stephen jones event at bOOkmarc nyc




Grace Coddington & Stephen Jones

Where water was replaced by Veuve Clicquot, Bookmarc was packed to capacity for the New York book launch of Stephen Jones Souvenirs and it was quite lovely. Stephen Jones, the magnificent English milliner who enchants the world with his creations seemed extremely happy last night when signing and making drawings on the book copies for his admirers from the Big Apple, a place he calls his second home.

“Souvenirs” is a remarkable documentation, published by Rizzoli, of a never ending career in fashion; penned by Susannah Frankel and with a beautiful and sincere foreword by Grace Coddington, who would like to claim that she discovered him. The book invites the reader into Jones’ life and career from the time of his mother pregnancy, his years at Saint Martin’s school of art, the Blitz Club era, glory in Paris and the world…..40 years of success of a 59 years of a continuing well lived life. This is with no question and no doubt a must have book; it will enrich your creative life and inspire you with its unlimited beauty.

I have always being a follower of his work, but last year I was a weekend guest of artist Scooter LaForge at the Festival Mode & Design in Montreal, where Stephen was also one of the lecturers; I had a opportunity to sit next to him during a lunch when I was able to really know a bit more of the person behind the iconic persona. Few months later, Stephen made my day when back in New York he attended an event put together in my honor…I will never forget when he discreetly was the last person to arrive. I knew he had a busy day, but he showed up. Yesterday, he wrote “Montreal forever” on my book copy. Amazing !!! Love you Jones.


New York milliner Ellen Christine gets a kiss from Stephen Jones



Stephen Jones and moi – photo by Ellen Christine

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tons do rio by lilian granado




I finally had a chance to get my hands on the amazing book Tons do Rio by Brazilian photographer Lilian Granado.
“Tons do Rio” which translates to “Shades of Rio” is a visual trip through the marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro by the poetic and sophisticated eyes of Lilian. In a smart way, the photographer invites the readers to also find their own way to appreciated the beauty of an already fantastic city: from the simplicity of birds flying on the sky to the interesting approach to capture hung clothes drying under the sun on a clothsline, this is definitely a book for those who love Rio, who will travel to Rio or even if you will never be able to physically know Rio de Janeiro, the freedom and spirit featured on “Tons do Rio” will transport you to it.
This is the first book by Lilian Granado, and it starts with a foreword by Frederico Mendes, who is also a photographer and Lilian’s husband. “Tons do Rio” is published by Reptil .



the pages of “Tons do Rio” are in a degrade format


this clothesline photo is one of my favorites


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partying in paris with the padilha brothers








*moi with Emily and Gia

** my Scooter LaForge shoes on the iconic carpet of Castel

***our lovely table corner on the mirror

****Castel’s Foie gras

*****the forever stunning Allanah Starr

******Mao Padilha, moi and my headpiece by Dumpster Chic

*******Roger Padilha and Galia Salimo

After Stockholm, I stopped in Paris for another celebration of the “GLOSS: The Work of Chris von Wangenheim” fashion book by authors Mao Padilha and Roger Padilha. The Padilha brothers reunited a small group of friends – Maripol, Gia Genevieve, Emily Elicia Low, Allanah Starr, Victor Osborne…- for an early cozy dinner at the legendary Castel, followed by a dancing party at the basement of this iconic private club where other fans of the MAO PR brand joined in to the continuing celebration that started in New York City with the big bash, during New York Fashion Week, thrown by Marc Jacobs, to honor Mao and Roger’s formidable work.
I had a lovely time during dinner with Emily and Gia, who sat next to me. It was a fun evening. The next day Mao and Roger had a book signing at the Bookmarc store in Paris . I wonder where will be the next party stop? 😀




*Bookmarc window with the GLOSS book

**Bookmarc windows with the GLOSS book

***moi at Castel, wearing a headpiece by Dumpster Chic, suit by Walter Rodrigues and shoes by Scooter LaForge in a photo by Flavio Goldenstein

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by Gazelle Paulo

w108 as in washington oliveTTo

capa_w108 wogazelle copy

It is not a secret to the people who are close to me that – among Marlene Dietrich, Marlon Brandon, my mother Marlene Araújo and actress Claudette Colbert – the Brazilian marketer Washington Olivetto has been one of my idols since I was very young. Washington Olivetto is chairman of WMcCann Brazil and chief creative officer of McCann Worldgroup for Latin America and Caribbean. WMcCann is a fusion of W/Brasil – former Washington’s agency – with MCCann Erickson, an American agency and one of the largest conglomerates in the world of advertising. So Mr. Olivetto is with no doubt an icon in the advertisement world.


Well, Washington was in New York City in the beginning of this month of October to receive his Clio Lifetime Achievement Award. Olivetto already won the Grand Prix Clio Awards for film category in 2001, with a commercial for the Brazilian magazine Época.


The creative team at the WMcCann Brazil prepared an amazing surprise for when he returned to Sao Paulo. Washington was given a giant book – as big as a table – with testimonials from friends about him. They asked 108 friends of Washington to describe him as if he was something else; each friend, depending on its particularity, answered what would be Washington if he were a song, a restaurant, a Rio street, a joke and so on. I was extremely honored to be thought of as a friend, so I was given by them the question to describe Washington Olivetto as a ” FANTASY “.


This is the second time I am part of a personal project of his. Many years ago, my first encounter with Washington Olivettto on a first class cabin on a flight from New York to Sao Paulo resulted on me being featured in his 2008 book ” O Primeiro A Gente Nunca Esquece ” which can be translated at “The First One, We Never Forget”‘; the title of his very famous bra commercial in Brazil . All I can say, is that I was very happy to be included in the giant unique book given to Washington Olivetto featuring people like Lulu Santos, Andre Midani, Jose Bonifacio de Oliveira Sobrinho (o Boni), Maria Bethania among many other people who are in the POP scene of Brazil and who are his friends. Thank you WMcCann Brazil !! Well…is that really such a thing like third time’s a charm? 😀


WMcCann Brazil: If Washington Olivetto were a “fantasy”, what would it be?

 Gazelle: Washington would be the other side of Alice’s mirror. Because this ‘other side’ is like Olivetto’s mind; where all is possible thanks to the power of his boundless imagination that uses fantasy and reality to shows us the way to the truth always full of wonders.


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arpoador bOOk launch at the chopin building in rio

arpo1 arpo2 arpo3 arpo4 arpo5 arpo6photographer Frederico Mendes and moi

My darling friend photographer Frederico Mendes invited me to come to the launch of Arpoador, a photograph book about one of the most beautiful beach areas in Rio de Janeiro, with articles by writer Gilberto Braga. The event was at the Arnaldo Danemberg Antiquario; located in the uber chic Chopin building in Copacabana. It was a super packed cocktail party with the beautiful people of Rio de Janeiro. I had the best time dressed head to toe in the Brazilian label Neon. Yes, I even made it to the second book of Globo; the biggest newspaper in Brazil…fun, fun, fun !!


Gil Even ( founder of CARIOCA Wear ), Anna Maria Tornaghi and moi

by Gazelle Paulo

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vaczine # one by walt ceSSna is out


VACZINE # ONE is out. The annual hardcover art & literary journal edited & published by artist, writer and photographer Walt Cessna & art directed by Frank Gargiulo is finally available for purchase on Blurb.

Anything that Walt Cessna does is a true extension of his own style and aesthetics, he follows no one, but he has a huge following crowd. This past Friday, Walt Cessna together with photographer Natasha Gornik opened their “Sharp Objects” show at the Leslie-Lohman space on Prince Street.

VACZINE contains a vast group of New York artists hand picked by Walt to form an extremely visual, artistically inspiring and at times also sexually charged book. VACZINE is with no doubt a Walt Cessna’s look at what excites him as a human being and as an artist. Walt selected artist Scooter LaForge‘s work for the cover.

Yes, I was invited to be part of this first issue, and I felt honored to be in the company of such inspiring creativity…

Dietmar Busse for VACZINE

my self portraits 😀

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bergdorf gOOdman does diana vrEEland



        Well, if you are a great admirer of Diana Vreeland and you happen to pass by 5th Avenue and W 58th street, make sure you take a look at the three windows of Bergdorf Goodman, she is there.

        “Memos, the Vogue years” is a celebration of the nine years of Diana as the Editor in Chief at Vogue magazine (from 1962 to 1971), edited by her grandson Alexander Vreeland and published by Rizzoli. It is a super collection of her memos and letters to and from editors, designers and photographers. An absolute behind the scenes must have book that you can purchase in Bergdorf (7th floor). And to celebrate such occasion, Diana received this very well deserved homage from the store.


images from the Bergdorf Goodman blog site 


   Freak Chic

   by Gazelle Paulo


the switcherOO bOOk by hana pesut

            The ” Switcheroo Book ” is a self-funded portrait series book project by Canadian photographer Hana Pesut. The book’s concept is very simple and fun, couples are photographed twice, once in their own outfits, them shot again but wearing each others outfits against the same background, and of course they swap sides. Hana spent two years photographing over 200 switcheroos all over the world. It is a very cool gift for anyone who enjoys fashion and photography. I love it !




 Freak Chic

 by Gazelle Paulo