gazeLLe paulo’s 10 gift picks for 2016

It’s that special hour of the year again when I select my 10 gifts Christmas suggestions. It is always fun to do this list; this time around there are not gadgets or silly trends….I only selected things I am truly exposed to on my daily routine. Some of them are also products that I worked with, therefore I became so familiar that I ended up loving them so much:


I am so jaded with so much catchy silly songs …. it is always good to look back and fall in love all over one more time with the fab Israeli artist Dikla, who is back in my life to give me what I needed: beautiful voice giving amazing interpretations …her very well known version of Annie Lenox’s “Here Comes the Rain Again” is simply divine !!



A must have book by a truly genius  for those who love art, fashion, style and beautiful hats…however this is not simply just a book published by Rizzoli, this is an extraordinary look at the magnificent life of milliner Stephen Jones. Bravo indeed !!



Because she is Amanda Lepore and must I say more? (image by Josef Jasso)



The perfect dolls by artist Bridgette Bad are an invitation to a fantasy and very real world coming from her mind. This self taught sculptor from Ukraine who believes “art is an accident” never ceases to amazes me…



Definitely the coolest male item for the upcoming 2017 summer beach season. I am so in love with this sunga, featured in the CA-RIO-CA SUNGA GO S/S 17  show by designer Gil Even, and it is not only because I styled his fashion show, but because  this vintage look is hot hot hot….



Those who know me well, know that Angel by Thierry Mugler is the perfume I have been wearing for at least 20 years now…but I had to open space in my life for the Eau de Leonora fragrances…I simply couldn’t resist it, and apparently everybody else standing next to me also…so fantastic!



This beauty brand is the light that was missing in your life; and every new product they release is pure fun and perfection…and it smells insanely great !!



Fun, colorful and happy are definitely what comes to my mind when I think about these great bags.



Five Eyed Dog

From painting to sculpting, Carpaneda is a true underground artist whose creativity and skills are solid and unique. Every single phase of his work is intriguing. He produces what he wants, how he wants and uses social media to market and showcase his process generating sales before his pieces are finished. Fernando even publishes his own magazine CARPAZINE. A truly brilliant artist in command of his own career. So don’t waste time and acquire something from this Brazilian artist based in New York….while you $till can !! 😀



After taking fiver years of my life to produce and edit and two more years running the festival circuits around the world; this documentary about my simple life produced by independent director Cesar Terranova is now available on demand on vimeo. So get your loved one and learn a thing or two about moi, life, love and death.


Gazelle’s 10 picks for 2015

Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

gazelle paulo’s 10 gifts picks for 2015

Well, there are so many amazing gifts to choose from….and this is my list for 2015…have fun and Merry Christmas




It doesn’t matter the controversy around it; yes, it could catch on fire…and it even knocked out Mike Tyson…but the truth is that Hoverboards are part of your future…so get used to them.


2 – BB-8



Do I really need to explain why BB-8 is the coolest gift of 2015?




lacoste watch

This flat green color Lacoste watch is so chic and cool



patricia field

Patricia Field store is closing; so get anything that has her name on…because those will be the items that would matter the most



Li Lac

Li-Lac chocolates are super delicious; a perfect sweet Christmas gift




Art as lifetime companion? Believe me this is the best summer camp idea ever for your children





We can’t escape that Star Wars fever. This Uniqlo coat is just so funky



fashion books

Move over Gisele; yes, your book is cool….but Fashion Underground World and Gloss are just beyond NY fierce…




It is the most luxurous body lotion ever….I cant live without it



democratic party

Donald Trump represents all that is wrong in the world of politics; and he is not what United States of America stands for…so Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders are the only way out for your future, my future and everybody else’s future….


Gazelle’s 10 gifts picks for 2014

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

gazeLLe paulo’s 10 gift picks for 2014

Yes, it is that time of the year when I carefully select cool gifts to add to my Christmas list. Merry Christmas everyone …and yes, I will be home waiting for Santa.

1 – DOOB 3D

They might be cheesy, but these 3D dools are absolutely great; and I must say it is really just cool to have a mini replica of yourself, of your pet and loved ones. So just #getdoobed.

doob 3d

2 – Children’s Aid Society
 As the name already can give an idea, this charity really provides a lot, the services covered by the Children’s Aid Society ranges from pregnant prevention to adoption & foster care among so many other amazing ones.
Children Aid Society
3 – Tom Ford Penis Pendant.
  Well, I think if you rush, there might still be time to order the medium size; the larger ones are sold out completely 😀
tom ford pennis
4 – Veuve
 It doesn’t matter when, where, the time or  how… who really knows me, knows that I love a Veuve Clicquot
5 – Dirk Birkkembergs
 25 years of muscles and fashion? I don’t think I can’t take it….only 5 would be enough.
6 – Ringly
  Tech wear is the future and it is even better when Ringly makes it look so cool and discreet.
7 – Natasha Morgan
 Natasha Morgan has the super over the top shades one might wish to make a statement.
natasha morgan
8 – Mary Katrantzou
 I am absolutely in love with this tennis shoes. It just can’t get any better.
mary katrantzou
9 – Walter Van Beirendonck
   The Spring/Summer 2015 collection by Walter Van Beirendonck is so amazing. I will take anything…models included.
walter van beirendonck
10 – Valentino
     Isn’t obvious why I am in love with this Valentino clutch?
valentino clutch
Gazelle also writes for TheBlot Magazine
by Gazelle Paulo

gazeLLe paulo’s 10 gift picks for 2013


Well…enjoy my gift options for Christmas 2013… some of them I have experienced it myself…others I am standing on line for it. My partner Mark Anthony helped me make a final decision on some item choices….. Ho, Ho, Ho…

1 – The Book of Jezebel



   “The Book of Jezebel“, this is the book that was written for that new woman who lives inside of you and wants to come out and live life



2 – House of Mandela wines


The delicious wines from the Mandela family can add a lovely touch to the Christmas festivities by honoring the great life of the legend and icon Nelson Mandela. I enjoyed the Shiraz very much

3 – The Bugatti Aerolithe watch



The time will be more precious every time you look at the Bugatti Aerolithe watch from Parmigiani Fleurier. This abyss blue color model was inspired on the Bugatti cars. Just stunning !


4 – Kevin Kramp knitwear

kevin kramp

Kevin Kramp ‘s pieces are luxurious and gorgeous. Nothing else needs to be said !

5 – Custom Grill by Dr. Evan Lenhoff

grillll by Dr. Lenhoff


Yessss…the framework is made of gold and those stones are hand picked diamonds. Bling Bling….but if you change your mind, at least you can have a dental cleaning, x-rays & exams by one of the most talented and handsome dentists in Manhattan.


Dr. Evan Lenhoff
For appointments 212-787-4860


6 – ROYCE’ chocolates



Since 1983, this Japanese company is conquering space with a new approach on chocolate making. Royce is absolutely divine….the potato chips covered with fromage blanc or chocolate caramel will get you hooked …


7 – Parrot AR.Drone


  This is such a cool gadget. You can totally elevate the level of your RuPaul Drag Race submission with this drone….can you image creating a “Sound of the Music” video with this? So much fun ! Check the great video about  Parrot AR.Drone

8 – A portrait by photographer Dietmar Busse.

gazelle by dietmar busse


Gazelle Paulo
by Dietmar Busse


     If you want to give a gift of beauty to yourself that will last forever, then book a portrait session with artist Dietmar Busse….Rossy de Palma, Kenny Kenny, Michael Musto, Terence Koh, Andre J, Isabel Toledo and Lynn Yaeger are only few of the names who have been charmed by this sophisticated German talent who is based in New York City. Dietmar is just sublime.

9 – Poseidon Undersea Resorts in Fiji

Poseidon Resort


I cannot even imagine how it should feel to sleep on the bottom of the ocean. $30 000 per couple for a week will get you to the Mystery Island …. just saying !!!


10 – Donate Life

Donate Life

 Register as an organ donor, because there is no better gift than the “gift of life“.

gazeLLe’s ten gift picks for 2012

This is my 2012 Christmas gift picks, again they are things that I personally like or I would buy for myself. Some are extravagant, some simple….like me. Happy Holidays ! You can also check the list from last year(link at the end of the list).


 1 – Nike FlyKnit

This is the running shoe of tomorrow…talk about fashion technology that will save us and make us feel light at least….knit is the future

  2 – Bullet Fly Effect pieces by artist Rubem Robierb

Needless to say how so the moment this pieces are….what a gorgeous and enchanting work by Brazilian artist Rubem Robierb

  3 – King Baby shades…

It is just pure fierce statement…the yellow ones are my favorite….

  4 – Antonio Lopez book

The book for those who love, breath and understand fashion … a must !

  5 – Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque

Well, the Belle Epoque bottle is always unique and gorgeous….but this floral piece model by Japanese floral artist Makoto Azuma is pure luxury !

  6 – Poetic Wish watches by Van Cleef & Arpels

starting at $1,090,000….yes, these watches will come with a trip to Paris and Geneva…well…I have been to both cities many times….so I will be happy with either one….

  7 – Grace, A Memoir

Right next to the Antonio Lopez book…the memoir of Grace Coddington is heaven follies …I mean…how much better can this Christmas get?

  8 – 4 Paws for Abilitity

children with disabilities have a better life when paired with task-trained service dogs…this is a great charity…and if you make a donation on somebody’s name…it is a wonderful gift !

