gazeLLe the love iSSue is now available on vimeo


Yes, my darlings. After almost 5 years of great work and self discovery during this project and of course since November 2014, when it had the world release in Sao Paulo; the documentary Gazelle The Love Issue by director/producer Cesar Terranova is now available for rent and purchase. So it can be yours forever….
I am so happy to have being invited by Cesar for this project…and soon I will upload a post about what I had to endure through and what I learned about me and others during that journey.

Gazelle The Love Issue is available here on VIMEO

Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo 

the blonds s/s 2017 with gazeLLe paulo



To celebrate their 10th anniversary, The Blonds revised some of their favorite moments keeping “platinum” as the starting point; so it was all about heavy metal glamour galore meeting Venus & Aphrodite and Tina Turner’s portrayal of Auntie Entity in the thunderdome…perhaps one of my favorite collections of this amazing duo !!



Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

best dreSSed club personalities of aLL time


me in Scooter LaForge on the ” ALL TIME” best dressed club personalities list on Paper Magazine

I must say it does feel good to be part of an amazing list, specially if this list includes names of a scene that I love so much. So, ” The 16 Best-Dressed Club Personalities of All Time ” was released by the Paper Magazine right on time to celebrate New York Fashion Week. The article was written by Michael Musto and style maven Christian Svoboda, and it really embraces the best of an already sublime scene that is filled with the most creative people. So it makes me extremely happy to have been included in the company of Kenny Kenny, Susanne Bartsch, Amanda Lepore, Joey Arias and…well, to check all the incredible names and photos just go to check HERE.


Thank you Michael & Christian !!


Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

towel series by gazeLLe paulo

photo now 1

photo now 2

photo now 10

at the Royal Olympic (2012) by Fernando Ferraz


I have developed a fascination with towels on my head since the George Michael’s Freedom music video where super model Cindy Crawford glamorously plays with one … those two seconds scene was enough to have inspired me to have created fun looks with towels. I guess for me, the towel becomes the imaginary long hair that I once had it for real.

I love the series that photographer Mario Testino has also created throughout the years with famous people, which started with Kate Moss, and although I am certain that there is no way I would never be part of that group; Me, myself and I are very happy with my own series also, so move over Britney :D. The ones above, in the bathtub, were taken in Athens (2012), at the Royal Olympic Hotel, by my best friend Fernando Ferraz, who had no idea that the only reason I stayed there was because the bathroom was so beautiful that I wanted a “towel” photo there…well I guess now he will know…ooops :D.


photo now 8

at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong (2014) by  Fernando Ferraz

photo now 7

selfie, I believe around 2005

photo now 5

self portrait (2010)

photo now 6

at the same night with Patrick McMullan

photo now 4

in South Beach (2009) by bf Mark Anthony

photo now 9

in Mykonos (2012) by Richard Machado

photo now 3

and the number 1 photo that started the awesome Towel Series by Mario Testino; check them all HERE

Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

poster girl of the 2016 riog&s: gazeLLe paulo

rio blog

Gazelle Paulo for the 2016 RioG&S
Rio Festival de Genero e Sexualidade no Cinema

concept by Alexander Mello & Gazelle Paulo
styling by Gazelle Paulo
photograph by Gastohn Barrios
illustration by Sara Koppel

Last year, the documentary Gazelle The Love Issue opened this amazing festival in Rio de Janeiro; it was a special night and it became even better when Alexander Mello, producer and creator of the festival, invited me to be the poster girl of the 2016 edition. How could I have said no?

It is such an honor to be a part of this event. The poster was released yesterday, and of course features me in a photo by Argentinian photographer Gastohn Barrios combined with an illustration by artist Sara Koppel, from Denmark.

The concept was very simple and it was shaped by Alex and moi; just someone watching a movie…and of course if that someone is me, it had to be a little over the top….

rio blog 2

photographer Gastohn Barrios, me and Alexander Mello during the shoot for this years’ poster

Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

lovely time at the “eau de leonora” headquarters

leonora 2

leonora 50

leonora 40

  • me with Leonora and Davi, who is the inspiration for Eau de Davi (photo by Frederico Mendes)
  • me next to photographers Frederico Mendes and Luiz Nogueira Jr
  • the gorgeous Leonora Rocha Lima Nogueira during a light test (iPhone photo by me)


I was just supposed to spend time with my dear friend, the legendary Brazilian photographer Frederico Mendes, while he was going to take some seasonal photographs of designer Leonora Rocha Lima Nogueira for her brand Eau de Leonora at the company’s photo studio in Rio de Janeiro.

Little did I expect to be so charmed by everyone in the studio, that I ended up in front of the camera having such a good time with Leonora herself for the lenses of Frederico and the photographer Luiz Nogueira Jr, who is also the brand photographer. It was so hard to resist to the fabulous clothing and accessories available to the shoot, that I just let myself go and enjoyed the afternoon in the company of great professionals and wonderful people.

“Eau de Leonora” and “Eau de Davi” are the two signatures products developed by Leonora. They are light, unisex and luxurious fragrances for the body and your home. Since, Leonora introduced me to “Eau de Leonora” I have been wearing it non stop.

To learn more about Leonora, her company and her fascinating world just visit Eau de Leonora site.


leonora 3


leonora 7

  • it was such a pleasure to be so welcomed during her photo session. Leonora and her team are just incredible.

Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

i was born on christmas day and i love it





  • well, I am not helicopter but I can still pretend I can fly and land…
  • chic snack table at La Suite by Dussol
  • lovely atmosphere
  • La Suite by Dussol Christmas tree

I was born on Christmas day and believe me I couldn’t be happier to be born on such a festive day. I simply love it. This year, I spent my birthday in Rio de Janeiro, one of the cities that I love the most, just like New York and Paris.

My friend Gil Even, founder of CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO, took me to a cocktail Christmas party at the super cool, needless to say chic, La Suite by Dussol boutique hotel. It was a perfect afternoon; a very relaxed atmosphere with elegant people and a great vibe that reached the sunset. I was happy, I am happy. I had a marvelous year….thank you Gil !!


Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

gazeLLe the love iSSue nyc premiere night at newfest

1 by Andreas Hofweber


*popcorn shot by Andreas Hofweber

** Stephen Jones and moi by Cesar Terranova


Last week, since its world premiere in Sao Paulo at the Mix Brasil Film Festival in November 2014, the movie Gazelle The Love Issue, by Cesar Terranova / Terranova 8 Films, finally arrived in New York City at the opening night of NewFest on October 22nd, at Bow Tie cinemas. It was special to me because this was the first time that many characters in the movie had their chance to have a look at Cesar’s work since his movie has been going full force around film festival’s world circuit. I am very honored to have been invited to be part of his project and vision.
If you miss this screening, “Gazelle The Love Issue” will have two more appearances in Manhattan; first on November 6 at 10;15 at the BAFF (Big Apple Film Festival) and on December 9th at NewFilmMakers .
It was indeed a lovely time spent with friends and loved ones, and it was an special night to me because on the same night my partner Mark Anthony and I celebrated our 9th year anniversary. I believed that there was no need to pull a major look for the screening; so I decided to wear something fun, cool and meaningful to me, so my choices were;

Two hats: Silver Party Hat by Tiffany & Co and an Airplane Hat by Dumpster Chic
Jacket by Orschel Read
Shorts by Alex Mallet
Stockings by Wolford
Shoes by Yves Saint Laurent

You can visit the Facebook NewFest photo gallery to check how fun the night was.

23 by Cesar Terranova

moi with the wonderful NewFest 2015 volunteers by Cesar Terranova

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo