elections 2016: victory lost … and the future ahead!!

party-mix in my house: the unopened party mix treats by Fishs Eddy – photo by me

It is over…the dream and aspirations of the 2016 elections is now behind us, at least according to the process. Donald Trump won fair and square, the people spoke, or better saying “the people who came out to vote spoke” and although the country is divided at this moment since emotions and fear are flying high, there is really nothing “effective” to do except to wait and expect that Mr. Trump “the President” would be different than Mr. Trump “the candidate”. I rather wait to see what he is going to do instead of reacting before….but that’s ME! More anger doesn’t solve anything, even though the rhetoric of this campaign was so vile…otherwise we are behaving just like “they” said they would if Trump lost. I am not being naive, I am just patient and practical….
As my candidate Hillary Clinton said on her concession speech, ” we must accept this result and look into the future, Donald Trump is going to be our President, we owe him an open mind and a chance to lead…”.  I love politics, I love democracy…and although this was an exhausting campaign, and I followed it since day one, I am so glad we can move on now … somehow, I guess … and I hope.

God Bless the United States of America.

Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

lady buNNy in trans-jester

bunny 1

bunnyy 5

Believe me, this is the show you don’t want to miss in New York City. If there is a “queen” who can bring down any house, literally, is Lady Bunny: be ready for an unapologetic and beyond entertaining  “one woman” show, at The StoneWall Inn that will leave you speechless and wanting for more until the very end.  ‘Trans-Jester” is smartly written and perfectly delivered in a strong tone that takes pop culture to an even dirtier and funnier level…


bunny 4

me and Bunny

Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

daBBing is here … and it is a way of fashion


“Dabercrombie” by Stay Sick Clothing


You know when the trend is going to or is about to go “crazier”, when you turn on the TV early in the morning and you see Greg Kelly and Rosanna Scotto, hosts of FOX’s “Good Day New York”, dabbing with Migos, the creators of the Dab, to the beat of Look at My Dab.

Do I need to say that on the GOP Republican Debate last night, there was a girl “dabbing” behind Megyn Kelly who was causing an even bigger distraction than Donald Trump’s big hands….oh dear !!

The move or dance move is very simple, you simply bend your arm and jerk your head down to your elbow and back up again, just like you were containing a sneeze from becoming airborne! I know, it is hysterical….can we please have the “Macarena” back?

Anyway, surfing online I came across the super insane “Dabercrombie” shirt (above) by Stay Sick Clothing, and I think it just super cool and hilarious….and as the song says: Dab is a way of fashion…..

dab 3

the girl dabbing at the GOP debate last night

dab 2

Greg Kelly and Rosanna Scotto dabbing with Migos this morning.


Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

and the oscar goes to #bemglô

bem glo 1

bem glo 2

What to make of a situation that it goes out of control on social media? You cleverly capitalize on it. Brazilian star actress Gloria Pires was invited to appear, as a guest, on the TV Globo live transmission of the Oscar ceremony. Gloria, who is not commentator or movie critic, accepted the task and took it as if it was an informal night in the living room of your home, surrounded by friends. Gloria contributions to the show were limited to two or three words when asked about certain movies during the life transmission. The internet went crazy with GIFs about Pires performance night. The super respected actress didn’t even think twice about it, and it took the opportunity to launch a series of t-shirts with her quotes from the event which will definitely never be forgotten. The shirts are available at her brand site Bemglô . Absolutely brilliant, after all #SomosTodosGloria – We are all Gloria.

bem glo 3

Gloria Pires and Maria Beltrao at the TV Globo live Oscar transmission ceremony.


Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

scala gay baLL 2016 in rio de janeiro


scala 2

scala 7

scala 1

scala 4

Gazelle Butterfly Queen

dress & shoes by Scooter LaForge , headpiece by Brazilian designer Vinicius Ribeiro / Dumpster Chic, jewelry by Pericles Kondylatos and clutch by Patricia Field  ////

Gazelle with Rose Divina, journalist/promoter and PR Anna Maria Tornaghi and with the Scala Gay Ball producer Milton Cunha

ALL PHOTOS ©Frederico Mendes

If I wanted, I simply couldn’t describe how crazy it was to be in Rio for the last day of Carnival. After spending almost four hours at the Banda de Ipanema (see post before), I quickly changed into a more glamorous look to attend the even more glamorous event: the Scala Gay Ball.
It was a great honor to be able to recoup my energies in the private area (camarote) of Scala where drinks and all types of delicious food were being served from the moment we arrived until when we left. I said “we” because I was in the company of iconic and uber talented Brazilian photographer Frederico Mendes, who is now a doing a book about the Carnival…oh yesssssssss…his most recent book “Arpoador” is so beautifully stunning, and its book launch party (2014) shook up the Rio de Janeiro society, it was quite scandalous. I just  can’t wait for the upcoming release of his new work that will be published by Barléu, later this year, with his artistic vision of Carnival. You can follow Frederico’s Instagram HERE.
The Scala Gay Ball was fantastic, the legendary Rogeria was crowned the 2016 Queen and the main room of Scala was about samba, decadence and happiness where people danced until sunrise.


scala 5 ©DanielMarques

moi with journalist Luiz Carlos Lourenço in the spacious private area, in a great photo by Daniel Marques. You can click HERE to check everybody who was there and in the main room area also.


scala 6

Yes, that’s me and the fabulous Kaka di Polly (photo Eduardo Moraes/Maurício Code)



scala 8

a quick blurry iphone selfie in the private area of Scala with darling friends photographer Frederico Mendes & Anna Maria Tornaghi.

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

domonique echeveRRia event at stage 48



  • Domonique shirt by Sparkle Princess
  • Susanne Bartsch and moi
  • with the dearest Jonte’

The whole New York City nightlife community joined forces to support Domonique Echeverria in a charity event put together by Susanne Bartsch at Stage 48. Domonique is recuperating from a tragic accident that almost took her life. Stage 48 was filled with familiar faces. It is so good to come accroos people you haven’t seeing such a long time specially for a good cause. I went back home with a lovely Domonique shirt by Sparkle Princess .

domo 7

main floor at Stage 48

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

“lorna washington: sobrevivendo a supostas perdas” movie release



It was indeed a great celebration inside the super packed TV Bar club in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, for the release of the short movie Lorna Washington: Sobrevivendo a Supostas Perdas. Lorna Washington is an iconic and legendary gay activist / female impersonator who is a very well known personality in the marvelous city of Rio. On a personal level, Lorna is a friend and my drag mother; she has given me the name “Gazelle”, and she has been a very intense force of inspiration for me.
The movie, by “carioca” directors Leonardo Menezes and Rian Córdova, will soon start the circuit of festivals in Brazil and abroad, and it beautifully shows the work and real life of this extraordinary artist.


  • scene of the movie with Lorna being interviewed by Rogeria
  • director Rian Córdova thanking everybody who came to his movie release



Lorna Washington and moi

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

“when my sorrow died: the legend of armen ra and the theremin” premieres in nyc


If I am not mistaken, Cynthia Powell told me once that the first time Armen Ra got dressed up happened in her New York home. Well, little did she know then that his life journey would become a beautiful and enchanting documentary. The movie “When My Sorrow Died: The Legend of Armen Ra and the Theremin” is premiering in New York City tonight at Cinema Village, running from 13th to 19th. For sure it will be a happening, since Armen Ra, who now lives in California, has a large catalog of the most fabulous friends…from Amanda Lepore to Patricia Field, who both also appear in his movie.
I never had a chance to know him personally, although many years ago I photographed him and a friend at the entrance of Crobar, where I used to work, however, we do have many friends in common, which means he is already fascinating. I came to learn more about Armen Ra and his life when I received his movie DVD at home. It is a lovely history about a survivor, but in this case a super glamorous and talented one, and quite frankly a very captivating human being who creates beautiful music. Yes, he taught himself to play his theremin…and her name is Octavia…amazing !!!
For more info visit the movie website !!

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo