ruSSian coLLagen lips

         I often catch myself wanting to do some fixes here and there on my face. The constant non sleeping schedules, sun and sometimes just bad dieting, have caused a lot of stress in my skin; two years ago I almost went under the knife(as they say), but then I changed my mind in the very last minute, simply because I felt it wasn’t the right time for me…Looking at these photos that I took from a Russian nightlife site, I feel that I could have put myself in a position that I would no longer know when to stop….I do have an addictive personality…and although I completely understand that I sometimes create looks that can be quite disturbing, at the end of the day(night) I am happy that is just a mask, and it is just an expression of a fantasy. Plastic surgery in Russian is booming like nowhere else…and I lived with this mentality all my life…I am from Brazil, and there people start to have procedures really early, just like in our neighbor country Argentina…but then and today are so different, the notion that less is more is so expired…now more is really more…

ruSSian paradise with no pOOches

Everybody is talking about the paradise built by Russian billionaire Aras Agalarov. Within this exclusive housing complex located just outside of Moscow, you can buy a simple house if you have  £10m to spare(there are about 150-200 mansions available). I always believed that style tells a lot about people, and I also believe that money can indeed buy happiness if you know how to shop at the right places. In this “paradise” you might be able to enjoy a pool, steam room, sauna, six or seven bedrooms per house and all the amenities that you may be used to in the world of the elite, except here you may not bring your bodyguards inside the complex. They will stay in a comfortable place outside, which perhaps is a good idea. For me, what is really strange is that dogs are not allowed in the area whatsoever…I mean how can you be rich and stylish and not have dogs? What if you are so filthy miserable rich with no friends, and the only truly adorable living creature that tolerates and loves you unconditionally is your pooch?  I guess, you wont be living there. Well, since this is his vision, Aras can set the rules about what he allows there, and of course that’s only fair. But again, I really believe that dogs add not only love to a human life, but it is a part of the lives of the truly rich. Maybe these rich people in this Russian Paradise are the type that only like to be surrounded by the fur in their fur vault. While for the rest of us who may not have £10m around, or even be considered among the truly rich, adopt a dog, and you’ll be richer for it, truly.

gay pride: stonewaLL

Maybe it’s just that I don’t want to try to anymore, but I don’t understand a lot of things….Stonewall is reaching 40 years and it is indeed a time to celebrate the freedom that many perhaps have forgotten. How hard it used to be and how difficult still is in some parts of the world,  as well as within some families right here at home. While I have never been in the closet, I’ve had  the privilege to have been born in a catholic, although liberal family that had accepted me for who I am since I was a little gay child. Like Elizabeth Taylor who couldn’t remember when she wasn’t famous,  I can say that I can’t remember when I was not gay. I moved to New York City in the early 1990’s, and I love this city. I live in Chelsea…yesterday I attended the HX awards, and for most part I enjoyed it very much…but when Amanda Lepore won the award  for the best 2009 Club Personality, you could hear some boooing which was quickly shut up when the lovely and talented Peppermint pointed out that Miss Lepore has opened doors to a lot of people for just being who she is(and like her many others have done the same), I remember Amanda from when she used to work in the make up area at the Patricia Field store on 8th street, she is still the same person and of course she gave inspiration to a lot of people for just being herself, just like the group of queens that stood up at Stonewall she has been fighting her own way against the prejudice that the world bring upon us . Among us there is a certain negativity that surrounds our community from within that I don’t even know where to begin…don’t take me wrong…I am not naive to expect that we should all hold hands and balance our yin/yang side and live ever happily for having cleared our dirty mouths … no I am not saying that… the spectrum of hard core activism and being politically gay correct at this time and age makes it impossible to even think how to imagine the ideal gay world , but in my small myopic world I think it is discouraging when you see that kind of attitude during a special event that also celebrates our journey and then I come home and I see Perez Hilton on TV letting all the demons out through his mouth. And I try to somehow concentrate on inspirational moments: I remember Dustin Lance acceptance speech at the Oscars, I remember the time when Kevin Aviance was assaulted on the streets of New York, I remember watching for the first time Torch Song Trilogy, Andre J. on the cover of French Vogue, and so many other moments,  and I remember all the emotions that I have during the moment of silence on Fifth Avenue in the Pride Parade …and I think of my gay friends that are no longer here…and I think of a right answer to the question that is always around this season, why we have a Gay Pride Parade? And the only answer for ME  “”today””  is that we can’t let that flame that started 40 years ago go down, and of course it won’t… but I do just wish that some people would have a lit bit more understanding of a bigger picture…just a little bit more !!