aliSSon gothz inspiring face art

In my humble opinion, the dressing up “game”- yes, I guess it is a game nowadays – has become so saturated with so many talented people in the main stream channels that, at the moment,  I must admit very rarely I am intrigued by creative looks. However, my mood changed when the Paulista multimedia artist Alisson Gothz who is based now in San Francisco, has unleashed a series of homages to great pieces of art, using his face as a canvas. Alisson started his stylish journey in the early 90’s in Sao Paulo as a goth, and by the middle of the same decade the Club Kid scene had exploded in that giant city, when Gothz felt more drawn to his first love “Boy George”, and his main idol David Bowie, resulting in a self need to explore drag and also his sexuality as a gay man.

Alisson Gothz spends about 3 to 4 hours working/painting his face to achieve the exquisite final look; besides make-up, it embraces a deep understanding of proportion and styling also. From Keith Haring & Basquiat to Frida Kahlo, or from Brazilian painter Tarsila do Amaral to Gustav Klimt … nothing and nobody is out of reach for Gothz.

In San Francisco, Alisson is also known as Sister Tilda Next Time, a member of The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the very famous organization/charity that uses religious imagery and drag to call attention to sexual intolerance and satirizes issues of gender and morality.


Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo



dior poison girl flowers by scOOter laforge

the stunning Sonya Esman

artist Scooter LaForge with his friend/muse, the photographer Johnny Rozsa

After great collaborations with companies like Neutrogena, Patricia Field , CA-RIO-CA WEAR, V-FilesAdidas and Walter Van Beirendonck, it wasn’t such a big surprise to me when New York based artist Scooter LaForge  was invited to work with a world recognized brand name such as DIOR.
Scooter was hired to PAINT neon poison flowers on over 20 mirrors at the international launch of DIOR Poison Girl in New York City at the Poison Club, the party was hosted by Camille Rowe and it was definitely an event filled with glamorous chaos; from Bela Hadid to Keke Palmer, gorgeous ladies were all over the space drinking Veuve and posing at all the photos booths spread all over. Even I did the Dior way!

Anwar Hadid with his sister Bella Hadid

me with darling friend Scooter.

Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

eryc taylor dance 10 year aNNiversary







Last night, I attended the 10th year anniversary gala event of the Eryc Taylor Dance company. The beautiful, small and very chic party took place at the grand duplex penthouse of artists Mark Beard & Jim Manfred. In a space filled with fascinating and talented people, who also do great charity work, guests were exposed to delicious food, exquisite art, a silent auction, an amazing performance by the dance company performers, dressed in Scooter LaForge costumes, and lovely terrace gardens. Please visit the Eryc Taylor Dance company site for more info about their amazing program events and to become a member!




me with artists Eryc Taylor and Scooter LaForge

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london: mary & the martyrs by biLL viola



When in London, if you decide to visit St. Paul’s Cathedral, you must dedicate some time to experience the two installation show exhibits of American video artist Bill Viola; the just unveiled “Mary”, located in the North Quire Aisle, and “Martyrs” (Earth, Air, Fire, Water), located in the South Quire Aisle of the cathedral since 2014. Definitely a must, the two themes deal with the mysteries of human existence, a strong aspect of Viola’s art, since his works  focus on the ideas behind fundamental human experiences such as birth, death and aspects of consciousness. Mary is concerned with birth, comfort and creation while Martyrs deals with death, suffering and sacrifice. Strangely so, they are in symphony with this journey we are given and it is called “life”. The two installations are the first to be installed on a long-term basis in a cathedral in Britain, works focus on the ideas behind fundamental human experiences such as birth, death and aspects of consciousness.


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antonio lopez cocktail party at the leslie lohman




host Robert W Richards with guests at the Polaroid set up stage




me and Snoogy Brown

I attended the opening reception party for the El Museo del Barrio for ANTONIO LOPEZ: A Photo Cocktail Party. It was a pop-up installation at The Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art’s satellite space, The Prince Street Project, celebrating the 1979 legendary party hosted by Antonio Lopez and his creative partner Juan Ramos at New York City’s Robert Freidus Gallery. The event was hosted by Cynthia Powell and Robert W Richards, and attendees revived the scene atmosphere when Antonio and Juan invited party-goers to pose for a large-format polaroid camera and the images were immediately displayed on the gallery walls. I loved the photo I took with Snoogy Brown. Today is the last day of this exhibit, if you want to know a little more about this iconic fashion illustrator. The show, although small, is marvelous and inspiring….and yes my photo is there on the wall somewhere !



Snoogy Brown, Patrick McDonald, moi and Christopher Tipper Stevens

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best dreSSed club personalities of aLL time


me in Scooter LaForge on the ” ALL TIME” best dressed club personalities list on Paper Magazine

I must say it does feel good to be part of an amazing list, specially if this list includes names of a scene that I love so much. So, ” The 16 Best-Dressed Club Personalities of All Time ” was released by the Paper Magazine right on time to celebrate New York Fashion Week. The article was written by Michael Musto and style maven Christian Svoboda, and it really embraces the best of an already sublime scene that is filled with the most creative people. So it makes me extremely happy to have been included in the company of Kenny Kenny, Susanne Bartsch, Amanda Lepore, Joey Arias and…well, to check all the incredible names and photos just go to check HERE.


Thank you Michael & Christian !!


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patricia field artfashion at howl! haPPening gaLLery









No doubt that the legendary stylist Patricia Field can throw one hell of a party / fashion show!! Even though she decided to close her famous boutique – keeping her business activities only online – leaving all her followers in shock, Patricia still very much remains a force of inspiration and reference in the fashion industry. One of the strongest elements of her success is caused by her ability to spot fresh and real talent; the Patricia Field fashion show yesterday at the Howl! Happening Gallery showcased the faces who are representing her brand at the moment and for quite some time: Ben Copperwheat, Jody Morlock, Tom Knight, Suzanne Mallouk, Kyle Brincefield, Suzan Pitt, Scooter LaForge and Iris Bonner. Some of their works are above in a speed photo way…to become more familiar with their work click on the links of their names.

The crowd was colorful and filled with socialites, fashionistas, artists and clubland fierce faces….I had a blast!!



Neon Music and Jenny Dembrow


Chad Holobetz and Jorge Clar


Chi Chi Valenti and moi

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“just penis” by fernando carpaneda shakes brasilia

fernando 3

fernando 4

What always has attracted me to Fernando Carpaneda, artistically speaking, is that in his art, the shock value or controversy is only a natural consequence of his point of view. In my opinion, the Brazilian born artist based in New York City, Carpaneda truly has an eye that goes beyond what could be seen as pornography, by many, reaching out for the love he feels and expresses mostly for the male body in all shapes and forms. There is a raw approach allied to a solid craftsmanship that produces intense art that screams sexuality, but with a valid justification for it to exist in his underground world. There are no boundaries, only the beauty of a journey, sometimes a long one, that leaves no room for hesitation normally found in most people. The show JUST PENIS, curated by Rogério Carvalho, is a combination of 117 works; drawings and photographs of penises taken by Fernando of men from all walks of life. It opens today in Brasilia at the Arte XXX Escritorio de Arte.

fernando 2

As a bonus, there will also be a screening of the movie Gazelle The Love Issue, where Fernando had an important scene with me during one his shows at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, in New York City

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frog king at shanghai tang in hong kong

hon 6

hon 10

hon  9

hon 1

hon 2

In Hong Kong, I was invited by my dear friend Andres Throckmorton Stickney to attend an event at the Shanghai Tang boutique, where Andres is one of the designers. The event celebrated the collaboration of this luxurious brand with Frog King, a very famous local artist, that resulted in the most coolest glasses collection. It was a fun night with performance, lost of champagne and fashion….I love Hong Kong !!

hon 3

with Frog King

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