towel series by gazeLLe paulo

photo now 1

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photo now 10

at the Royal Olympic (2012) by Fernando Ferraz


I have developed a fascination with towels on my head since the George Michael’s Freedom music video where super model Cindy Crawford glamorously plays with one … those two seconds scene was enough to have inspired me to have created fun looks with towels. I guess for me, the towel becomes the imaginary long hair that I once had it for real.

I love the series that photographer Mario Testino has also created throughout the years with famous people, which started with Kate Moss, and although I am certain that there is no way I would never be part of that group; Me, myself and I are very happy with my own series also, so move over Britney :D. The ones above, in the bathtub, were taken in Athens (2012), at the Royal Olympic Hotel, by my best friend Fernando Ferraz, who had no idea that the only reason I stayed there was because the bathroom was so beautiful that I wanted a “towel” photo there…well I guess now he will know…ooops :D.


photo now 8

at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong (2014) by  Fernando Ferraz

photo now 7

selfie, I believe around 2005

photo now 5

self portrait (2010)

photo now 6

at the same night with Patrick McMullan

photo now 4

in South Beach (2009) by bf Mark Anthony

photo now 9

in Mykonos (2012) by Richard Machado

photo now 3

and the number 1 photo that started the awesome Towel Series by Mario Testino; check them all HERE

Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

and the oscar goes to #bemglô

bem glo 1

bem glo 2

What to make of a situation that it goes out of control on social media? You cleverly capitalize on it. Brazilian star actress Gloria Pires was invited to appear, as a guest, on the TV Globo live transmission of the Oscar ceremony. Gloria, who is not commentator or movie critic, accepted the task and took it as if it was an informal night in the living room of your home, surrounded by friends. Gloria contributions to the show were limited to two or three words when asked about certain movies during the life transmission. The internet went crazy with GIFs about Pires performance night. The super respected actress didn’t even think twice about it, and it took the opportunity to launch a series of t-shirts with her quotes from the event which will definitely never be forgotten. The shirts are available at her brand site Bemglô . Absolutely brilliant, after all #SomosTodosGloria – We are all Gloria.

bem glo 3

Gloria Pires and Maria Beltrao at the TV Globo live Oscar transmission ceremony.


Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

poster girl of the 2016 riog&s: gazeLLe paulo

rio blog

Gazelle Paulo for the 2016 RioG&S
Rio Festival de Genero e Sexualidade no Cinema

concept by Alexander Mello & Gazelle Paulo
styling by Gazelle Paulo
photograph by Gastohn Barrios
illustration by Sara Koppel

Last year, the documentary Gazelle The Love Issue opened this amazing festival in Rio de Janeiro; it was a special night and it became even better when Alexander Mello, producer and creator of the festival, invited me to be the poster girl of the 2016 edition. How could I have said no?

It is such an honor to be a part of this event. The poster was released yesterday, and of course features me in a photo by Argentinian photographer Gastohn Barrios combined with an illustration by artist Sara Koppel, from Denmark.

The concept was very simple and it was shaped by Alex and moi; just someone watching a movie…and of course if that someone is me, it had to be a little over the top….

rio blog 2

photographer Gastohn Barrios, me and Alexander Mello during the shoot for this years’ poster

Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

lovely time at the “eau de leonora” headquarters

leonora 2

leonora 50

leonora 40

  • me with Leonora and Davi, who is the inspiration for Eau de Davi (photo by Frederico Mendes)
  • me next to photographers Frederico Mendes and Luiz Nogueira Jr
  • the gorgeous Leonora Rocha Lima Nogueira during a light test (iPhone photo by me)


I was just supposed to spend time with my dear friend, the legendary Brazilian photographer Frederico Mendes, while he was going to take some seasonal photographs of designer Leonora Rocha Lima Nogueira for her brand Eau de Leonora at the company’s photo studio in Rio de Janeiro.

Little did I expect to be so charmed by everyone in the studio, that I ended up in front of the camera having such a good time with Leonora herself for the lenses of Frederico and the photographer Luiz Nogueira Jr, who is also the brand photographer. It was so hard to resist to the fabulous clothing and accessories available to the shoot, that I just let myself go and enjoyed the afternoon in the company of great professionals and wonderful people.

“Eau de Leonora” and “Eau de Davi” are the two signatures products developed by Leonora. They are light, unisex and luxurious fragrances for the body and your home. Since, Leonora introduced me to “Eau de Leonora” I have been wearing it non stop.

To learn more about Leonora, her company and her fascinating world just visit Eau de Leonora site.


leonora 3


leonora 7

  • it was such a pleasure to be so welcomed during her photo session. Leonora and her team are just incredible.

Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

expo milano 2015





If you are passing by Milan before October 31st, you must reserve a “full day” – and get there early – to experience EXPO Milano 2015. This year the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” offers an opportunity to “reflect upon, and discuss, solutions to the contradictions of our world today”.
As I mentioned before, get there early if you want to really experience everything without rushing through the one million square meters of pure educational entertainment while learning or reminiscing about different world cultures…each pavilion is more amazing than the other.




Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

Gazelle also writes for TheBlot Magazine

laforgiaNNo eyes

fashion coincidences

EYES plus RED FRINGE LASHES: designer John Galliano for Maison Martin Margiela in 2015, and artist Scooter LaForge for Gazelle Paulo in 2012

Fashion coincidences are always happening…after all, creative people are allowed and can think the same way at any time.


john galliano by marco

gazelle by marco ovando

*model Maja Salamon / photo by Marcus Tondo via

** moi by Marco Ovando


Gazelle Paulo also writes for TheBlot Magazine
by Gazelle Paulo

airplane penis club is the hoTTest trend



Mile High Club is a thing from the past; the trend now is ” PENIFIES ” in the air. You can admire the hottest photos of them at the “Airplane Penis Club ” on Tumblr; although they announced that they are closing their account to begin a new one, it is still worth checking it out, so, fasten your seat belts, this will be a hard ride… OMG !

So, would you like to see the beautiful stud  from the photo above without the smiley face? So here he is:

 ******  The new profile for “Airplane Penis Club” will be “Fly That Cock “:


Freak Chic
  by Gazelle Paulo

malik so chic is a fierce bitch


malik so chic


One of the things that I really love about being in New York is that this city is filled with brave and original people…so having said that,  I just watched the music video B.B.S.T #BitchesBeSoThirsty by New York nightlife personality Malik So Chic; and I must say I loveeeeeedddd it…it is raunchy, ghetto, cool, underground, audacious and fun…and kudos for Malik for looking so comfortable doing something he loves, the beat is catchy…I must also add that the styling is super fierce and very Malik So Chic…Brandon Olson ‘s cameo is hysterical …so party and event promoters start lining up…this is for sure a cool performance for any amazing spring and summer party….trashy and fashionable !!! And they need no dinner and no drinksssss…



Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

the moulin rouge beLLe epoque experience

a lovely time at the Moulin Rouge

         From the amazing New Year’s Eve in Rio, I went straight to Paris with my partner Mark Anthony. I have been to Paris zilhoes of times…so this time we decided to do something very different and touristy, after all we are tourists.

        The Ferrie show at the Moulin Rouge was nothing short of spectacular, trust me when I say to you that you are completely wrong if you think this is not worth it. We opted for a dinner  package with show, at first it might seem a little pricey, but when you think that you are having a five course dinner plus half a bottle of champagne(a whole one with your date) and the show, it is a great experience; do I need you to remind you that you are in Paris? We selected the super Belle Epoque dinner, which still had the Christmas theme, it starts at 7pm and the show starts at 9pm; delicious indeed…and you still get a metal heart shaped box with mints as a gift, which is a great souvenir to remember such a romantic night. Forgive me, if I sound so mellow…but it was such a romantic night.

         Photos are not allowed during the show, so click on the link so that you can have an idea of how beautiful the show is:

         So after New Year’s Eve in Rio…the Ferrie extravaganza at the Moulin Rouge is a great way to start 2014 or any New Year…just saying !!  


Mark and moi
Jan 4th / 2014

   Freak Chic

   by Gazelle Paulo

chris march is the king of haLLowEEn 2013



          We are almost six weeks away from Halloween, and I can surely confirm that the king (or should I say queen? ) has been already crowned. That’s right,with his fabulous foam wig collection available at Target stores, fashion and costume designer Chris March is the 2013 King of Halloween in USA.

          The wigs can be already found on the stores and also on, you can choose from eight different iconic looks: afro, geisha, starlet, medusa, greaser, monster bride and mohawk. They are very reasonable priced in $20 or less. Super fun, colorful, light and big, they will be an absolute hit this season.

           On the promotional video below, you can watch Chris March and make up artist Dale Johnson demonstrating how awesome a final look with wigs can be achieved. So cool !

           Chris March was a contestant on Project Runway-Season 4, he also was the star of his own show ” Mad Fashion ” about his creations; besides having created pieces for Prince, Madonna, and among others also Lady Gaga…Chris had the privilege to have dressed Meryl Streep for the Golden Globes and the Oscars….super amazing !!



    Freak Chic
    by Gazelle Paulo