lovely time at the “eau de leonora” headquarters

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  • me with Leonora and Davi, who is the inspiration for Eau de Davi (photo by Frederico Mendes)
  • me next to photographers Frederico Mendes and Luiz Nogueira Jr
  • the gorgeous Leonora Rocha Lima Nogueira during a light test (iPhone photo by me)


I was just supposed to spend time with my dear friend, the legendary Brazilian photographer Frederico Mendes, while he was going to take some seasonal photographs of designer Leonora Rocha Lima Nogueira for her brand Eau de Leonora at the company’s photo studio in Rio de Janeiro.

Little did I expect to be so charmed by everyone in the studio, that I ended up in front of the camera having such a good time with Leonora herself for the lenses of Frederico and the photographer Luiz Nogueira Jr, who is also the brand photographer. It was so hard to resist to the fabulous clothing and accessories available to the shoot, that I just let myself go and enjoyed the afternoon in the company of great professionals and wonderful people.

“Eau de Leonora” and “Eau de Davi” are the two signatures products developed by Leonora. They are light, unisex and luxurious fragrances for the body and your home. Since, Leonora introduced me to “Eau de Leonora” I have been wearing it non stop.

To learn more about Leonora, her company and her fascinating world just visit Eau de Leonora site.


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  • it was such a pleasure to be so welcomed during her photo session. Leonora and her team are just incredible.

Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo