gazeLLe back at crobar ny for the reunion

powerful ladies Rebecca H. James and Lee Lenore Blumer with Gazelle (the Crobar Pirate )
The Cellar Bar ( Bryant Park Hotel)
03/19/12 NYC

           Last night I had a great time at The Cellar Bar in the Bryant Park Hotel with fellow past nightlife coworkers. For almost three years I worked at the entrance of former club Crobar NY, the super club brand that closed its door in this city in 2007, it was opened in December 2003. What an incredible time of my life that was, it opened so many doors to me. It was really a great fun environment, it felt like a huge family, drama included of course!! So yesterday, the Crobar reunion was a great chance to reunite with the “gang” and see what everybody is up to. 

         A lot of people showed up, a lot of people didn’t, some couldn’t show up….like the late Gilbert Henry Stafford, the legendary doorman who the whole New York City knew, and who gave me great funny moments while working there.

        We laughed and reminisced about that great club right next to Scores…. lol !

*group photo by Paul Alexander
**Crobar sign photo by Gazelle Paulo

Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

xl opening night brings a new era to nyc nightlife

* dancers minutes before Amanda Lepore’s performance
** Lady Bunny spinning in the lounge area

          Last night I went to the very anticipated opening night of XL(the club); I had attended a birthday bash on 42nd St and 8th Avenue, so as we were leaving the party, my friend Scooter LaForge(my companion for the night) and I decided to check the entrance of the new club; earlier in the day I had bumped into promoter/photographer Marco Ovando who told me that I should not miss Amanda’s performance, and that was just another reason to check the place. Working the massive line outside was Markus Kelleman, who for sure can elevate any club door, I truly believe that the first impression is at the door, and he just looked NY fierce.

         Inside was mad house, nothing less could be expected from an opening night. The space is divided into a lounge area with a small dance floor, and the second area hosts a nice size dance floor with a narrow stage for performances which gives a cabaret feeling to the space. The lighting system was superb and so was the sound; although I think on the main dance floor they might have had an air conditioner issue last night, it was super hot , hopefully they got that fixed. Lady Bunny was getting things going spinning in the lounge area and I loved that ambience. I particularly found the main dance floor small, mainly because I know how huge is the crowd that John Blair and Beto Sutter can attract. Splash is not XL in terms of size…but XL is not Roxy either…so I am sure that the lines on a Saturday night will be around the block, because this very much needed club will be filled to capacity. XL brings with no doubt a new era in the New York gay nightlife.

* the opening night XL door host Markus Kelleman
** moi and the artist Scooter LaForge

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo