begin the beguine charitable gala

jorge 1


  • Darling friend Patrick McDonald who was also one of the hosts of “Begin The Beguine” with moi and my headpiece
  • DJs Susan Morabito and Robbie Leslie

I had the best time hosting the event “Begin The Beguine” at the Hudson Terrace. A fantastic charitable party that included a performance by artist Kitty Meow, who flew in from Miami, and music disco beats by Fernando D. Carnevali, Alex Garcia and Leslie Robbie(Studio 54). The event organized by Life Dance Events benefited The American Run For The End Of AIDS (AREA) and The Danny Garvin Fund for LGBT Causes; it was filled with the best energy from a serious dancing crowd who arrived ready to party in Gatsby glamorous theme ensembles.




  • Rollerena and Angelo
  • Paul Gulya and Tony Lopez
  • Chris Rivera & Daniel Welden with Jorge Escudero(center), the master mind behind “Begin the Beguine”


FreakChic by Gazelle Paulo

don’t spend your gay money in ruSSia



          Russian president Vladimir Putin has signed a controversial law that punishes people for “homosexual propaganda.” The law fines people— INCLUDING TOURISTS—up to 200,000 rubles ($6,240 CDN) for “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations.”


           I am sure you’ve see the famous and recent photo of  Tilda Swinton holding a gay flag in front of both the St. Basil’s Cathedral and a police car…Tilda was showing support since Government officials passed a bill last month (Jun13) banning “gay propaganda”. Any gay tourist caught doing what Tilda was doing, or showing any gay affection will be sent to jail for fourteen days !


          So…don’t spend your gay money on Russia…just saying my gay sisters and brothers…there are a lot of places that will welcome our money….and you can always admire beautiful photos of Russia in a safe environment…I am gay…therefore my money is gay also !









 from Tilda: “In solidarity. From Russia with love.”





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   by Gazelle Paulo

the out list, a must see movie


           Well, I finally found some time to watch The Out List documentary by the talented filmmaker Timothy Greenfield-Sanders. A superb one hour movie piece featuring very intimate interviews with high profile (mostly) members of the LGBTQ community. I think everyone can somehow relate to their stories and experiences…I was very touched by Ellen DeGeneres, Janet Mock, Lady Bunny and Larry Kramer; I won’t tell you why because I think it is important that you watch it !






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by Gazelle Paulo

miles deniro viciously aTTacked at maNNy & olgas piZZeria

Miles DeNiro
photo by Gazelle Paulo
in an event in New York City

       On the week of festivities that leads to the celebration of Gay Pride in New York City; Miles DeNiro (Heidi Glüm) who is one of our dear sisters was viciously attacked by two female patrons of Manny & Olgas, a very popular D.C pizzeria …yes, this happened in Washington D.C .

       Regardless how it started, the whole thing went out of control, leaving Miles with three large bumps, a huge gash on his head and several cuts on his arms.

        According to Miles DeNiro and you can see in the video above, she was attacked in the establishment while the staff remained behind the counter working and ignored the flight. Where was the manager when this was happening? To my horror, onlookers did nothing to stop the aggression…instead they watched, recorded and kept cheering it while Miles DeNiro was physically beaten by a Latino girl and her African-American friend …until two men who entered the place stopped the fight ! I wish I hadn’t posted the video, but it is important that people see it, and to take a stand if they would be in the same situation !

            There should be a law against people who just stands and watch when others are being attacked in public places …there should be some kind of punishment when a business establishment doesn’t take a stand for the security of their patrons…including all patrons…and the two aggressors? Wel, I hope Miles DeNiro will take this as far as it can go…someone needs to be punished for this…and there is a lot of guilty here to be equally divided !






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by Gazelle Paulo

heritage of pride and scOOter laforge join forces

Horny Sailor by Scooter LaForge
for Heritage of Pride



       ”  I met Scooter LaForge a year ago at a gallery showcasing his and another artist’s work. After speaking with him at length I realized how dedicated he was to showcasing the LGBT community through his work.  I learned that he spent a lot of time volunteering for LGBT and HIV/AIDS-focused organizations. It was after learning all of this that I approached him to work with Heritage of Pride. It had been many years since we showcased an artist’s work as part of our merchandise. In fact most of our merchandise has tended to be more mainstream and kitschy versus edgy and artistic. I wanted to bring an edgy and different feel back to Pride ” explained Jonathan Whitford, who is the Director of development for the Heritage of Pride organization. Jonathan also told me that it is important for him ” to continue the tradition of empowering people especially those in the LGBT community, through art ” So, of course artist Scooter LaForge was a perfect choice for the task.

           Heritage of Pride is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was created in1984 to commemorate the Stonewall riots and create all of the LGBT Pride events in NYC.  For almost 30 years the organization has been providing a platform to showcase in solidarity all facets of the LGBT community and promote equality. Each year the organization designs t-shirts as a way to raise funds for the organization.  Each year they design a t-shirt around a theme that the members of the organization vote on.  The theme for 2013 is “Rain to Rainbows.”  It was chosen because despite the many struggles faced in the LGBT community, we all find a path to prevail and be triumphant through it all.  
           For almost 25 years the Keith Haring Foundation has generously granted Heritage of Pride use of one of the iconic artist’s pieces to use as our official logo.  It has been the primary image of the organization and it is deeply valued by them. The Heritage of Pride organization impacts millions of people per year, just as Keith Haring’s artwork continues to do so globally. 

           So, you know that after reading all this you know you must immediately click on the link below and buy one of the Scooter’s shirts, not only you will be helping a great organization, but you will receive a piece of gay history. I love Keith Haring, I love Scooter LaForge…and thank you to Jonathan Whitford for having the vision that inspiring people to help…putting together Heritage of Pride and Scooter LaForge is very much using the right moment !!




Horny Sailor by Scooter LaForge for Heritage of Pride

photo by Gazelle Paulo

Port of Papeete / Tahiti

June 08 / 2013



Copyright 2010-2012 Heritage of Pride, Inc HOP Logo Copyright The Estate of Keith Haring. –
All Rights Reserved



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by Gazelle Paulo

sin sational benefit for aids walk ny

          On May 12th, you must take your little or big body to SPLASH, at the entrance you should donate $20, because that’s not a lot for your wallet; and then, enjoy a fabulous night with legendary New York personalities like Sweetie, Lypsinka, Paul Alexander, Sahara Davenport and Peppermint…among many others. The ” Sin Sational ” make up extravaganza event will benefit AIDS Walk NY, and every dollar raised will be matched and donated to AIDS Walk NY. Need I say more? So, see you there.

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bad behavior on prince street



The situation is IN this space


    I had written a post about my feelings about what happened during Fernando Carpaneda’s exhibit QUEER.PUNK  which took place at the Leslie/Lohman Foundation Basement Annex, located below the WINK store.

   The owner of the store had expressed to me by several e-mails(Bad Reporting on Prince St) that my opinions in the post have offended him, his wife and his business. He believed that my personal opinions stated that I thought they took an anti gay position towards the Fernando Carpaneda show, and that everything was nothing but a misrepresentation of a landlord/tenant dispute. He felt I attacked his reputation, and he wanted the post removed or to at least revised so to not paint himself, his wife or his business with anti gay beliefs. I explained to him that I didn’t attack him, his wife or his business. People were crying real tears over my opinions !

    So after I consult with several people who are well informed, they tell me not take it down, because it is my opinion, I allow comments in my blog, and I do have the right to think what I want, right? I guess so does CEO Gregg Steinhafel , I guess he agrees with me.

    Then the owner sends me this link  perhaps trying to teach me a thing or two about  ” libel” , is he trying to intimidate me? Is he really trying to really defend his reputation, which he believes I attacked, when I say I didn’t? He has that right, I too probably would fight for my reputation, no maybe I would fight more for my image. Or ,should I dare to think that he is trying to manipulate me? I don’t know, I don’t care…Am I really afraid to even think now?…as I let him know, I could be so cynical AND wonder why Fernando Carpaneda had to stand outside his show for the last days of his exhibit, unfortunately ! And, because I didn’t witness myself all that what I was told  that  happened there…I have decided that this situation with that post is not worth my time…not at all. But, I could rather write about my experience dealing with him and the e-mails he sent me. I can prove it, I have them all. Oh please…and who do you think you are to try to teach me a lesson about evil, when I feel that you don’t even see evil inside your heart. Let’s not go there….let’s not turn me on !

Just saying…



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we are gay and we can maRRy in new york

Crhistopher Street
New York
photos by Gazelle Paulo

     Last night, two days before the 2011 New York Pride Parade, the State Senate approves the same sex marriage bill. Governor Andrew Cuomo signed it,….it is about same rights, it is about equality and fairness, it is about peace of mind and strength, it is about the today, it is about love filled with hope. On July 24th, same-sex couples can wed in New York…Stonewall is shaking of emotions and it is brighter than ever !! I salute and send love to all the gay activists who started the gay movement in Stonewall…


photos by Gazelle
Christopher Street


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by Gazelle Paulo

calendar against homophobia

   When people think about gay Brazil, they have no idea that although it is a country where there is a huge gay population, however there is also a lot of gay prejudice and bashing. Things are getting better but there is still a lot of grounds to conquer. I do like the fact that today gays in Brazil have a better understanding that they also have rights, not only human rights, but as tax payers.

       Ricky Mastro and Otávio Pacheco, both movie directors, have together created a calendar in protest of the new law yet to be signed that unfortunately is having problems in the Brazilian senate. “The Fight Against Homophobia” calendar can be purchased in the link below, and any other information about it you can go to its facebook page.



on Facebook:




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by Gazelle Paulo