liu bolin

Liu Bolin: ” my job is to choose a good background where I want to be dissapeared, and then stand there unmoved until a design has been painted on me. Some people call me the invisible man, but for me it’s what it is not seen in a picture which is really what tells the story ”

michael albert: cerealism

You will never again look at your breakfast cereal box the same way once you have marveled into the creative world of American-born artist Michael Albert. Having evolved from doodles, to serious wax oil drawings, to the cubist mosaic Cereal box collages he has become know for in the world of modern pop art. His first “Cerealism collage” was created on March 30(1996), due to his reluctance to throw away a Frosted Flakes box…his obsession after the first work created an attraction to the cereal aisle where he had set out to create at least one version of every cereal box he could get his hands on. The first photo above is from one of his posters that I bought back in 2005 and bellow it is his first piece Frosted Flake #1 The Birth of Cerealism.

intrusion by c.l. demedeiros

C.L. DeMedeiros is sure that art can and will change the world. “I truly believe that in art there is a redemption for the human spirit; without art we are empty shells with no perspective of beauty, tolerance and love”. His biggest influences come from the Dadaism, and he likes to mention Francis Picabia, Man Ray, Marcel Janco, Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp, Joseph Cornell, as well as Neo-Dada: Mark Divo, Jasper Johns, Bob Rauschenberg, Yoko Ono, Robert Morris to name a few. Neo-Dada is exemplified by its use of modern materials, popular imagery and absurdist contrast and ” I’m all for it”, he adds! ┬áIn the work ‘ INTRUSION’, the artist DeMedeiros envisions not only the violation of the body and mind, but a certain rape of the soul, of ideas…