  9 – Mr. Gugu & Miss Go sweaters

 No sweaters can make a look at me statement like the incredible pieces by Mr. Gugu & Miss Go Sweaters…just saying….

  10 – Tomorrow is Another Day device…

‘ Tomorrow is Another Day ‘ is a weather station video created by french designer Mathieu Lehanneur, drawing on the inevitable death of the patients in the ward, the device projects a clear image of the weather that is to come the following day, offering them the opportunity to be in a way, ‘a day ahead of real time itself’, this amazing device was developed for use within the palliative care unit of the diaconesses / croix-saint-simon hospital…sorry, but I wouldn’t mind to have one in my home

2011 Christmas List

2010 Christmas List

Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

gazeLLe’s ten gift picks for 2011

This is my 2011 Christmas gift picks, again they are things that I personally like or I would buy for myself. Some are extravagant, some simple….like me. Happy Holidays ! You can also check the list from last year(link at the end of the list).

1 – Eleni’s cookies

It doesn’t matter what you will get at Eleni’s, it is a delicious gift, perfect for any occasion. The best cookies in New York City.

2 – Memento Mori

Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg has been handcrafting finest porcelain for 260 years, they are absolutely superb, but this skull piece with butterflies are pure perfection in my book. Yes, before you ask, it is very expensive. I know, you might think a skull might not be an appropriate Christmas gift…it is !

3 – Long Johns camouflage by Uniqlo

So cool, adding a little adventure to the winter…

4 – Cowssssss are IN

It is official, from the Cow Parade to the photo of Ashton Kutcher and his cow left behind him…cows are super IN now….

5 – Lips clutch by Lulu Guinness

I have always love her producst, but this new studded black leather clutch left my mouth opened.

6 – Adele forever…

She is indeed someone like me, like you…her voice is intense, super beautiful. Adele Live at The Royal Albert Hall is amazing.

7 – Scooter LaForge, the real artist

Scooter LaForge photographed by Walt Cessna

It doesn’t matter what you will get from him, it doesn’t matter the reason why…if it is because you love art or if you are investing in the future. Scooter LaForge is what art is about….the clown pieces are simply amazing !

8 – “Pretty Masculine” photography book

Photographer Mike Ruiz’s newest book is gorgeous, proceeds to benefit GMHC, so it is a perfect gift with a great cause behind.

9 – LELO Olga in Gold

Feeling lonely during the holidays? Don’t be, get yourself the “Olga” , the luxury dildo in 24 karat gold plate, then kiss it and tell…or whatever is that you do, when you do it or if you do it. You can find many other luxurious pleasure objects at LELO. Since 2003, this company has created amazing pieces for the ultimate intimate deluxe experience!

10 – iPad

I am not really a gadget person….but my boyfriend Mark gave me a iPad as an early Christmas gift, and I can’t put it down. It has made my life easier and more pleasurable…so I guess Oprah was right again !

check here for the 2010 list

gazeLLe’s ten gift picks for 2010




This is my 2010 Christmas gift picks, they are things that I personally like or buy for myself. Some are extravagant, some simple….like me. Happy Holidays !



1 – Couture chocolates by Mariebelle  


      They are ultra chic, Mariebelle offers you holiday gift options which are not only refined to the eyes, but delicious to the soul.




2 – Great Frog jewelry



      Talk about superb rock jewelry, go to Great Frog and you will find great things. They made all the jewelry for the Harry Potter films, need I say more?




3 –  Valentino Garavani, A Grand Italian Epic

      by Suzy Menkes, Matt Tyrnauer, Armando Chitolina


     An expensive book that will make a fashion and style lover so happy till year 4024.



4 –  Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani


     For men or women, it is a great gift for those who love citrus scents. It has been around forever, and there is a reason why…it is that great for the day, some people can work it for the night !



5 – No one should die of hunger, it is sad that we live in a world where “some” people don’t have the nutrition necessary to survive. There are so many charity foundations all over the world, for different causes…the one I support is the Food Bank of New York City. You should also support one…it will be good to your heart !


6 – A portrait by painter Math-You Namie

I do own one portrait of myself by Math-You, and it was the best money I spent on me. I deserved it and you deserve it too. His work is just that enchanting !


7 – Simple cell phones by John’s


    If you are like me who really believes that your cell phone is only supposed to get a call…then you will love John’s.



8 – Python Trenchcoat by Lost Art


    Honey, do you remember Spring 2000 when python invaded Gucci? Well, this trenchcoat by Lost Art is fierccccceee. Just fabulous beyond….(price upon request)



9 – Cardigans by Lucien Pellat-Finet


    I love them and they are not cheap,. they are the ultimate cardigan…and that’s all I can say !


  ** the site is down…


10 – Veuve Clicquot champagne


     Well, I know people that would be so happy to just get some good champagne as gifts to start planning the New Years Eve…my favorite one is with no doubt Veuve Clicquot





Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo