dior poison girl flowers by scOOter laforge

the stunning Sonya Esman

artist Scooter LaForge with his friend/muse, the photographer Johnny Rozsa

After great collaborations with companies like Neutrogena, Patricia Field , CA-RIO-CA WEAR, V-FilesAdidas and Walter Van Beirendonck, it wasn’t such a big surprise to me when New York based artist Scooter LaForge  was invited to work with a world recognized brand name such as DIOR.
Scooter was hired to PAINT neon poison flowers on over 20 mirrors at the international launch of DIOR Poison Girl in New York City at the Poison Club, the party was hosted by Camille Rowe and it was definitely an event filled with glamorous chaos; from Bela Hadid to Keke Palmer, gorgeous ladies were all over the space drinking Veuve and posing at all the photos booths spread all over. Even I did the Dior way!

Anwar Hadid with his sister Bella Hadid

me with darling friend Scooter.

Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

rosane amaral amazing pOOl party in rio de janeiro

After my insane réveillon marathon of five parties, I wasn’t sure if I had enough energy to go to The Original Brazilian Pool Party produced by the visionary producer Rosane Amaral. Let me tell you something, I would have missed an amazing time, actually it was more like a show, with great music, beautiful people and fabulous performers. Check this awesome video !!
Indeed, it was a must place to be on the first day of the year, and the next pool event is already set for the upcoming Carnival. So, if you are going to be in Rio, this is definitely a party you wont’ want to miss it!

Yes, I was there with my friend/boss Gil Even, founder of CA-RIO-CA WEAR; we were giving away some sungas at this Rosane‘s event, who is looking very happy at this photo. In the back, our CA-RIO-CA WEAR model Rodolfo Marins looking beautiful!


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and haPPy 2017 from the marvelous city of rio de janeiro

9pm: it was the first stop of the night, very casual and fun!

midnight; a very grand and small gathering to welcome 2017. Simply lovely

third stop of the night: at the Narciza’s apartment….no need to add more!! Fun and lots of hair movement

the triplex penthouse above Narciza’s place was surreal !!

Well, here I was again at the marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro, the town that has the best New Years Eve of the whole world! I was hoping that this year I was going to be a little calmer, since my 2016 New Years Eve was really busy, but after the Festa dos Herois Safados, you get in a mood so vibrant…it is almost impossible to resist the energy. So here we went again into the night full of parties and celebrations…
Please don’t take me wrong, I have spent many years celebrating the “reveillon”  in the sands of Copacabana and it was simply amazing…but the time now is different and I like to know and always experience new things…
From a very casual chic gathering to a grand and small reception where I welcomed the first minutes of 2017, and from the super selected and busy party at the Narciza Tamborindeguy ‘s place at the Chopin building we ended up at the triplex penthouse right above Nariciza’s apartment….really insane. The end of the night or shall I better say the beginning of the new year was with the sunrise at the Fasano, and yes I did my little dance in the pool ! Happy 2017 !!

arriving at Fasano at 5am to wait for the sunrise…it was a lovely night indeed !


Ramiro, Martin, my bff Fernando, Adam, my darling friend Anna Maria and moi at Atlantica Avenue in Copacabana

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festa dos herois safados

One hour before the “Festa dos Herois Safados” started, people were still asking me if I had access to Kevin Ridgely; everybody wanted to attend his famous party and that’s a clear indication that this was definitely the place to be if you wanted to correctly initiate your end of the year festivities in the marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro.
Kevin Ridgely is extremely accessible, specially if you are a regular of the posto 9, in Ipanema Beach. I already knew who he was, even before meting him, because some people call him “the mayor of Ipanema”; a lovely description of the American gentleman who spends part of the year in Rio; he speaks perfect Portuguese, he is kind, extremely observant and quite frankly, my opinion is that Kevin is beyond street smart for Rio standards, he  has learned all the tricks, the slangs and the Brazilian way ….but most of all, he loves Brazil and his parties are truly an indication of his joyful spirit.
“Safados”, which is a Brazilian word for naughty, is the main theme which every year has a description of its own…from  *Principes Safados to *Britanicos Safados, Kevin has, in a very organized way, combined fantasy and sense of humor which results is a really great time, with beautiful people, fun food and drinks, hot massages, amazing music, superb view and great souvenirs to remember a super cool night in a very safe area.
I woke up next day with my super hero safado….what a night !! I can’t wait for next year already…Safado is already a brand !!

Me and the fabulous host Kevin Ridgely; and of course me next morning with my super heroi safado 😀 !!

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rubem robierb 40th birthday party




The 40th birthday party of Brazilian artist Rubem Robierb, that took place in South Beach, was much more than simply get together to celebrate a dear friend. The event, full in details, started when guests received, at home, a large pop piece of art as the invitation, created and signed by Rubem. The beautiful party, discreetly orchestrated by an event planer, had a crescendo vibe where it started with a cocktail greeting, overlooking the bay that transitioned to a ” white pool party like” where samba and capoeira dancers took turns entertaining the attendees.
At the birthday cake hour, Sam Champion, who is Rubem’s partner, gave a short speech followed by Rubem who truly spoke from his heart when referring what his guests meant to him: ” if you are here, it is because at some point in my life our paths crossed and you mean something to me and I wanted to share this special moment with you….”
I flew in from New York just for his birthday and it truly felt special to be there, and I can honestly say that I’m sure that everyone else who was there felt the same also.






birthday boy Rubem Robierb and moi

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eryc taylor dance 10 year aNNiversary







Last night, I attended the 10th year anniversary gala event of the Eryc Taylor Dance company. The beautiful, small and very chic party took place at the grand duplex penthouse of artists Mark Beard & Jim Manfred. In a space filled with fascinating and talented people, who also do great charity work, guests were exposed to delicious food, exquisite art, a silent auction, an amazing performance by the dance company performers, dressed in Scooter LaForge costumes, and lovely terrace gardens. Please visit the Eryc Taylor Dance company site for more info about their amazing program events and to become a member!




me with artists Eryc Taylor and Scooter LaForge

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mac cosmetics “pro to pro” in nyc

mac 2

mac 3

mac 1

The “Pro To Pro” Mac Cosmetics event, beautifully put together by Mao PR, was indeed quite a happening in New York City. An exquisite life art installation was the center piece of this party, where models were “only” covered in paint. Guests, and I must say amazing guests, rotated around the piece in a very relaxed, cool and fun ambience.

mac 5

moi with my darling friends Scooter LaForge & Patrick McDonald

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scala gay baLL 2016 in rio de janeiro


scala 2

scala 7

scala 1

scala 4

Gazelle Butterfly Queen

dress & shoes by Scooter LaForge , headpiece by Brazilian designer Vinicius Ribeiro / Dumpster Chic, jewelry by Pericles Kondylatos and clutch by Patricia Field  ////

Gazelle with Rose Divina, journalist/promoter and PR Anna Maria Tornaghi and with the Scala Gay Ball producer Milton Cunha

ALL PHOTOS ©Frederico Mendes

If I wanted, I simply couldn’t describe how crazy it was to be in Rio for the last day of Carnival. After spending almost four hours at the Banda de Ipanema (see post before), I quickly changed into a more glamorous look to attend the even more glamorous event: the Scala Gay Ball.
It was a great honor to be able to recoup my energies in the private area (camarote) of Scala where drinks and all types of delicious food were being served from the moment we arrived until when we left. I said “we” because I was in the company of iconic and uber talented Brazilian photographer Frederico Mendes, who is now a doing a book about the Carnival…oh yesssssssss…his most recent book “Arpoador” is so beautifully stunning, and its book launch party (2014) shook up the Rio de Janeiro society, it was quite scandalous. I just  can’t wait for the upcoming release of his new work that will be published by Barléu, later this year, with his artistic vision of Carnival. You can follow Frederico’s Instagram HERE.
The Scala Gay Ball was fantastic, the legendary Rogeria was crowned the 2016 Queen and the main room of Scala was about samba, decadence and happiness where people danced until sunrise.


scala 5 ©DanielMarques

moi with journalist Luiz Carlos Lourenço in the spacious private area, in a great photo by Daniel Marques. You can click HERE to check everybody who was there and in the main room area also.


scala 6

Yes, that’s me and the fabulous Kaka di Polly (photo Eduardo Moraes/Maurício Code)



scala 8

a quick blurry iphone selfie in the private area of Scala with darling friends photographer Frederico Mendes & Anna Maria Tornaghi.

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

rio de janeiro: the best new years eve






  • starting the night at 10PM in the Tancredo Neves building at a lovely, calm and chic party.

I strong believe that how you spend the first hours of the first day of the year it will maybe influence the energy for the whole year…of course not, but it is always good to start the year with a bang, and the only place that I know that is an all night long party on New Years Eve is definitely the marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro.

From an old school high society party in a magnificent apartment in the Tancredo Neves building in Atlantic Avenue to a Gavea neighborhood mansion owned by a famous and glamorous gay couple in Rio de Janeiro; and ending up the night and starting the day and year at the very posh and cool Fasano Hotel in Ipanema where at the moment you come out of the elevator, a waiter will greet you with real champagne; I had the best time ever…


Second stop of the night at 2:30AM in the home of Andre and Bruno Chateaubriand:

rio 10

rio 7

rio 6

rio 8



and ending up the night at 6AM in the Fasano; and yes, I even deserved a quick clothing change…Happy 2016 everyone !! 😀


rio 16

rio 12

rio 11

rio 14

rio 15

rio 13

rio 17

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by Gazelle Paulo

begin the beguine charitable gala

jorge 1


  • Darling friend Patrick McDonald who was also one of the hosts of “Begin The Beguine” with moi and my headpiece
  • DJs Susan Morabito and Robbie Leslie

I had the best time hosting the event “Begin The Beguine” at the Hudson Terrace. A fantastic charitable party that included a performance by artist Kitty Meow, who flew in from Miami, and music disco beats by Fernando D. Carnevali, Alex Garcia and Leslie Robbie(Studio 54). The event organized by Life Dance Events benefited The American Run For The End Of AIDS (AREA) and The Danny Garvin Fund for LGBT Causes; it was filled with the best energy from a serious dancing crowd who arrived ready to party in Gatsby glamorous theme ensembles.




  • Rollerena and Angelo
  • Paul Gulya and Tony Lopez
  • Chris Rivera & Daniel Welden with Jorge Escudero(center), the master mind behind “Begin the Beguine”


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