gazeLLe asks thrEE questions to bruno carvalho: the gorgeous CA-RIO-CA WEAR hunk

* Bruno Carvalho
** Bruno with the Wilhelmina models and Gil Even,  the CA-RIO-CA WEAR creator and designer, backstage before show (photo by Ken Alcazar)
*** Bruno with dancers Ana Massette & Mariza Montoya and Gil Even (photo by Ken Alcazar)
**** Bruno Carvalho opening the CA-RIO-CA WEAR fashion show (photo by Ken Alcazar)
😀 😀
Last month I was invited by Gil Even – the founder of CA-RIO-CA WEAR – to style his first fashion show. The event took place in Los Angeles at the Style Fashion Week, presented by Frontiers Media. Since this was the first show of this super cool Brazilian brand, it was obvious that a very Brazilian mood spirit and energy had to leave a first impression on this special occasion; so it was only natural that samba dancers took over the catwalk before the professional models from Wilhelmina Models Los Angeles stepped on.
Bruno Carvalho is the handsome hunk – and dancer 😀 – who was the first male to ever walk down, or better saying dance down – a catwalk wearing a CA-RIO-CA WEAR swimsuit, and let me tell you that when his dancers colleagues Ana Massette & Mariza Montoya unveiled him on the runway, people couldn’t hold their breaths. Bruno, 26, was born in Ilhéus (Bahia) in the Northeast of Brazil; needless to say that his body is pure perfection; he goes to the gym from Monday to Saturday where he spends 90 minutes each day keeping up what God generously granted him. “I believe it is important to include the gym in your daily routine; to turn it into a natural experience and less painful”, he told me backstage before the show. Bruno, who has a MBA in Marketing & Publicity, lives in Los Angeles. I must say it was a pleasure meeting him, very polite and professional. Of course I had to interview him;


GAZELLE: What is the best thing about living outside Brazil?
BRUNO CARVALHO: Brazil is a wonderful country, but it doesn’t give us a great quality of life, like the one I have here in the US.

GAZELLE: What is the easiest way to get to your heart?
BRUNO CARVALHO: Well, it is not difficult at all; I often joke that I am bahiano (from Bahia), and we were born with a weak heart. We fall in love easy, but relationships must happen naturally, we can’t force them. When I realize something is for real, so then it is half way already. Besides, I need a lot of attention always (laughs). So that’s a tip to get to my heart.

GAZELLE: What do you most admire on people?
BRUNO CARVALHO: Determination. No matter what obstacles they faced, they didn’t become victims of their life story, and that allowed  them to succeed. I am also fond of helpful, kind and polite people who are always in a good mood. They really get my attention.


Watch the first CA-RIO-CA WEAR Fashion Show


Bonus Question:

GAZELLE: How did it feel to be the first one to ever step on a catwalk wearing the Brazilian brand CA-RIO-CA WEAR?
BRUNO CARVALHO: I love Brazilian sungas (swimsuits) and for me to be the first to walk on the first CA-RIO-CA WEAR fashion show was a gift, because besides wearing a product that has so much to do with me, I was also representing my country. I was very happy that it was such a success and got so much good press. I want to once again thank Gil Even from the brand CA-RIO-CA WEAR and Tristan Schukraft from Frontiers Magazine for the opportunity. I hope this was my first of many projects for the brand, and I wish longevity to CA-RIO-CA WEAR.
moi backstage with Bruno Carvalho
 😀 😀 😀
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gazeLLe asks thrEE questions to sandro masmanidi – project runway season 12


sandro 3

Sandro Masmanidi

GAZELLE: Watching some of the trailers announcing Season 12 of Project Runway, for me you are the one who stands out. So, what was the best and the worst experience about joining the show?
SANDRO MASMANIDI: The best was to see how a lot of people around me enjoyed my company and my dresses; and the worst thing was when someone who you respected and protected all the time – like sharing your food 3 times a day – became a TRAIDOR, and you couldn’t even realize that.

GAZELLE: Can you define the Sandro Masmanidi’s women?
SANDRO MASMANIDI: They are very artistic with European taste !

GAZELLE: How’s the life of a young designer trying to make it in New York City?
SANDRO MASMANIDI: If I was diplomatic and knew how to be fake, my designer career would really be well done at this point, but I am not diplomatic and I am not fake. So, I am still kinda surviving !

Sandro Masmanidi is from Russia; he is a contestant at the new Season (12) of Project Runaway. It premiered last night on Lifetime.

Bonus question:
GAZELLE: Which celebrity would you love to dress for the Awards Season ?
SANDRO MASMANIDI: Isabella Rossellini, Jessica Lange, Glenn Close, Michael Rodriguez, Helen Mirren and Monica Bellucci

moi and Sandro
gazelle paulo and sandro m

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gazeLLe asks thrEE questions to lucien samaha

lucien samaha by gp

artist / photographer Lucien Samaha in his Tribeca studio NY

photo by Gazelle Paulo
May 2013

GAZELLE:  Looking at your whole archive from the TWA years….what do you miss the most?
LUCIEN SAMAHA:  I can’t say there is a single thing I miss most.  It’s really the lifestyle as a whole, specially for a single young man eager to explore the world and his own youth. The automatic camaraderie that occurred with completely new crew members with whom you had never worked before and whom you may never see again after the flight (not without exceptions of course), and certainly the layovers in the beautiful cities of the world.

GAZELLE:  In your opinion, what is the biggest difference nowadays in the career of a flight attendant?
LUCIEN SAMAHA: Not having worked as a Flight Attendant since 1986, I really can’t say what it’s like. I have colleagues who are still flying and they’re nearing 60 years of age. I am sure it’s different for them than it is for a bright eyed younger person who is eager to get some adventure. But the job itself is not what it used to be, at least not for the American air carriers. There is certainly no glamour, in most cases there isn’t even food service, and when there is, it’s pretty disappointing. The pay is certainly not comparable, the layovers less luxurious if at all, and of course the tightened security and the fear factor.

GAZELLE: What are you doing with the photographs you will take of the flight attendants that will show up in uniform at the gallery on the next three Saturdays after the opening night of your show?
LUCIEN SAMAHA: As it is usual for me, I take the photos and then decide later, depending on how they turn out, and how many people will show up. (LOTS I HOPE, even if more than I can handle). The various possibilities include another exhibit, a book project, and at the very minimum, posting them on the Internet. For me it’s also about honoring a great profession, one that is not readily understood by the masses; and to meet colleagues and kindred spirits.

           Lucien Samaha is an artist/photographer based in New York.
His show ” The Flights Attendant Years: 1978 – 1986 ” will open this coming Friday at the Lombard Freid Gallery.

Bonus question
GAZELLE: What is your favorite airline at the moment?
LUCIEN SAMAHA: Although I haven’t flown them for a while, I always enjoy Virgin Atlantic. I had a recent flight on Turkish Airways that was very pleasant and where there seems to be a pride in the service. Of course, I haven’t been able to fly First Class or Business on a regular basis. That could be a whole other story. As for a really good mileage program, American Airlines has a very good one that is very accommodating and flexible.

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gazeLLe asks thrEE questions to leo gugu

Leo Gugu outside Le Souk
photo by Gazelle Paulo

GAZELLE: What has been the most exciting experience that has happened to you since you moved to New York?
LEO GUGU:  The most exciting experience I have ever had in New York was my first solo visit into Soho. I was dealing with boy drama (yuckk) and needed a change of scenery because at the time I lived in the Upper West side on 70th and Broadway. So I fled to Soho to see what the fashion stars downtown were up to. Come to find out I get out of the subway and strut on the pavement. I wore a rugby blazer, and my first pair of open toe wedges that I got from urban outfitters, American Apparel black tube socks to create a slender silhouette, and a high top fade.


I was frustrated and stressed over some loser and while walking,I walked up to someone that looked just as fab as me who had a rarely tall long haired boy at her side, and a few cameras circling her. ( I was new to NYC and didn’t know a damn thing.)


” I love your outfit, you look gorgeous ! ” I exclaimed ,


She reached out for my hand, and began to talk to me. She was older, but fabulous I knew that she worked in fashion but I had no Idea who she was at the time. I told her my full T about this guy I got in an argument with, and she told me to forget about him, and gave me the most motherly hug. The first one that I had felt since my parents dropped me off in NYC two weeks prior. Come to find out the women who shared her wisdom with me is KELLY CUTRONE!!!!!!!!!!! All of this filmed by several reality cameras.


I later walked down a dark sidestreet looking for Seven NYC on Mercer and I see a gorgeous man. He crossed over to my side of the street.


“Excuse me do you know how to get to Mercer street?” I asked,


He smiled and said “No”


I shook his hand and told him that I love his work, he wished me a good night and ran into his car.

GAZELLE: Which celebrity you wish you could style?
LEO GUGU:  I would love to style a hip hop rapper, and totally dress him as flamboyant as me. Someone like LIL WAYNE or someone of that nature. The contrast between heavy hitter rhymes and kawaii style is so hot in my opinion.

GAZELLE: Where do you see yourself in five years?
LEO GUGU:  In five years, I will be an even more successful performer, with international creed. People will know me not as a drag queen, but as an artist. I will be featured in movies as an actor, and on TV where I will host prime time shows for Logo, and MTV. #rich&famous

Leo Gugu is from Boston, he lives in New York where he is a performer, Leo is also a stylist at the Patricia Field store and one of the hottest night life personalities in Manhattan at the moment. Leo Gugu hosts several weekly club parties around downtown.

Bonus Question
GAZELLE: What piece you will always have in your closet?
LEO GUGU:  I will always have a wig in my closet. WHY? Well, wigs are essential to my fashion. Wigs complete each story that I tell with each look that I wear. They are fun and goofy!! Serious and fabulous! They allow me to transform and get into character. You can always tell what kind of mood I am in by the wig that I wear. If I am feeling fishy I will rock a long human hair wig. When I feel like a badass I wear a mohawk. I recently have gotten into feather wigs.


My closet will always have room for fur, feathers, leather, and wigs!!!!


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gazeLLe asks thrEE questions to cesar teRRanova




* Cesar and Gazelle, in Moorea / Tahiti (photo by Scooter LaForge)
** Cesar Terranova and Valerio Ciriaci (photo by Gazelle, in Gazelle’s home)
***Cesar in the living room of Flawless Sabrina aka Jack Doroshow (photo by Gazelle)
**** Cesar at the art opening exhibit show of Scooter LaForge at the Munch Gallery

GAZELLE : When did you realize that filmmaking is your passion?


CESAR TERRANOVAMy Grandmother was married to a Screenwriter/Director, so since I was a kid I was surrounded by cinema, so I knew it was a matter of time to get in this universe. I watched a lot of films and had a great collection with more then 1000 VHS tapes, when I was 16 years old I started to work as a dubbing actor and it helped a lot to have contact with cinema and video content. In 2004 I became a photographer, and then in 2010 I came to NY for the Documentary Filmmaking program at NY Film Academy. I will keep working on documentaries for a period, I think is the best school for a realist cinema. I plan to work on scripted filmmaking when things get clear.




Why did you decide to invite me to be the subject of your first documentary?


CESAR TERRANOVA: In 2009, I was in French Polynesia and started to buy magazines online. When I found Gazelland Magazine, I got amazed with that universe, I got the online version of ” The Love Issue “, and I couldn’t wait for more. Then in 2010, at the NY Film Academy, I had the mission of a 5 minutes character film do accomplish, and I thought it would be  great to use that as a pilot for a major project, my first option was you. I knew somebody who idealized such a piece of art as Gazelland, would probably have the multi-layered personality which works well on “cinema verite” documentary style. As we talked more and more, I got in touch with a very complex personal story, and that made me sure to have enough material to build a full length feature documentary. So, since September 2010 we have being filming almost 300 hours, between interviews, street walks, meeting, parties and day-by-day scenes !


GAZELLE: What was the most difficult part of the filming of ” Gazelle, The Love Issue ” ?
CESAR TERRANOVA: Following the rhythm of Gazelle. The complex past story meeting a running schedule with venues in multiple countries. A pictures is not only a picture with Gazelle, it must contains elements of different cultures, places or artists and applied to a moment which can never happen again. For a documentary filmmaker it is a dream and a nightmare. Everything happens only once, if you miss it, then wait for the next WOOW !!! When we were in Fire Island and Gazelle made a small performance to throw away on the sea the ashes of Eric Fix( his partner who had passed away), I felt very pressured to film that, knowing how important it was and how delicate the situation was !

Cesar Terranova is a Brazilian born filmmaker, he spends his time between  French Polynesia and New York . He is the producer and director of the upcoming documentary ” Gazelle, The Love Issue ” .

Bonus Question
GAZELLE: What’s next on your agenda after ” Gazelle, The Love Issue ” ?
CESAR TERRANOVA:  I’m working on 2 other documentaries about artists Scooter LaForge and Fernando Carpaneda who are both also connected to Gazelle. They are spin-off of scenes I shot  of “Gazelle – The Love Issue”. It will be interesting to see the same scenes again, but in different stories! I’m filming and filming, let’s see how many years it will take to each one to be done!

my boyfriend Mark Anthony, moi and Cesar Terranova … minutes before leaving to the
Copacabana Palace Shearazade Black Tie Ball in Rio de Janeiro / Carnival 2013

gazeLLe asks thrEE questions to dwight eubanks


Dwight Eubanks
Lincoln Center / New York Fashion Week
photo by Gazelle Paulo –  09/08/12


  GAZELLE: Which is the chicest of all the ” Real Housewifes” ?


  DWIGHT EUBANKS:  It depends of the day, and of the event…lol !



  GAZELLE: Who would you like to give a total fashion make over?


  DWIGHT EUBANKS: Wendy Williams…to start, her hair is so big !



  GAZELLE: Which is your favorite perfume?


  DWIGHT EUBANKS: I really adore Clive Christian !



       Dwight Eubanks is the founder and owner of Purple Door Salon, he became very known in the main stream media after his flamboyant cameos on the Real Housewives of Atlanta







Bonus Question
GAZELLE: What is the recipe for happiness ?


  DWIGHT EUBANKS: To be happy with yourself and with your own God.





Freak Chic


by Gazelle Paulo

gazeLLe asks thrEE questions to alexandre mury





Alexandre Mury / 2010 / Hamlet





GAZELLE: What is the best thing about the public recognition on this new phase of your artistic life?


ALEXANDRE MURY: The satisfaction from the public admiration and the excitement to keep me working more…



GAZELLE: What would you like to be if you weren’t an artist?


ALEXANDRE MURY: A cook, but I don’t know how to cook .



GAZELLE: Can you define Alexandre Mury in one word?


ALEXANDRE MURY: Pan ( a cool, free person…)



Alexandre Mury is artist born and based in Rio de Janeiro state, his self portraits works from readings of paintings, sculptures, cultural and literary icons are getting a lot of attention in Brazil. Alexandre’s interpretations of such pieces are unique !





Bonus Question


GAZELLE: What is the recipe for happiness?


ALEXANDRE MURY: The recipe for happiness is the effort to cultivate and maintain friendships.




Carlos Drummond de Andrade statue and Alexandre Mury
Copacabana Beach – Rio de Janeiro




gazeLLe asks thrEE questions to andrej pejic

Andrej Pejic

right after we arrived in Rio de Janeiro for the second time

December 2011

Francisco Otaviano Street

” So Jesus expulsa demonios das pessoas ” means ” Only Jesus casts the demons off people “

What attracts you on a man?

ANDREJ PEJIC: Humor …but physically I am attracted to arms.

GAZELLE: Well, are you in love at moment?

ANDREJ PEJIC: Maybe !! (smiling)

GAZELLE: What is the worst thing about being Andrej Pejic?

ANDREJ PEJIC: I have never had a normal life when I was a child…had I being born a girl, things could have been different…

Andrej Pejic is a supermodel and a dear sweet friend. You can catch us arriving in Rio the first time on the link below. Andrej was pregnant then…

Bonus Question:

GAZELLE: What do you dislike about the fashion industry?


Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

gazeLLe asks thrEE questions to mars roberge

Mars Roberge

at the House of Field

New York City

GAZELLE: What is the best thing about New York City?

MARS ROBERGE: You can never grow old there. When I got there in my late twenties, and I thought I was too old to DJ, I would turn around and see Joey Ramone bopping his head from a DJ booth, acting younger than me. I also appreciate the push for newness. It was the only town where the audience had more knowledge about current music than the DJ. I also REALLY APPRECIATE the realness. Something I miss greatly now that I live in Los Angeles.

GAZELLE: Where are you from, and where are you going next?

MARS ROBERGE: I am from Toronto. Actually, I am from Scarborough which is sorta like the “Compton of Canada”. It’s the same place where Snow “Informer” is from. The sort of place where you become a rapper or a DJ. I became a DJ. Don’t worry I’ll make a movie about it one day. I moved just over a year ago to Los Angeles, but I really don’t see myself living here past 4 years. It feels like I am on the moon out here, and New York City ruined it for me as to ever want to venture out into clubland. It seems like amateur night out here. Come on, they don’t pay ANYONE to DJ out here; so how is somebody expected to make a living dedicating themselves to the nightlife? I can tell someone I spun at the The Pill Awards with Junior Vasquez and they’ll quickly change the topic to that no-name guy from down the street or the latest dubstep party (I HATE dubstep!). However, not to be a hater, there is some good things about this town like the weather and it is the film capital of the world. I think we might move to Toronto next, but eventually we’ll be back to NYC. My new day job also has offices in NYC and London so possibly even London. I still haven’t made it out of North America to know where we end up so it’s something I have to explore. I have always loved German music so Berlin intrigues me; I have French roots and I love cafes, so maybe Paris? Who knows… I just know I’m not going to live in L.A. forever.

GAZELLE: Do you think people understand you as an artist?

MARS ROBERGE: Artists always understand me and are usually my best friends, but people? Hmm… I think what throws them off is that I really don’t care about money at all. If it comes great, if not, I have enough A.D.D. to have fun no matter where I am. It would be nice if they got me as a filmmaker though because I’m literally telling things as they are. I’m not trying to be “weird”. Not yet anyway.


      Mars Roberge is a filmmaker and a DJ from Toronto living in Los Angeles. He is the mastermind behind  ” the little house that could ” , a documentary about the 10 years he worked at the “HOUSE OF FIELD” in New York City. In his spare time, he works with my wife, Candice, on her home-made Youtube channel where they weekly make fun of people from L.A. Catch it at

Bonus Question:

GAZELLE: So after ” the little house that could “, the super well deserved documentary about the ” HOUSE OF FIELD “, what are you up to ?

MARS ROBERGE: I’m already in pre-production writing my script for my next feature to be made up in Toronto next year. The film is a cross between Glengarry Glen Ross and Gummo. I am hoping to get Jerry Mathers (from “Leave it to Beaver”) to be in it. I’ve done crazier things, like survive 10 years at working at Patricia Field’s! LOL! I also have 4 films planned after that one (all written by me) .

Candice and Mars Roberge
at BIG TOP / New York City

photo by Kenny Kenny

Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

gazeLLe asks thrEE questions to neandro feRReira

Neandro Ferreira
in front of The Blue Door “tea room”
Portobello Road / Notting Hill / London

GAZELLE: How do you define your clientele?

NEANDRO FERREIRA: The women who come to me have very strong personalities; my work is very individualist, I don’t follow trends 100%.

GAZELLE: Who would you love to hair style?

NEANDRO FERREIRA: Cate Blanchett and Johnny Depp

GAZELLE: What can Brazilian women in general do for their looks?

NEANDRO FERREIRA: Less excess of sexuality; I don’t think they should lose it, but they should be more discreet. Sexuality can take away sophistication!

Neandro Ferreira is a Brazilian hairstylist who spends his time in Rio de Janeiro and London. He is responsible for several looks of major Brazilians TV Stars and socialites. He is the top professional for Wella in Brazil.

Bonus Question:

GAZELLE: When you are in Brazil , what do you miss the most about your home in London?

NEANDRO FERREIRA: My bath !! I love taking luxurious baths!

Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo