forever young by life dance events

FOREVER YOUNG: I am so happy to be part of this great charity event !! It will be a night of amazing music and lovely people in New York.

To know more about the event and its hosts, please check LIFE DANCE EVENTS

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Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

rosane amaral amazing pOOl party in rio de janeiro

After my insane réveillon marathon of five parties, I wasn’t sure if I had enough energy to go to The Original Brazilian Pool Party produced by the visionary producer Rosane Amaral. Let me tell you something, I would have missed an amazing time, actually it was more like a show, with great music, beautiful people and fabulous performers. Check this awesome video !!
Indeed, it was a must place to be on the first day of the year, and the next pool event is already set for the upcoming Carnival. So, if you are going to be in Rio, this is definitely a party you wont’ want to miss it!

Yes, I was there with my friend/boss Gil Even, founder of CA-RIO-CA WEAR; we were giving away some sungas at this Rosane‘s event, who is looking very happy at this photo. In the back, our CA-RIO-CA WEAR model Rodolfo Marins looking beautiful!


Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

an enchanting evening at the society of iLLustrators







  • my second look at the “Scooter LaForge”  Sketch Night (photo by Jorge Clar)
  • my first look, homage to Leigh Bowery
  • my third look (photo by Jorge Clar)
  • Rachel Singer and moi dressed in my favorite Scooter LaForge look (photo by Jorge Clar)
  • Jorge Clar and Rachel Singer
  • host Ted Michalowski and Scooter LaForge

I remember well, it was 2009 the first time I ever set foot at the Society of Illustrators to attend the event “The Line of Fashion” curated by the super iconic illustrator Robert W Richards, my dear friend and member of that society group. (See the video HERE).
So, of course I didn’t think twice about saying yes when Scooter LaForge invited me to come along to model, some of my looks created by him, at a special Sketch Night dedicated to him at the Society of Illustrators, hosted by artist Ted Michalowski.
It was a marvelous feeling to be in a room filled with young and established illustrators who were given sets of 5 or 10 minutes to draw you. Scooter also invited Jorge Clar and Rachel Singer, who are also both collectors of LaForge’s clothing lines; so we took turns in the small center stage. Believe me, I found out it is not quite an easy job to be standing still, for any amount of minutes, posing in an elaborate and heavy ensemble, but at the same time it was a magnificent experience to be in that prestigious organization.
Below are some of the illustrations – of the three looks I styled – that attendees posted on Instagram. You should also look for #s for Jorge Clar and SparklePrincess (Rachel Singer).












me with the amazing host/artist Ted Michalowski after the end of “Scooter LaForge” Sketch Night; and yes, we are both wearing SFL.


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begin the beguine charitable gala

jorge 1


  • Darling friend Patrick McDonald who was also one of the hosts of “Begin The Beguine” with moi and my headpiece
  • DJs Susan Morabito and Robbie Leslie

I had the best time hosting the event “Begin The Beguine” at the Hudson Terrace. A fantastic charitable party that included a performance by artist Kitty Meow, who flew in from Miami, and music disco beats by Fernando D. Carnevali, Alex Garcia and Leslie Robbie(Studio 54). The event organized by Life Dance Events benefited The American Run For The End Of AIDS (AREA) and The Danny Garvin Fund for LGBT Causes; it was filled with the best energy from a serious dancing crowd who arrived ready to party in Gatsby glamorous theme ensembles.




  • Rollerena and Angelo
  • Paul Gulya and Tony Lopez
  • Chris Rivera & Daniel Welden with Jorge Escudero(center), the master mind behind “Begin the Beguine”


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gazeLLe the love iSSue opens recifest





  • The amazing Cinema São Luiz main screen 
  • me at the lobby of the Cinema São Luiz waiting for the performance to start (body/face art by Scooter LaForge)
  • Scooter LaForge and moi (photo by Rayanne Morais)
  • moi (photo by Rayanne Morais)

Gazelle The Love Issue movie by director Cesar Terranova opened the third edition of the Recifest film festival in Recife, a city located on the northeast of Brazil; It was exactly one year after this movie’s world premiere at the Festival MixBrasil gay film festival in Sao Paulo, when it won the best national feature movie award.

This was indeed an amazing experience, and we – Cesar Terranova, Scooter LaForge and I – were so welcomed by the wonderful LGBT community of Recife.

The opening night had a performance that started with the screening of the short movie Castle LaForge which opened for me to reach the center stage, walking slowly, and spraying Angel all over, from the back of the theater seating map, then Scooter LaForge painted my back to the sound of The Flower Duet(Lakmé). You can see the end of this presentation HERE. Once the performance was over, the movie was played on the majestic screen of the Sao Luiz theater, a very iconic building that is preserve by the federal government.

At the end of the screening, we had a chance to meet so many people who came to support the festival. What a great night. The whole production staff of Recifest indeed deserves an applause; they are extremely professional.


  • after the screening of “Gazelle The Love Issue”, Scooter and I had a chance to meet so many wonderful people who came to the opening of Recifest 2015

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“lorna washington: sobrevivendo a supostas perdas” movie release



It was indeed a great celebration inside the super packed TV Bar club in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, for the release of the short movie Lorna Washington: Sobrevivendo a Supostas Perdas. Lorna Washington is an iconic and legendary gay activist / female impersonator who is a very well known personality in the marvelous city of Rio. On a personal level, Lorna is a friend and my drag mother; she has given me the name “Gazelle”, and she has been a very intense force of inspiration for me.
The movie, by “carioca” directors Leonardo Menezes and Rian Córdova, will soon start the circuit of festivals in Brazil and abroad, and it beautifully shows the work and real life of this extraordinary artist.


