renaiSSance barcelona fira hotel gives you palms


ba 3

ba 5

ba 4

Looking for a hotel in Barcelona? Well, I can suggest the incredible, needless to say amazing, Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel !! This incredible building was designed by Ateliers Jean Nouvel and Ribas & Ribas. The best way to describe it is that it reminded me of a vertical garden; filled with palms and vegetation given you a feeling of surreal oasis. In my room, the striking window was shaped as palm fronds creating a sublime vision when combined from the outside light. There is quite a lot of visual information to absorb, so go slow because what you see once my be something else later… At the Palmer Restaurant, on the last floor, I had a lovely dinner that ended with this superb fromage mousse ….oh my, my, my, my!!


FreakChic by Gazelle Paulo  

h niteroi hotel is a delightful surprise

ni 2

ni 6

ni 4


Niteroi is a city located about 40 minutes from Rio de Janeiro. I was there to attend a dinner with dearest friends, and the hotel I stayed over night was absolutely wonderful. H Niteroi Hotel indeed gave me a fantastic experience from the beginning to end. The deluxe front view room 1603 was such a delight surprise…I didn’t want to leave…

ni 9


ni 8

ni 88


FreakChic by Gazelle Paulo

wEEkend at the royal catalonia bavaro in punta cana



bavaro 30


bavaro 50

This past weekend, my partner Mark and I took a flight to Dominican Republic to enjoy the warm and pretty weather at the beaches of Punta Cana. We stayed at the all inclusive Catalonia Bavaro; actually the building we stayed is called the Royal Catalonia Bavaro which caters to adults only…yes, no children allowed. The staff was sensational and the rooms very comfortable. We tried to upgrade to the super cool bungalows with their own infinity pool but they weren’t available at that weekend….oh well…we must go back !!



bavaro 70

* a delicious Dominican breakfast

** me and Mark

by Gazelle Paulo

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fasano hotel: the best new year’s eve of rio de janeiro

Fashion Consultant Raphael Mendonça and his chic friends at the Fasano Hotel

            New Year’s Eve is one of the most exciting nights ever. Throughout the years, I have been lucky enough to be able to have witnessed many great parties all over the world, from a crazy Las Vegas to a cold Paris, or to a busy South Beach to a super fun Glascow…it is just a joy. However, I have yet to be at Dubai for this special night, but I am working on it.

          This year, I was in Rio de Janeiro once again, it is just impossible to be away from that magic, beauty and tradition that this city has to offer during the first minutes of the new year, this was my fourth time in a row.

           I was the guest of a dear friend who took me to some of the most amazing parties in the marvelous city, we made five stops total, and some were so grand that I decided not to post photos of it, since people can never understand that kind of lifestyle …just saying .We started the evening at the building Chopin, which has the most coveted New Year’s Eve private parties of the whole Rio de Janeiro, we were part of the list of the 300 guests who attended the super party of  Liliana Rodriguez and Nestor Rocha. Needless to say it was amazing!!

          After changing clothes(yes, we had to), our third stop of the night was at the party of businessman  Catito Peres and his partner German Eformovich at the former home of Catito on Atlantica Avenue, which now has been demolished to give space to a modern hotel. Catito transformed the area in a beach for one night…it was hysterical and super fun.

          At 5:30m, we got to our fifth and last stop of the night(see above, me and my friend holding a Moet for fun). The party at the Hotel Fasano was going strong and with full force energy. I must say that I don’t recall ever arriving at a place that late and where the vibe was absolutely contagious. The Fasano no doubt had the best party of Rio de Janeiro for New Year’s Eve, because I can only wonder how it must have been few hours before we arrived there…the music, the guests, the view…and the staff was simply the best and super friendly, at that time of the morning, champagne and food trays were still being offered around…so you better know that if you are going to be in Rio for 2015. Watch the fireworks in Copacabana, then go to Fasano… if you can ! 

* first stop of the night at the Chopin for the Liliana Rodriguez & Nestor Rocha
** Anna Maria Tornaghi and Fernando Bicudo

super tight security already in a extremely secured building

**third stop of the night: Catito’s party was so much fun

    Freak Chic
    by Gazelle Paulo

the luxurious okyroe viLLa in mykonos


* Richard coming out…of the main house !
** Fernando taking a nap under the strong Greek sun !
***one of the front views
****back side of the Okyroe Villa

     If you can and want to experience Greek luxury in Mykonos, to stay in a private villa is what life is about when and where people don’t discuss prices. I was a guest for a week of my friends Richard Machado and Dennis Lamont, unfortunately I couldn’t stay more since I had to return to New York, they stayed there for almost twenty days !!
     The time I spent at the Okyroe Villa was so fantastic that I very rarely left it to go out in the city (about ten minutes)…all I wanted was to relax and to enjoy the stunning views and the fabulous company of the other guests.  Life was so easy… at Okyroe !

*Fernando Ferraz and Will de Sousa
**left view from the pool
*** me and my Greek dreams…

Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

luxury resort and boutique hotels in mykonos

The famous Belvedere

           So many choices, so many great choices; but of course it all depends on what is your current state of mind. Like in any other hot vacation destination, in Mykonos there is always a scene waiting to happen. Apsenti, Grego Philia, Kivotos, Mykonos Grace, La Residence Mykonos…if you wish there is a boutique hotel for every day of your staying.

            My recommendation for boutique hotels are ” Bill & Coo ” and the ” Belvedere ” of course…and if you really want to go above and beyond, you will feel in heaven at the Saint John hotel resort !

                 Many years ago when I was planning a visit to Mykonos, I knew I was going to stay at the Belvedere…but I had to cancel the trip…so only now many years later, I had the chance to know this very famous spot. Someone very well connected from Mykonos told me that Belvedere days were long gone…specially because there are so many great choices in the area. I had lunch in the pool area, and I must say, I was disappointed…just too crowded and I don’t mean with people, but you can tell it is a complete scene…and if that’s what you want, for sure Belvedere is your place, and you will have the best time. It is the Belvedere after all…and they have Matsuhisa Nobu Mykonos restaurant.
             I believe the best value for your money is the “Bill & Coo” where the suites are superb, the service is phenomenal. We stayed there briefly on our way to a private villa…and honestly it felt like a private small villa already…the set up is spacious, and I felt that the quests in the pool area felt completely relaxed, maybe because the view of Megali Ammos beach bay is just stunning.


*as guests of Richard Machado and Dennis Lamont we enjoyed “Bill & Coo” suites before going to a private villa…so as you can see I felt very at home in the private pool.

Now, if you want to experience a Greek luxury resort hotel, you must stay at the Saint John(below)…you might even forget you are in Mykonos…it is expensive, but it is worth it !

** behind these misterious walls…Saint John is a dream !

Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

staying at the royal olympic hotel in athens

* Part of the lobby
** My friend Fernando Ferraz crashed as soon as we got into the room

             When I planned my trip to Mykonos…I decided to stay two days in Athens, so I that could experience the city history a little. I had two options to where I was going to stay: Hotel Grande Bretagne Athens or the Royal Olympic Athens, both hotels were very highly recommended by friends who know me well enough. Although the Grande Bretagne was much more closer to my taste, I decided to pick the Royal Olympic; I was very intrigued by the strong blue and gold palettes of its rooms.
             Honestly, from a point of view of a real luxury hotel, the Royal Olympic doesn’t really deliver the fantasy or the solid grandeur. The room (Athenian Panorama) we stayed was extremely spacious and comfortable, and for my surprise it was very clean, something about the photos on the hotel site gave me the impression that it smelled old, specially the carpet, but I was wrong about that, everything was new and super clean. The location couldn’t be better, from our room we could admire the Temple of Zeus and if you get closer to the window and look left you can also see the Acropolis. I must say that the marble bathroom was divine.
            Breakfast was served on the rooftop restaurant where you could really admire both historic sites… the view is just breathtaking in the morning and in the night as well, if you decide to dine in it. Breakfast was just pure buffet style, quite rushed and nothing fancy…someone completely overlooked details…sorry but in a luxury hotel, one should not unwrap butter…and please let me not go into the fresh flowers category.
            The swimming pool area was charming and small, but it lacked personality and action. You must think that after a day of sightseeing around Athens, that people would be drawn to that pool area for a lovely drink and just have Greek dreams…but it did lack flair…overall it was a lovely experience at this hotel, and yes I would stay there again, but next time I will try the Hotel Grande Bretagne Athens.

* Fernando had to take this photo of me in this lovely bathtub…of course !
** Fernando and I on the rooftop after breakfast…great view of the Acropolis behind !

Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

la maison is your chic house in rio de janeiro

La Maison in Rio de Janeiro

    If you are planning a trip to the marvelous Rio de Janeiro city, and you don’t know where to stay yet, consider the ” La Maison “, a very chic quest house hotel right next to the Rocinha Favela, in the Gávea neighborhood. So exciting!! I haven’t stayed there, but friends of mine did and they loved the experience. This boutique hotel has five unique twin rooms with different themes: India, China, Brazil, Recamier(all continents) and Tiffany(New York), each room has a private bathroom. I visited the hotel site and I liked what I saw. La Maison is managed by Jacques who is also the owner. You can check the link below and to read the reviews written by people who have stayed there.

all 3 images by Welcome Beyond


by Gazelle Paulo

les tipaniers in mOOrea is so dreamy

     We stayed two days in Moorea at the Les Tipaniers , it is a simple hotel with adorable bungalows at the beach with amazing views. It is so peaceful, the sunrise is equally stunning as the sunset, with two restaurants, one for lunch and breakfast right at the water…and for dinner, an Italian restaurant with French and Polynesian specialities, very cozy! The hotel staff is so friendly, I wanted to stay forever!

Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo