why i march in the new york pride parade !

by photographer Chae Kihn
New York Pride Parade 2010

         In the beginning of the 90’s when I moved to New York City, I never really cared much about the NY Pride Parade…I understood its reasons and the Stonewall movement but for me personally, it wasn’t something I really wanted to be involved with. I had a few dear friends who used to dress up and they were so really excited to march in it…they would always asked me to join them and I would always refused, and sometimes I would make a joke about it…many years later, another friend who was visiting finally convinced me to join his group who had to do with legal gay rights…so I went with a positive attitude about it…at some point, there was a sudden silence and I asked what was that about…they told me it was the minute of silence in respect of the people who have died of Aids…I broke down in tears…I remember all four friends of mine, they had died of complications of Aids…the ones who had always invited me to join them…and I always refused their invitation…I march for a lot of new reasons…but mostly to remember and to be close to them…in my own way I come up with personal themes…this year was the world cup and gay adoption…and again what I wore was made in my hometown Teresina…and made by my mother Marlene,,,yes she did that skirt and sent it to me with lots of love ! In 2007, she came to NY and marched with me !

Gazelle at the 2010 Gay Pride in NYC


Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

sense of urgency? where?

       I understand that “people in power” need to get the stress out, but something must be really messed up with the definition of what is socially accepted during periods of crisis. President Obama continues happily to play golf (9th time during this crisis) and I don’t think he will change;  Tony Hayward was watching his 52-foot yacht named ” Bob” in Europe this week, its name should be changed to ” To Rob “…and all this is happening while people’s life are being destroyed by something that they didn’t ask for…and the animals? I won’t even go there. I know the world can’t stop…but it is indeed a lack of sensitivity to the families from all these estates involved in these tragedy. I am sorry, but I personally wouldn’t be caught playing golf while soldiers are still losing their lives in a war…there are other ways to enjoy life while dealing with stress relief ….maybe I was just raised differently….no I am sure I was raised well ..very well indeed!

Larry King hosted a two hours Live Telethon tonight, and if you were not able to help and still would like to do so, you can call

800 491 GULF   till 2am (EST)
or click below

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo


bp under our skin

Art by Eric Nelson

In a world where half the people are trying to become what they will never be…and the other half are split in one side just making ends meet and the other side really caring about the well being of others…it is very hard to see this image above…if it wasn’t enough to see the garbage produced by severe corrupted people like Sarah Palin and demented arrogant vegetables like Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt or really stupid, ridiculous, ignorant and dangerous people like the Uganda pastor Martin Ssempa…which probably only has “poo poo” in his brain. Nothing compares to the sadness and the loss caused by the biggest oil spill in US modern history. What really upsets me more than this horrible ecological disaster/environment crime is how it has been handled morally by those responsible for it. The money spent on image control is insulting while human rights and animals rights have been violated for years by BP…what a sad joke…I find quite ironic that even James Cameron has been called to help on…Avatar had a real message….and it is here now !

by Gazelle Paulo


 I begin to really believe that just to be born is the beginning of a war itself. We are constantly fighting for the right to something…to be ourselves, to love who we want, the right to freedom, to the basics…the right to believe in what you want to believe…it is too complicated, this world is really unfair and we make it worse. The notion that one should be free to be able to walk on the streets has turned into a fake political correct science where we no longer control anything about us…the truth is we never did , we never will…there are too much religion and dirty politics in a world ruled by money and vanity that you find yourself surrounded with left over pieces of a dream that might never happen. And then….there are guns and bullets…simply…a bullet exists to kill someone, something…a bullet will never spread peace…the obligations of war, the justification of war, the principle of proportionality are nothing more that an attempt to send a message to us that is OK to fight that way, but if you take a stand and say no it is not OK…words and intentions can’t protect civilizations from the evil minds of the world, and such minds have been triggered by actions…and then we are left where we started: the justification of war….I don’t know, it is a mess…and the worse is the realization that we sure walk on the streets today, because someone had to die for our right to do so, and this “someone” was somehow trapped by a government and its aggenda ! Yes, call me naive…but that’s how I see it !

by Gazelle Paulo

i would rather wear anything than go naked…

         New York, Milan, London and Paris…the fashion shows are finally soooo over and if you followed those models down the runaway you know that furs will be a hot piece again in the next winter, with people saying that it is back ‘with a vengeance.’  The truth is that it never went away…people would just rather not express their choice of it openly, simply because the eternal discussion of whether to wear or not to wear fur will ever end.  It becomes too heated …and then we are left with some of the most stupid rationalizations like vintage fur is ok to wear, they say that the animals have been dead too long, people are so silly sometimes. Now the battle is about being real or fake. Did you see Chanel’s ‘triumph of fake fur’ ?? Is this also the future for Fendi ? I am getting confused…that’s why I will always love Lacroix who once said “I’m no hypocrite. I love fur,” ….moi? I’d rather wear anything than go naked…I wonder what PETA thought about Quentin’s statement !!??….. sign of times…and of course, the Russians are back in the business…need I say more?

Quentin Veron t-shirt

gazeLLe is aNNa wintour’s worst nightmare. hoRRid !


         The thing is I don’t want to understand human labels: drag queens, club kids, freak chics (which I use it), gay, straight, stupid, smart, trannies…we are all in the same boat, we’re all gonna die(yay NeNe)…I dress up how I want in different ways because it is how I translate inner pain and madness to “my” outside world, because it eases my choices in my life…some people call it depression, others use other names, I call it a pure expression of what I want to be that day, or that moment…not that I really care what people that I don’t know thinks of me…if I did, I wouldn’t leave the house with a Mac Computer monitor in my head…but it is my own therapy, and it is twisted, but somehow in all this I can find happiness.

         Reading the reactions to Michael Musto’s great post on his blog about my looks, only makes me more fascinated about human misery…people that don’t know me, him or Acid Betty have an opinion so radical about the perfection that they want to see or to what they want to believe, so this small drama makes me so happy to be who I am…and that includes my acceptance of others…including their ignorance or perhaps still their own lack of self discovery, which for that what they only need is a clean mirror.

         On the negative comments, the only one I have something to say is about the RuPaul’s drag race…I wouldn’t enter that race because it is not what I am about, but I respect every single one of them for having the drive and skills to be in that great arena and to fight how they can and know for their dreams, I just rather do it other way, and on my own personal race I have no desire to be a star… but I really believe that RuPaul’s message for inner beauty is sincere. He walked the walk so he can do the talk. I truly love him for that…

by the way…I am thinking about a new look and it will be: ” Anna Wintour’s worst nightmare. Horrid! “.
and that’s all …

La Daily Musto


    Many years ago Michele Duvalier said in an interview that the entire government palace in PAP was air-conditioned  “because one cannot live in Port au Prince without air-conditioning”. Michele was the First Lady of Haiti from 1980 to 1986. She was being interviewed by Barbara Walters. Today she lives in France and uses her single name Michelle Bennett, since she is no longer married to Jean-Claude Duvalier who was the ruler of Haiti since 1971, he was deposed in 1986.

  Almost 30 years ago, things have not changed a bit…blame it on a complete corrupted mentality, it is sad to say but every year much of the humanitarian aid is still pocketed by officials. Above 75% of the population continue to live under the poverty line.

   This week commercial flights were allowed to resume operations in Haiti. So I worked a flight to Port au Prince  almost 6 weeks after a massive earthquake that has probably killed 250,000 people and left hundreds of thousands completely homeless.

   The flight was full of rescue workers that were going back again, since some institutions take turns in their missions. A lot of supplies were brought aboard. I am very happy to know that most of the donations are really getting to where they are supposed to be going to, and  they are not being handling by local officials.

   In the flight there were lots of Haitians that have not being able to return since the day the earthquake hit their home. These were people that were coming back to their loved ones…some would have relatives waiting there for them…some would have nobody waiting..It was a very emotional situation, these people have spent a life of struggle caused by human greed, and sometimes by natural causes. And yet I still could feel their warm, love and appreciation for simple things in life. Very interesting on the flight back from Haiti was to be able to be talking to people that were not hurt during the earthquake but also couldn’t leave Haiti. A woman told me on the flight back that what she missed things that she complains about every year…and she mentioned snow !

    I will not post explicit photos of this human tragedy, because I honestly think that some things are not meant not be over exposed…at least by ME.


Gazelle in Port au Prince ( Haiti )
February 22nd / 2010

the age of cynicism

         Yesterday I was asked that if I could trade places with someone else for one day only, who would I pick? I said nobody, honestly…She said she would love to be Angelina Jolie for one full day. Although I can respect the fantasy in trading places with someone so beautiful, glamorous and powerful, I believe more and more that people are forgetting to live their own lives and get caught up in a world that is so far out there, that quite frankly everything is becoming a joke. We are living in a time where everything is about projection…the projection of success, of what few have and the most lack…I have been lucky in my life to be able to fly all over the world as a flight attendant, from different places like Buenos Aires to Toquio, not only once, but many times…and such position have giving me the advantage to understand the differences and priorities of so many cultures, of so many people, and have a very small understanding of perhaps what life could be or is , in a way I am passing through this world at my own speed. I guess I wasn’t lucky to get to this position, very young I wanted to know the world, so I worked very hard to get this job(believe me it is not an easy job to get). While people are facing 9 to 5 work schedules, my problem is sleeping depravation for always being so out and about in the cities where I lay over. Watching the world is fascinating, and it has made me develop a tough skin to its unexpected  changes…which consists more of tragedies(of human and natural causes), and the way people react to it…In most cases people are so cynical that is painful. I still can’t believe that Royal Caribbean fiasco in Haiti, with the excuse that it would be helping the economy…wow! How about Sen. John Edwards? Can you imagine if he had been elected the President of  the United States of America? And the list goes on…. I get so caught up in the middle of discussions about religion, politics, who betrayed who, who did what, who didn’t do enough…and blah blah blah…I even got accused for living a frivolous life…and all I want is just to be happy, like Dalai Lama, who thinks that’s the purpose of one’s life: to be happy…and I wish the same on everybody, but that’s impossible because people’s own faults, it doesn’t matter what you do, it is never enough for you and for the sake of others, everything is politically stupid correct or incorrect that I don’t want to even look to the sides anymore, so instead of thinking of how someone’s life is for one day I just want to concentrate in the life that it was giving to me, and be able to help others when I can  …so I guess some might call me selfish…but I still just want to be happy, and that’s nothing cynical about it…and yes I love Angelina !


Time stood still in this decade where the world changed forever on that morning on September 11th. The absence of the Twin Towers has left a hole in New York City, it doesn’t matter what they will build there…it will never be the same, and never in this case is really never. I honestly can’t be political about anything because the corrupted mind is something I can not comprehend or in another words, I just don’t want to…call me crazy, but I believe the all game of religion, politics and power is really where the devil is….I am happy that this decade is over, but a certain anguish has taking over the world…and people in charge can say what they want…but the truth is that we are only safe in the true beauty of hour hearts….I hope people will never forget those images from that morning….they show our true vulnerability  and the fragility of our time in this world…innocent gone people that otherwise could have been today sitting here with us…

lady gaga: original or copycat ?

           Gazelle, did you see Lady Gaga on TV? Gazelle, what did you think of her latest look ? GazelIe, did you see Lady Gaga post Halloween look? I have lost the count of how many people have asked me if I think Lady Gaga’s look is really fierce or just a simple copycat of  the underground people. I absolutely love Lady Gaga’s music and the energy that she brings with it. Of course you will be completely shocked and enchanted by Lady Gaga’s look if you have never been to the underground scene of New York and London. Or if you never heard of socialite Daphne Guinness !!! You know what I am talking about if you were lucky enough to have attended one of the divine parties of Kinky Gerlinky, the most stylish club that London ever had. And Torture Garden? And how about Kashpoint? Just other London gifts to the underground extreme style .In New York city, Susanne Bartsch have been doing the most amazing well studied and fierce looks for years, which brings me to Kenny Kenny.  Kenny is amazing, he is a creative force who travels around the world and can build a superb look that in no way should be confused as Halloween, it is just pure fashion; He has extremely original ideas, and they come from a very personal sense of style that is inspired by his experience. Lady Gaga looks amazing, there is not question about it…but in my opinion it is nothing that I haven’t really seeing before, and that’s not her fault, that’s what the scene is about if you are in that scene. Everybody is so creative !! The first time I saw her last year during the Miss Universe, I enjoyed her performance much more than her look, which it reminded of Grace Jones early years, and as she is getting bigger of course she is getting access to the best and the hottest fashion out there. I just saw a photo of her wearing Stefan Orshel-Read,  isn’t that just fabulous? Of course it is !!! She is surrounded by a true sharp stylist (Nicola Formichetti) who makes sure that she looks like she is coming out from an avant-garde dream, that’s his job and he is really great at it. There is a big difference in her styling since her first video from the last one ” Bad Romance “, which is only natural, because she is bigger now, therefore she dresses better. I would like to believe that when Madonna started her career, she had some idea who Mainbocher was, and then several years later we saw the image of Horst’s iconic photograph The Mainbocher Corset in the Vogue video. But I truly don’t think she really knew who he was before, is that her fault? I don’t think so !!. And I remember everybody saying something about Madonna’s look when she started…where it came from? A lot of people said she had stolen their look….Hello Marilyn? And I don’t mean Marilyn Monroe.

      I must say that I really enjoy the different sunglasses I see her (Lady Gaga) wearing, I think that they are really amazing. So I think that the great thing in all this is that because she has crossed over to the main stream, she has reached a lot of different people that are paying attention to her, people that never opened the pages of Italian Vogue, and that makes everything so much exciting for everybdody; people get shocked that she is hanging out covered in blood for the world to see, and that’s funny to watch their reaction…because I have seen that scene before if you combine the world of Julie Atlas Muz (US) and Empress Stah(UK).

The bottom line is that is really hard to answer the question about being really original, because it all depends where you are coming from…I have been inspired by people like Leigh Bowery and even Kenny Kenny when I was about to create a look to go out….and I must say that I completely got inspired once , well, I really copied  a look from the pages of the italian Vogue. Remember Linda Evangelista shot by Steven Meisel in a great fashion spread where the theme was Plastic Surgery? Yes my darlings, as you can check below on the right side even little big Gazelle here was covered in bandages one night  thanks to that July 2005 Vogue Italia…and I know a lot of people have done the same look also….even Lady Gaga had a look  for OUT magazine that reminds of that spread !! And Lady Gaga’s version is hot hot hot… so let’s all have funnnnnnnnnn !!