gazeLLe the love iSSue is now available on vimeo


Yes, my darlings. After almost 5 years of great work and self discovery during this project and of course since November 2014, when it had the world release in Sao Paulo; the documentary Gazelle The Love Issue by director/producer Cesar Terranova is now available for rent and purchase. So it can be yours forever….
I am so happy to have being invited by Cesar for this project…and soon I will upload a post about what I had to endure through and what I learned about me and others during that journey.

Gazelle The Love Issue is available here on VIMEO

Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo 

gazeLLe the love iSSue opens the first iFFnoho

ifinal 1

ifinal 2

  • moi with Ross Shaw
  • darling friend photographer Jo Lance, moi and director Cesar Terranova

The opening night of the first IFFNOHO (International Film Festival of North Hollywood) in Los Angeles was just a lot of fun. I felt extremely happy that the movie Gazelle The Love Issue by Cesar Terranova was selected to be the opening film of the festival. It has been just a great run for this movie, and it was just so exciting to be able to attend the screening.


ifinal 3


ifinal 4

moi by Cesar Terranova / NOHO in Los Angeles

Paul Smith suit & Gucci shoes, both painted by artist Scooter LaForge. Flower headpiece by Christian Svoboda

Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

and the oscar goes to #bemglô

bem glo 1

bem glo 2

What to make of a situation that it goes out of control on social media? You cleverly capitalize on it. Brazilian star actress Gloria Pires was invited to appear, as a guest, on the TV Globo live transmission of the Oscar ceremony. Gloria, who is not commentator or movie critic, accepted the task and took it as if it was an informal night in the living room of your home, surrounded by friends. Gloria contributions to the show were limited to two or three words when asked about certain movies during the life transmission. The internet went crazy with GIFs about Pires performance night. The super respected actress didn’t even think twice about it, and it took the opportunity to launch a series of t-shirts with her quotes from the event which will definitely never be forgotten. The shirts are available at her brand site Bemglô . Absolutely brilliant, after all #SomosTodosGloria – We are all Gloria.

bem glo 3

Gloria Pires and Maria Beltrao at the TV Globo live Oscar transmission ceremony.


Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

gazeLLe the love iSSue opens recifest





  • The amazing Cinema São Luiz main screen 
  • me at the lobby of the Cinema São Luiz waiting for the performance to start (body/face art by Scooter LaForge)
  • Scooter LaForge and moi (photo by Rayanne Morais)
  • moi (photo by Rayanne Morais)

Gazelle The Love Issue movie by director Cesar Terranova opened the third edition of the Recifest film festival in Recife, a city located on the northeast of Brazil; It was exactly one year after this movie’s world premiere at the Festival MixBrasil gay film festival in Sao Paulo, when it won the best national feature movie award.

This was indeed an amazing experience, and we – Cesar Terranova, Scooter LaForge and I – were so welcomed by the wonderful LGBT community of Recife.

The opening night had a performance that started with the screening of the short movie Castle LaForge which opened for me to reach the center stage, walking slowly, and spraying Angel all over, from the back of the theater seating map, then Scooter LaForge painted my back to the sound of The Flower Duet(Lakmé). You can see the end of this presentation HERE. Once the performance was over, the movie was played on the majestic screen of the Sao Luiz theater, a very iconic building that is preserve by the federal government.

At the end of the screening, we had a chance to meet so many people who came to support the festival. What a great night. The whole production staff of Recifest indeed deserves an applause; they are extremely professional.


  • after the screening of “Gazelle The Love Issue”, Scooter and I had a chance to meet so many wonderful people who came to the opening of Recifest 2015

FreakChic by Gazelle Paulo

gazeLLe the love iSSue at big aPPle film festival: baFF


photo by Joshua Gordon

The second NY screening of Gazelle The Love Issue movie by director Cesar Terranova took place at the 12th Annual Big Apple Film Festival at Village East Cinemas. This time around, it was a more casual and smaller crowd than the first NY premiere during the NewFest gay film festival. It was wonderful to again be surrounded by lovely friends and colleagues who are part of the project, but they couldn’t attend the first screening few weeks ago. At the end, we did a lovely group photo for the BAFF photo gallery. From Flawless Sabrina and Scooter LaForge to Lauren Foster and Christina Via…it was indeed a special night.




  • Moi and director Cesar Terranova (by Joshua Gordon)
  • selfie with Flawless Sabrina and Fares Rizk

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

“when my sorrow died: the legend of armen ra and the theremin” premieres in nyc


If I am not mistaken, Cynthia Powell told me once that the first time Armen Ra got dressed up happened in her New York home. Well, little did she know then that his life journey would become a beautiful and enchanting documentary. The movie “When My Sorrow Died: The Legend of Armen Ra and the Theremin” is premiering in New York City tonight at Cinema Village, running from 13th to 19th. For sure it will be a happening, since Armen Ra, who now lives in California, has a large catalog of the most fabulous friends…from Amanda Lepore to Patricia Field, who both also appear in his movie.
I never had a chance to know him personally, although many years ago I photographed him and a friend at the entrance of Crobar, where I used to work, however, we do have many friends in common, which means he is already fascinating. I came to learn more about Armen Ra and his life when I received his movie DVD at home. It is a lovely history about a survivor, but in this case a super glamorous and talented one, and quite frankly a very captivating human being who creates beautiful music. Yes, he taught himself to play his theremin…and her name is Octavia…amazing !!!
For more info visit the movie website !!

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

gazeLLe the love iSSue premiere at newfest on october 22nd


The movie Gazelle The Love Issue, featuring moi here, by director Cesar Terranova will premiere at the opening night of NEWFEST on October 22nd at 10:30pm in New York City, at the Bow Tie Chelsea Cinemas on  260 West 23rd.

All the info about the movie and tickets are HERE

NEWFEST FACEBOOK event page  for Gazelle The Love Issue

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

gazeLLe the love issue opens the rio festival gay de cinema






* My mother Marlene Araujo, moi and Cesar Terranova

It was an amazing experience to be in Rio de Janeiro for the opening of the Rio Gay Festival de Cinema – at Cine Odeon – that featured Gazelle The Love Issue as the opening night film. I was in the company of director Cesar Terranova, my mother Marlene Araujo, and my friends Fernando Ferraz and Scooter LaForge and lots of other dearest friends.
I wore a dress, shoes and headpiece designed by artist Hostyano Machado, from my home state Piaui,
Cesar’s movie has been going all over the world in festivals circuit, but this time in Rio was very special because I lived there many years before moving to New York, and of course my mother was present. Artist Scooter LaForge was asked to design the official shirt for the 2015 edition of this festival:




* Cesar, moi, Fernando Ferraz and Scooter LaForge

by Gazelle Paulo

Gazelle also writes for TheBlot Magazine

“gazeLLe, the love iSSue” movie wins the “golden raBBit” award

cesar won now

Absolutely amazing; Cesar Terranova’s film “Gazelle, The Love Issue” won the “Golden Rabbit” at the Festival Mix Brasil for the Best Feature Film, competing with nine other movies in this category. Cesar spent three years following me all over the world and spent one year editing it. This is his first festival, and I am extremely happy that his movie won such an amazing award at the biggest gay festival of Latin America.


cesar won

Cesar Terranova and his “Golden Rabbit” for “Gazelle, The Love Issue”.


Gazelle also writes for TheBlot Magazine
Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

22nd festival mix brasil


Me and Colby Keller, who is a special guest at the 22nd Festival Mix Brasil

The opening party for the 22nd Festival Mix Brasil took place this Thursday in Sao Paulo; it was so much fun being surrounded by a lot of interesting people who are also part of this festival – the biggest in Latin America. I attended the event in the company of my partner Mark Anthony – who flew from NY with me – and the director Cesar Terranova, who together with producer Gerard Joly is behind the documentary “Gazelle,The Love Issue“.



with my partner Mark Anthony


Gazelle also writes for TheBlot Magazine
by Gazelle Paulo