  • scene of the movie with Lorna being interviewed by Rogeria
  • director Rian Córdova thanking everybody who came to his movie release



Lorna Washington and moi

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

gazeLLe the love iSSue nyc premiere night at newfest

1 by Andreas Hofweber


*popcorn shot by Andreas Hofweber

** Stephen Jones and moi by Cesar Terranova


Last week, since its world premiere in Sao Paulo at the Mix Brasil Film Festival in November 2014, the movie Gazelle The Love Issue, by Cesar Terranova / Terranova 8 Films, finally arrived in New York City at the opening night of NewFest on October 22nd, at Bow Tie cinemas. It was special to me because this was the first time that many characters in the movie had their chance to have a look at Cesar’s work since his movie has been going full force around film festival’s world circuit. I am very honored to have been invited to be part of his project and vision.
If you miss this screening, “Gazelle The Love Issue” will have two more appearances in Manhattan; first on November 6 at 10;15 at the BAFF (Big Apple Film Festival) and on December 9th at NewFilmMakers .
It was indeed a lovely time spent with friends and loved ones, and it was an special night to me because on the same night my partner Mark Anthony and I celebrated our 9th year anniversary. I believed that there was no need to pull a major look for the screening; so I decided to wear something fun, cool and meaningful to me, so my choices were;

Two hats: Silver Party Hat by Tiffany & Co and an Airplane Hat by Dumpster Chic
Jacket by Orschel Read
Shorts by Alex Mallet
Stockings by Wolford
Shoes by Yves Saint Laurent

You can visit the Facebook NewFest photo gallery to check how fun the night was.

23 by Cesar Terranova

moi with the wonderful NewFest 2015 volunteers by Cesar Terranova

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

aNNa & kayvon: the weDDing













If the subject of lavishing or iconic New York City nightlife weddings pops up on a dinner conversation, it will have to include the fashion show wedding of Susanne Bartsch to David Barton in 1995, at the Manhattan Center, the lavender ceremony of Ladyfag to Rainblo in 2007 at Club Cain, and the bloody wedding of Julie Atlas Muz to Mat Fraser at the Abrons Art Centre in 2012. I guess, it is safe to say that we were overdue to another big nightlife moment … Anna and Kayvon came to save the day…or lets’ say the night !!!
It was pouring down early late afternoon, when guests started to head their way to New Jersey to the historical Loews Landmark Theater located at Journal Square; the rain delayed a little the ceremony scheduled to start at 6pm …WE (moi, Kyle, Mao and Roger) miraculously managed to arrive few minutes before the requested time. Believe me, if you RSVP it, but didn’t show up, you did indeed missed a marvelous time, a glamorous party, in a room filled with love, where people really wanted to be there…Anna literally rose to the occasion…it was a beautiful wedding, it was over the top but quite classy, indeed a night to remember.
Anna met Kayvon six years ago in New York, in the basement of a goth bar; Anna is from Leary, Georgia (a town of 600 people in a swamp) and Kayvon is from Wilmington, North Carolina although he’s first generation American and his parents are Persian. Anna’s dress was custom made, she wore a veil and gloves with a gorgeous rightstone work by Lincoln Ward. Esteban Martinez did the beautiful bride make up on Anna, and Lorenzo Diaz did the hair on both. Reverend E. Bruce Vaughn, Anna’s daddy, officialized the union. Anna, who is a gorgeous burlesque performer, and Kayon, a musician and performance artist, together have become such a visual force anywhere they go…I am very honored to have witnessed such a special moment in this new phase of their lives, and if you are wondering about which perfect song they danced for the first time as a couple…then listen to it !!
















*cocktail after the ceremony and before dinner

**Anna Zand is hugged by Mao Padilha

***ambiance at the cocktail hour after the ceremony

****Kenny Kenny and Minoo Misairdi

*****Ava Patron

******Amanda Lepore

*******moi, Mao Padilha and Roger Padilha

********Johanna Constantine and Shien Lee

*********Gerry Visco

**********moi with Raquel Reed


************cake moment

*************cake moment

**************Anna Zand and Kayvon Zand


the gorgeous Kyle Farmery and moi

by Gazelle Paulo

partying in paris with the padilha brothers








*moi with Emily and Gia

** my Scooter LaForge shoes on the iconic carpet of Castel

***our lovely table corner on the mirror

****Castel’s Foie gras

*****the forever stunning Allanah Starr

******Mao Padilha, moi and my headpiece by Dumpster Chic

*******Roger Padilha and Galia Salimo

After Stockholm, I stopped in Paris for another celebration of the “GLOSS: The Work of Chris von Wangenheim” fashion book by authors Mao Padilha and Roger Padilha. The Padilha brothers reunited a small group of friends – Maripol, Gia Genevieve, Emily Elicia Low, Allanah Starr, Victor Osborne…- for an early cozy dinner at the legendary Castel, followed by a dancing party at the basement of this iconic private club where other fans of the MAO PR brand joined in to the continuing celebration that started in New York City with the big bash, during New York Fashion Week, thrown by Marc Jacobs, to honor Mao and Roger’s formidable work.
I had a lovely time during dinner with Emily and Gia, who sat next to me. It was a fun evening. The next day Mao and Roger had a book signing at the Bookmarc store in Paris . I wonder where will be the next party stop? 😀




*Bookmarc window with the GLOSS book

**Bookmarc windows with the GLOSS book

***moi at Castel, wearing a headpiece by Dumpster Chic, suit by Walter Rodrigues and shoes by Scooter LaForge in a photo by Flavio Goldenstein

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo