eryc taylor dance 10 year aNNiversary







Last night, I attended the 10th year anniversary gala event of the Eryc Taylor Dance company. The beautiful, small and very chic party took place at the grand duplex penthouse of artists Mark Beard & Jim Manfred. In a space filled with fascinating and talented people, who also do great charity work, guests were exposed to delicious food, exquisite art, a silent auction, an amazing performance by the dance company performers, dressed in Scooter LaForge costumes, and lovely terrace gardens. Please visit the Eryc Taylor Dance company site for more info about their amazing program events and to become a member!




me with artists Eryc Taylor and Scooter LaForge

FreakChic by Gazelle Paulo

the preview of “the exhibit” by eryc taylor at howl! haPPening





*artist Scooter LaForge, Jesus Oliveira, Eryc Taylor, Timothy Patterson and Samuel Asher Kunzman

The show How to Create a Monsterpiece by artist Scooter LaForge, that was presented at Howl! Happening, had many events on location to keep the energy flowing with the art pieces created by Scooter. One of them took place few days before the show closed, when choreographer Eryc Taylor, a friend and collaborator of LaForge, brought three dancers to the gallery for a preview performance of his upcoming show “The Exhibit”, five contemporary dance works choreographed by Eryc Taylor in collaboration with company members. For this performance, Scooter, who was assisted by Jorge Clar, painted the dancers Timothy Patterson, Jesus Olivera and Samuel Asher Kunzman with neon colors that became extremely alive when the lights were off and they started to dance!
The Exhibit will consist of six performances starting on October 15th and running until the 18th. One of Eryc’s dance piece numbers explores the searing sense of loss when a loved one passes. Very promising indeed!!




Eryc Taylor and moi

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

madoNNa falls reaLLy hard during performance

madona cape now

BRIT Awards 2015 - Show

David M. Benett/Getty Images

Madonna felt heavily while performing on the Brit Awards (back after in 20 years) when the lengthy cape she was wearing was tugged by one of the backup dancers. It appeared that the cape was supposed to be easily removed but pulled Madonna along with it instead. Madonna finished the performance even after having missed some lyrics…well I always say it doesn’t matter how hard you fell…get up and finish what you started….love you Madonna! 😀

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

Gazelle also writes for TheBlot Magazine

sobresaltos images by tati hauer

*Guilherme Keller, Scooter LaForge, Gus Beaumont, Gazelle Paulo(moi) and Alexandre Mury
** Alexandre Mury, moi and Gus Beaumont


   The official images of  project ” SobreSaltos ” captured by photographer Tati Hauer can be seen at her Flickr profile : 




* Gus Beaumont, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Stélio Constantino Barbosa, Alexandre Mury, Scooter LaForge and moi
** Alexandre Mury, Scooter LaForge, Regina Casé, Guilherme Keller, Stélio Constantino Barbosa, Gus Beaumont and moi 


  Freak Chic

  by Gazelle Paulo


our high heels: image du jour in france

  All I know is that these shoes were the image du jour in France on June 24th 


    shoes: Scooter LaForge (left black) , Alexandre Mury (right red) and Gazelle Paulo (front silve)


   for  project SobreSaltos :





   Freak Chic

   by Gazelle Paulo



sobresaltos art project


* Scooter LaForge, Alexandre Mury, Guilherme Keller and Stélio Constantino Barbosa
** Moi with Stélio Constantino Barbosa , a local maid, Alexandre Mury and Gus Beaumont (by Scooter LaForge)
*** Moi with Scooter LaForge and Alexandre Mury
**** Scooter LaForge and moi ( by Tati Hauer )
***** Scooter LaForge, Alexandre Mury(back) , a street vendor drinking wine, Gus Beaumont (back), Stélio Constantino Barbosa and moi

Tati Hauer:

        As I mentioned on the post ( Pumps and the Pope) , we ( Scooter and I ) received an invitation from our friend Brazilian artist Alexandre Mury to join in the project ” Sobre Saltos “(on heels), a project initiated in December 2012 in Mato Grosso do Sul state, it was conceived by artists Stélio Constantino Barbosa e Nizael Flores de Almeida. So we both had so much fun spending that Wednesday morning in the company of Alexandry Mury, Gus Beaumont, Guilherme Keller, Stélio Constantino Barbosa and photographer Tati Hauer who documented the project; of course when the photos will be available I will show them to you !

          Walking on high heels on the streets of Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro. was very exciting, specially when people really interacted with us, which indeed was one of the intentions of Stélio. At some point we met and posed for Brazilian TV star Regina Case, she stopped and talked with us for a while…so much fun.

           You can read more about the great idea behind ” Sobre Saltos ” and the confusion that it caused; images went all over the world:  


Scooter LaForge, Guilherme Keller, Alexandre Mury, Regina Casé, Stélio Constantino Barbosa, Gus Beaumont and moi 

Copacabana / Rio de Janeiro 


 Freak Chic

 by Gazelle Paulo


dita von tEEse riding the pink fantasy buLL

iphone photo by Mao Padilha

             Over the weekend, I was invited to go watch the last show day of Dita Von Teese at the Gramercy Theater. I had seen Dita perform her very famous martini glass number once at the Happy Valley party many years ago in New York CIty (see photo below) of course I was very excited to see her again; she gave us three performances.
             The night was even better because we got to watch also Dirty Martini, Perle Noire and Catherine D’Lish…I mean how much ‘Burlesque’ fabulousity can one take? Murray Hill as the MC couldn’t be funnier, he was the perfect spice between numbers.

             All I can say, is that when Dita got on that pink mechanical bull, and started riding it in slow motion and thousands of oversized glitter started to fall for at least 3 minutes non stop, it was so amazing…I was transported to a magical fantasy, it was indeed  beautiful and people simply couldn’t stop clapping and screaming !! ” For 5 minutes I forgot about everything else!!! ” , said Mao Padilha, who was my host for the night !

at Happy Valley

Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

the golden and red ring by spencer tunick

*images by Bayerisch Staatsoper

              Spencer Tunick is one of my favorite artists; the grandeur of his images are absolutely breathtaking…he mixes art with public space like no one else.

              Exactly a week ago in Munich, almost 1,700 people took off their clothes to be a part of his latest project. The event was a tribute to Richard Wagner’s ” RIng ” cycle of operas which are being performed by the Bavarian State Opera.

              The volunteers painted in red and gold were photographed in Max-Joseph platz forming several configurations according to Tunick’s vision of the scenes from the ” Ring “. I wish I was there…

*images by Bayerisch Staatsoper

Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

low life 6 @ howl

* Chi Chi Valenti
** Brandon Olson and ensemble, right before his ” Jack Smith ” performance

      If you don’t know what the ” Jackie Factory ” means in New York City…well, child you have lots to learn about the night life history of this town. Leave it to Chi Chi Valenti & Johnny Dynell to take us back in time, and give us a superb afternoon spectacle with their 6th Annual ” Low Life ” as part of East Village’s annual ” Howl ! Festival “, the event was named after the landmark poem by Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997).

       This year, the two hours show paid homage to Tompkins Square Park yippies, Andy Warhol, The Fugs, and also the legendary Jack Smith who was channeled by a super performance by artist Brandon Olson and ensemble. Paul Alexander was again the perfect MC, always a nostalgic touch from the “Jackie 60” Tuesday nights in the Meatpacking district !

       Thank God for Chi Chi and Johnny….just saying !!

* Lynn Yaeger and Brandon Olson (backstage)
** MC Paul Alexander
*** Low Life 6 dancers

Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

gazeLLe interviews scOOter laforge for major pop

Scooter LaForge and Gazelle Paulo

at Scooter’s studio

New York City

      The second interview collaboration that I did for the site ” Major POP ” is online. This time around I sat with New York based artist Scooter LaForge, who is also a dear friend. Scooter was nice enough to let us in his studio, and we chatted about all things in general. The interview was set up as a performance piece, since Scooter was painting me as we talked. It was fun and unscripted, and after a while, we all let loose…and it was pure magic !

** Major POP is a fashion/art/pop site created and produced by fashion editor Aline Pimentel

Amanda’s interview for Major POP

Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo