wings airplane bar & lounge in zurich





If you find yourself visiting Zurich, you must stop at Wings Airline Bar & Lounge; as the name suggests it, this is a theme bar, and believe me that you will feel like you are about to board a plane the moment you walk through the front doors. Airplane seats, menus, signature drinks, windows, fuselage walls….everything was indeed thought out to be the perfect airplane lounge…and the waitresses – in flight attendants uniforms – look better than many working crews.



Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

Gazelle also writes for TheBlot Magazine

at the ozone bar in hong kong

           Fresh from Paris, I accepted the invitation of dear friends to be their guest for almost a week at the Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong. How could I say no? Hong Kong is a fascinating city, and it is becoming my favorite place to visit. I was there last year for a week and I had a blast: 

         This time around, I had to check the Ozone Bar at the top of Ritz Carlton…the view itself is a reason good enough for you to stop by, it is located on the 118th floor, and it is considered the highest bar in the world, but I believe that title goes to At.mosphere, at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. To go up to the top, you exchange elevators a little over half way through, being this second one a very tight and stylish elevator…what a mess if the place is crowded.

         At night, the Ozone is on the dark side, and at first, the ambiance is not really easy on the eyes; I believe a visit at the end of the day/early night could have been more appropriate; Ozone’s design suggests a surreal opulence with a mix of so many styles that is overwhelming at times…but still super cool. The geometric floor pattern replicates itself into walls and ceilings; giant three-dimensional sculptures become columns or the other way around , the materials are expensive but what else can you expect? That’s their point of view, and it is Hong Kong after all, the mood is always over the top.

         I took a look at the drinks selection list, and the prices can be extended as high as your fantasy permits; I was in the mood for sushi, so I was expecting to order some amazing rolls, but that didn’t happen, for my surprise the selection was very poor, needless to say beyond boring.

         The biggest disappointment was the staff uniforms…if you spend that kind of money to create such concept place, the staff should be dressed fiercely to match its surroundings, but unfortunately their uniform looked frumpy and cheap…sorry, but I look at everything…and I know that people don’t go to Ozone to look at the clothes…but I do…give me the whole experience … just saying!




moi with my hosts Fernando Ferraz and Martin Jackson
Ozone Bar
Hong Kong / Jan 9th / 2014

   Freak Chic

   by Gazelle Paulo


xl opening night brings a new era to nyc nightlife

* dancers minutes before Amanda Lepore’s performance
** Lady Bunny spinning in the lounge area

          Last night I went to the very anticipated opening night of XL(the club); I had attended a birthday bash on 42nd St and 8th Avenue, so as we were leaving the party, my friend Scooter LaForge(my companion for the night) and I decided to check the entrance of the new club; earlier in the day I had bumped into promoter/photographer Marco Ovando who told me that I should not miss Amanda’s performance, and that was just another reason to check the place. Working the massive line outside was Markus Kelleman, who for sure can elevate any club door, I truly believe that the first impression is at the door, and he just looked NY fierce.

         Inside was mad house, nothing less could be expected from an opening night. The space is divided into a lounge area with a small dance floor, and the second area hosts a nice size dance floor with a narrow stage for performances which gives a cabaret feeling to the space. The lighting system was superb and so was the sound; although I think on the main dance floor they might have had an air conditioner issue last night, it was super hot , hopefully they got that fixed. Lady Bunny was getting things going spinning in the lounge area and I loved that ambience. I particularly found the main dance floor small, mainly because I know how huge is the crowd that John Blair and Beto Sutter can attract. Splash is not XL in terms of size…but XL is not Roxy either…so I am sure that the lines on a Saturday night will be around the block, because this very much needed club will be filled to capacity. XL brings with no doubt a new era in the New York gay nightlife.

* the opening night XL door host Markus Kelleman
** moi and the artist Scooter LaForge

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

experiencing the luxury bars in london with alex geRRy

Alex Gerry and Agostino Perrone ( Connaught Bar Head Mixologist )
Connaught Bar in London
photo by Gazelle Paulo


          Well my darlings, I am in the fashionable and super stylish city of London, and it was very wet here today. I spent my late afternoon in the company of Alex Gerry, a dear friend who among many things is the editor of restaurants, clubs and bars for a high profile international magazine. So Alex invited me to come along with him since he had to review two bars this evening, the Connaught Bar at the Connaught Mayfair Hotel and The Blue Bar at The Berkeley, another luxury hotel.

           Our first stop at the Connaught Bar was very delightful, although Champagne is my favorite drink, I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed these great spicy drinks we had there, all served with superb canapés designed by Helene Darroze. The bar head mixologist Agostino Perrone gave us the ultimate attention, last year he was nominated the Best International Bartender of the Year at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans. Agostino prepared for us a lavender based martini, it was amazing watching him mixing the ingredients from a movable bar cart right next to our table.

           When I thought I had more than enough, Alex let me know we needed to go to The Blue Bar at The Berkeley, he was there once to review the restaurant, now it was time to visit the bar. We met his friend Timmy Coles-Liddle at the lobby, and then we embarked in another tasting experience. I don’t know how I survived so many drinks and delicious food in such a small period of time between the two hotels. It was a lovely evening !! Alex has a restaurant to review tomorrow during lunch !! Can you imagine that? I will be going to New York City.

The Connaught Bar

The Blue Bar

Timmy Coles-Liddle, Gazelle and Alex Gerry
both photos at The Blue Bar at Berkely

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Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo