le pliage® heritage by longchamp with alexa chung




photograph by Max Vadukul

Although this advertisement video -featuring Alexa Chung – has been released about a month ago, celebrating the Longchamp season’s star handbag -LE PLIAGE® HÉRITAGE . I just like it so much; such a cool vibe straight from the hip Wynwood district in downtown Miami; the location choice couldn’t have better, it is such a compliment to the handbag’s design.


photograph by Max Vadukul

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulohttps://instagram.com/longchamp/

muFFinhead aCCeSSories line

images by Adrian Buckmaster


           There are a lot of people in New York that can pull out a fierce look…however, very few have a style perfected through years that can indeed make people turn their heads in totally admiration. Muffinhead Daehniffum is one of them, needless to say that he never stops creating !
            So, now Muffinhead has launched an accessories line called TKO, it is very much an extension what he does as a visual art….indeed very smart and fun pieces, specially the large comic book call out rings and earring sets. I also love the lighting tie !! You can order these collectable items on his web site, where you can also be familiar with other works of this superb artist born in Los Angeles and based in the Big Apple since 2005 !!




  Freak Chic

  by Gazelle Paulo

sharing alain mikli in teresina

Gazelle Paulo, Luciana Marinho Viana Borges, Christiane C. Fontenelle,  Roberta Castelo Branco Carvalho, Alessandra Pedrosa, Vanessa Pires and my boyfriend Mark Anthony
all photos by Gazelle Paulo
Teresina / Piaui – BR
October 2011

   One night last October in my hometown Teresina, my boyfriend Mark and I were invited to a barbecue dinner at the house of Christiane, one of my best friends. It was a fun and happy time spent where we did silly things; at some point in the evening, I borrowed the exquisite reading glasses of my friend Cesar Elias(also visiting) ,and gave it to all my friends to wear for a photograph. The beautiful glasses are signed by French designer Alain Mikli.


by Gazelle Paulo