easter parade nyc 2016


final now


Although I live in a city which is in a constant state of transformation, some things definitely never change. The NY Easter Parade is a must see event and it has been taking place in Manhattan for over 100 years now. Over the top Easter bonnets are spotted everywhere when paraders stroll along from 49th and 57th streets. It is fun, happy and a very mixed and democratic crowd.

pascoa final

with Christian Svoboda, who is always a hit at the Easter Parade:

pascoa 8

and if Bill C. is there, you know it is really an event.

pascoa 13

Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo



art basel hong kong 2016

hk 4

Ashley Bickerton

I was able to attend the private viewing of Art Basel Hong Kong; now on its fourth edition and quickly becoming a major art fair event world wide; it is now the most important Asia’s art fair. Personally, my three day trip to HK was so worth since I am testing waters to see what I am going to do next….I cannot be in the nightlife forever.
Before the general public had access to it; it was nice to be able to walk calmly, although it was full, through all the 239 galleries installations. To my surprise, you could actually meet and socialize with the artists themselves. At least that was the case in the two days of V.I.P private viewing. If the economic slow down of China is still present, I guess having artists on location to influence a sell is rather a great incentive.
Definitely, I can say I was in the presence of great quality works of art, which serves me well as a point of reference. It is impossible to feature them all here, but please enjoy these:

hk 5


hk 7

Roberto Chabet

hk 6

 Antony Micallef 


at Park Ryu Sook Gallery, and no, she wasn’t part of the installation

hk 3

Black Milk by Belu Simion Fainaru 

hk 1

Annette Messager

hk 9

Du Monde

hk 2

Kerlin Gallery

hk 10

yep, that’s me playing with the “Acrylic Mirrors” by Lee Bul at the Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac corner


hong kong


Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

tons do rio by lilian granado




I finally had a chance to get my hands on the amazing book Tons do Rio by Brazilian photographer Lilian Granado.
“Tons do Rio” which translates to “Shades of Rio” is a visual trip through the marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro by the poetic and sophisticated eyes of Lilian. In a smart way, the photographer invites the readers to also find their own way to appreciated the beauty of an already fantastic city: from the simplicity of birds flying on the sky to the interesting approach to capture hung clothes drying under the sun on a clothsline, this is definitely a book for those who love Rio, who will travel to Rio or even if you will never be able to physically know Rio de Janeiro, the freedom and spirit featured on “Tons do Rio” will transport you to it.
This is the first book by Lilian Granado, and it starts with a foreword by Frederico Mendes, who is also a photographer and Lilian’s husband. “Tons do Rio” is published by Reptil .



the pages of “Tons do Rio” are in a degrade format


this clothesline photo is one of my favorites


Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

poster girl of the 2016 riog&s: gazeLLe paulo

rio blog

Gazelle Paulo for the 2016 RioG&S
Rio Festival de Genero e Sexualidade no Cinema

concept by Alexander Mello & Gazelle Paulo
styling by Gazelle Paulo
photograph by Gastohn Barrios
illustration by Sara Koppel

Last year, the documentary Gazelle The Love Issue opened this amazing festival in Rio de Janeiro; it was a special night and it became even better when Alexander Mello, producer and creator of the festival, invited me to be the poster girl of the 2016 edition. How could I have said no?

It is such an honor to be a part of this event. The poster was released yesterday, and of course features me in a photo by Argentinian photographer Gastohn Barrios combined with an illustration by artist Sara Koppel, from Denmark.

The concept was very simple and it was shaped by Alex and moi; just someone watching a movie…and of course if that someone is me, it had to be a little over the top….

rio blog 2

photographer Gastohn Barrios, me and Alexander Mello during the shoot for this years’ poster

Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

thinking inside the box with c.l. demedeiros & gazeLLe


christmas 9

Gazelle Thinking Inside The Box

styled by Gazelle, boxes by C.L. DeMedeiros, funeral ornament broche from DeMedeiros’ archives, angel & bell sculpture by C.L. DeMedeiros.

This past week, I was in the presence of Brazilian self taught artist C. L. DeMedeiros for a “Christmas card” theme project for his upcoming website. DeMedeiros, who is based in New York City, has an extraordinaire mind and throughout the years I have been blessed to have worn many of his creations. Very private but with a rather large and unlimited vision of things, DeMedeiros will launch his personal website in 2016. His work has been displayed at the New York Public Library, The Art Students League of New York, Sing for Hope-Street Pianos project around 5 boroughs of NYC.
And, if you are on my list of dear friends, in 2016 you will be getting one of these two versions of these Christmas theme apporach photos which were styled by me with his “Thinking Inside The Box” new collection.. C.L. DeMedeiros is represented by Marion Harris Gallery.





  • Lamp piece by DeMedeiros
  • Seagulls headpiece by DeMedeiros
  • Tie headpiece by DeMedeiros
  • me wearing headpiece and dress by DeMedeiros, the artist himself and sculptor/painter Fernando Carpaneda at the release  of Gazelland Art Issue in NYC (2007)

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

an enchanting evening at the society of iLLustrators







  • my second look at the “Scooter LaForge”  Sketch Night (photo by Jorge Clar)
  • my first look, homage to Leigh Bowery
  • my third look (photo by Jorge Clar)
  • Rachel Singer and moi dressed in my favorite Scooter LaForge look (photo by Jorge Clar)
  • Jorge Clar and Rachel Singer
  • host Ted Michalowski and Scooter LaForge

I remember well, it was 2009 the first time I ever set foot at the Society of Illustrators to attend the event “The Line of Fashion” curated by the super iconic illustrator Robert W Richards, my dear friend and member of that society group. (See the video HERE).
So, of course I didn’t think twice about saying yes when Scooter LaForge invited me to come along to model, some of my looks created by him, at a special Sketch Night dedicated to him at the Society of Illustrators, hosted by artist Ted Michalowski.
It was a marvelous feeling to be in a room filled with young and established illustrators who were given sets of 5 or 10 minutes to draw you. Scooter also invited Jorge Clar and Rachel Singer, who are also both collectors of LaForge’s clothing lines; so we took turns in the small center stage. Believe me, I found out it is not quite an easy job to be standing still, for any amount of minutes, posing in an elaborate and heavy ensemble, but at the same time it was a magnificent experience to be in that prestigious organization.
Below are some of the illustrations – of the three looks I styled – that attendees posted on Instagram. You should also look for #s for Jorge Clar and SparklePrincess (Rachel Singer).












me with the amazing host/artist Ted Michalowski after the end of “Scooter LaForge” Sketch Night; and yes, we are both wearing SFL.


FreakChic by Gazelle Paulo

partying in paris with the padilha brothers








*moi with Emily and Gia

** my Scooter LaForge shoes on the iconic carpet of Castel

***our lovely table corner on the mirror

****Castel’s Foie gras

*****the forever stunning Allanah Starr

******Mao Padilha, moi and my headpiece by Dumpster Chic

*******Roger Padilha and Galia Salimo

After Stockholm, I stopped in Paris for another celebration of the “GLOSS: The Work of Chris von Wangenheim” fashion book by authors Mao Padilha and Roger Padilha. The Padilha brothers reunited a small group of friends – Maripol, Gia Genevieve, Emily Elicia Low, Allanah Starr, Victor Osborne…- for an early cozy dinner at the legendary Castel, followed by a dancing party at the basement of this iconic private club where other fans of the MAO PR brand joined in to the continuing celebration that started in New York City with the big bash, during New York Fashion Week, thrown by Marc Jacobs, to honor Mao and Roger’s formidable work.
I had a lovely time during dinner with Emily and Gia, who sat next to me. It was a fun evening. The next day Mao and Roger had a book signing at the Bookmarc store in Paris . I wonder where will be the next party stop? 😀




*Bookmarc window with the GLOSS book

**Bookmarc windows with the GLOSS book

***moi at Castel, wearing a headpiece by Dumpster Chic, suit by Walter Rodrigues and shoes by Scooter LaForge in a photo by Flavio Goldenstein

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

the preview of “the exhibit” by eryc taylor at howl! haPPening





*artist Scooter LaForge, Jesus Oliveira, Eryc Taylor, Timothy Patterson and Samuel Asher Kunzman

The show How to Create a Monsterpiece by artist Scooter LaForge, that was presented at Howl! Happening, had many events on location to keep the energy flowing with the art pieces created by Scooter. One of them took place few days before the show closed, when choreographer Eryc Taylor, a friend and collaborator of LaForge, brought three dancers to the gallery for a preview performance of his upcoming show “The Exhibit”, five contemporary dance works choreographed by Eryc Taylor in collaboration with company members. For this performance, Scooter, who was assisted by Jorge Clar, painted the dancers Timothy Patterson, Jesus Olivera and Samuel Asher Kunzman with neon colors that became extremely alive when the lights were off and they started to dance!
The Exhibit will consist of six performances starting on October 15th and running until the 18th. One of Eryc’s dance piece numbers explores the searing sense of loss when a loved one passes. Very promising indeed!!




Eryc Taylor and moi

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

powerful babies in stockholm



jan insta


*moi with artist Scooter LaForge and his pieces (moi included) at Spritmuseum

**moi with the lovely guests at the opening night of Powerful Babies

*** back side in an image by Jan Watteus

****with Argot Murelius in a repost from the Spritmuseum Instagram

My first visit to Stockholm(Sweden) was fierce, fast and furious. I was flown in by artist Scooter LaForge so that he could paint my body to the opening night of “Powerful Babies: Keith Haring’s Impact of Artists Today”, presented by Spritmuseum, home of the Absolut Art Collection. The show curated by Bill Arning, Director of Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, and the super sharp Rick Herron, New York-based independent curator, brings artists together to honor the legacy of Keith Haring who created his art and distributed in ways previously unimaginable. With that in mind, Scooter, who has two paintings in the show, decided that for the private opening night it would be quite interesting if he would pay homage to the iconic body paint that Keith did on Grace Jones for her video for the song “I’m Not Perfect”, but also adding a twist by combining his work on half of the body, in this case “mine”. I spent over four hours standing while he did his magic.
This super cool and incredible exhibit include works of Tad Baker, Michael Allen, Raul de Nieves, Katherine Bernhardt, Tobias Berstrup, John Hanning, Allen Grubesic, the fabulous Juliana Huxtable among other great artists; I believe it is a total of 25 artists. I loved meeting local artist Joakim Ojanen; his freaky ceramic sculptures are just brilliant. The whole experience was quite formidable from the moment we arrived in town until we left. Everybody involved in this show, from artists to museum directors, were extremely pleasant and just plain amazing.
You have until April (next year) to check it; more info on Spritmuseum .









**Scooter with Argot Murelius and Eva Livijn-Olin (center) who hosted a great private dinner in her home, for all the artists who made it to Stockholm for the opening.

*** Scooter with museum directors Mia Sundberg and Indrid Leffler, who are both wearing one of the shirt’s exhibit, this one by Scooter LaForge, at the dinner party at Evan’s home.

**** Powerful Babies book at the home of Eva Livijn-Olin

*****Ceramic sculptures by Joakim Ojanen

******Moi with the brilliant Joakim Ojanen at the opening night of Powerful Babies

*******Absolut Babies by Scooter LaForge next to Absolut Vodka by Andy Warhol

amazin art forum now

Super cool trio on Art Forum !!

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo