena you don’t even exist !

          In the fashion scene, the real players are people who make real decisions that generate money…this group is small and everybody knows everybody…the fashions shows are for editors, buyers, customers or clients…and then for people like me who just like fashion and are lucky enough to be invited by the PR companies producing such shows…..so, to pretend you just came back from an fashion shoot in Milano is just silly.

     3 – Do have good grooming and good shoes !

          Hair, manicure, nose hair, ear hair…do I really need to remind you that if you want to hang out with the beautiful people…at least look like one. Shoes, classic or modern, make sure they are clean…and for women, if you are wearing heels…nothing is more horrifying that a worn-out heel…please get it together !

     4 – Do not crash a first row at a fashion show !

          Why would you do such a stupid thing? Don’t you know that this is a sure invitation to be embarrassed in front of lots of people pretending they are not there listening…but they are…and they are watching you make a fool of yourself while you are arguing with the person who probably did the seat assignments.

     5 – Do buy something at Fashion Night Out !

          So you went eveywhere, had a good time, drinking and sometimes eating for free…so give it back by purchasing something.Yes, even if you can only afford a simple scarf or a pair of socks.

     6 – Do not walk pretending you are a model when you are not !

           If you were a model, you would be backstage getting ready to walk in a show !

     7 – Do be patient with PR interns !

           This tip is for those who are celebrities or who think they are celebrities. Not every young intern working during fashion week knows who is every famous person in the city…and chances are if they don’t know who you are…you are really not that famous…but regardless of who, why, when and with…don’t lose your temper…at some point a more senior PR person will see you and take care of you…they wouldn’t forgive themselves if you wait too long to be seated…

     8 – Do not eat in your seat while waiting for a show to start !  

            Last fashion week, at the third row, few seats next to me, someone was eating a sandwich out of her fake Gucci bag…I don’t know if that bag was really fake…but what else could I think of someone who is doing such a thing?

     9 – Do dress with sense !

            Fashion week in September in New York is not a rehearsal for Halloween in October. Yes, I am guilty of dressing up extreme, but when I do it to watch a fashion show, it is for the right one. I will never go full Gazelle to watch a Lacoste show. Lately, people go over board to get attention from the photographers…not everyone can look effortless with so much information in a simple look…not everyone can pull it off like Lynn Yaeger, Patrick McDonald, Anna Piaggi, Tavi Gevinson and few others…so please don’t make a sad spectacle of yourself for the sake of a photo in a magazine or in a site….

   10 – Do have an understanding of what fashion is about ! 

            Fashion is much more than beautiful clothes…much more than a fantasy…

just saying…

Freak Chic

Gazelle Paulo

ten reasons why people faLL out of love

image by NastyAbyaka


   At some point, people fall out of love…because

 1 – they get tired of being lied to

 2 – they get tired of trying to work out the issues alone

 3 – they get tired of being taken for granted over and over…and over…and over

 4 – they get tired of excuses

 5 – they get tired of giving new chances

 6 – they get tired of putting an effort to believe again

 7 – they get tired of being disrespected

 8 – they get tired of the uncertainty

 9 – they get tired of the stress

10 – basically they get tired of being tired…

by Gazelle Paulo

ten new names for miriam rios

       Well, the whole Brazil still talks about the fiasco that ex-actress and proud mother Miriam Rios made of herself in the politic arena when she took over to discuss pedophilia,  and all her new approach of someone of faith…it is funny how people are forgetful of their past, specially when their past has nothing to do with their future ambitions, you don’t have to be proud of what you’ve done wrong in the past(and why wrong?), just don’t be embarrassed by it…correct Miriam?

       I am sure she has not forgotten her erotic spread…and on that note based on her ridiculous ideas….I would like to play with her name…her last name “Rios” means Rivers…and I would like to believe that she too will pass….


Miriam Passa Risos

Miriam Pantanal

Miriam Geni

Miriam Segundo Dia

Miriam Terceiro Dia

Miriam Lady Rios

Miriam Emendada

Miriam Castidade

Miriam Eu Sou Uma Delas

Miriam Eu Prego

And of course, this piece by Celso Andre about Myriam Reus is just plain brilliant…

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo