pop sucos in ipanema; just super “legal”







If you are visiting Rio de Janeiro and you need a place to have a light lunch or a cool early dinner,  you definitely should give it a try to Pop Sucos, located in Ipanema on Visconde de Piraja street, right across the General Osorio square. The name “sucos” – juices – might imply it is only a juice place, but this is really a full service restaurant with a complete menu. It is basic food, but very delicious with fair portions and great prices. The “pop” theme is interestingly used around the place and you can even order a burger named after “Andy Warhol”. Cute!!
Claudio, one of the owners, is extremely attentive to all the customers needs, and he even handed me the batman mask below…yes, I took a selfie in the middle of a full restaurant.  POP Sucos has only being in business for two months…I have a feeling they will be a major brand success. I will for sure go back….



FreakChic by Gazelle Paulo

wings airplane bar & lounge in zurich





If you find yourself visiting Zurich, you must stop at Wings Airline Bar & Lounge; as the name suggests it, this is a theme bar, and believe me that you will feel like you are about to board a plane the moment you walk through the front doors. Airplane seats, menus, signature drinks, windows, fuselage walls….everything was indeed thought out to be the perfect airplane lounge…and the waitresses – in flight attendants uniforms – look better than many working crews.



Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

Gazelle also writes for TheBlot Magazine

carla esparza and her $1,000 sundae at serendipity 3


sundae 3

sundae 1

Carla Esparza getting her Serendipity 3 gift bag


Today, I was having lunch with dear friends Brian Christopher Cummings, Paul E Alexander and artist Scooter LaForge at the famous and iconic Serendipity 3 restaurant, in New York City; next to our table, Carla Esparza – winning of UFC straw weight gold – was celebrating her championship with the Grand Opulence Sundae with the price tag of $1,000 (Guinness World Record). Carla and her colleague Felice Herrig were so excited; the gorgeous and delicious looking sundae has a mix of caviar and golden leaves among other luxurious components. For those interested on indulge themselves, a 48 hours advance reservation is required. The beautiful ladies also left with Serendipity 3 gift bags.


sundae 2

sundae 4

Felice Herrig documenting the Grand Opulence Sundae

Gazelle Paulo also writes for TheBlot Magazine

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

fork and spOOn in athens….

     If you are passing by Athens, and you feel like trying great Greek food in a very stylish restaurant where you will be away from a crazy noisy tourist scene…then you absolutely must go to the ” pirouni kai koutali (fork and spoon) ” restaurant. The food is absolutely delicious ! I tried so many Greek dishes…one more tasty than the other.

carioca black beans at maxim’s in rio

at the Maxim’s restaurant in Atlantica Avenue
Rio de Janeiro / Brazil
photo by Gazelle Paulo

          Last Saturday I was in Rio de Janeiro, and if you visited Brazil long enough, you know that it is Feijoada day, the most famous Brazilian dish, black beans as its best; so I went to the Maxim’s restaurant at Atlantica Avenue(next to Copacabana Palace hotel), don’t get confused with the famous Maxim’s, this is a very simple super gay friendly restaurant in Copacabana beach. I have been going there since I moved to Rio(late80’s). 
          My favorite waiter in Maxim’s is Oscar, a Swiss-German gentleman with impeccable manners, I am always happy to see him, and I can feel the same energy coming from this great man. He calls me by my first name Paulo, and there is always a warm hug and a nice smile to go with it. Oscar has been working at Maxim’s for 26 years. He knows things about me that even I don’t remember!

Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

another year at serendipity 3 and counting

 Stephen Bruce, Robin Byrd, Michael Musto, Brian Cummings and Randy Jones         

            Last week during the fashion week chaos in New York City, I had an invitation to go to a small and fun event. It was the celebration of the 57th anniversary of the very famous restaurant Serendipity 3, founded by Stephen Bruce in 1954, and if you know a little about the history of this Upper East side eatery, you know that Marilyn Monroe and Andy Warhol were regulars there at some point in their lives.

            It was a very light breakfast gathering with lovely sweeties, and frozen chocolate drinks.Very interesting famous people showed up. I had the chance to meet designer Anna Sui, and I was pleasantly surprised while chatting with Nyasha, she was just really nice.

            There was a special reading with Char Margolis, who is a world-renowned psychic medium. It was entertaining to be searching from messages from the beyond so early in the morning.

Anna Sui, moi GazeLLe and Nyasha
photo by Brian Cummings

Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

le bonheur au cafe de la comete

          New York, Paris and Rio de Janeiro are my favorite cities in the whole world. I try to come to Paris once every five weeks, and when I am here, all I want to do is to put a predictable stripes shirt and get a table at cafe La Cométe, and do nothing but watch people. Don’t take me wrong, but I have seen all the main attractions that Paris offers, done all the fancy things and bla bla bla…but I really just get very relaxed watching the energy of the city pass by me. I have been going to this cafe for years, and every time I order a Croque Madame(croque monsieur with an egg), it feels like the first time all over again. It is located at the corner of Rue des Archives and Rue de La Vennerie.


Gazelle Paulo

Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

fresh raw fish at choushimaru


Well, if you are not really into electronics like me…and you pretty much have been in all the temples and gardens…what else is left to do in Japan? Eat, eat and eat….I love raw fish! I have been to great restaurants in Tokyo, but also in very simple chain ones, and the food is always fresh and delicious…ALWAYS!
Gazelle at Choushimaru

and you can always bring real rice home…

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

maracaju at aconchego do porto hotel

Breakfast from 7am to 10am
photo by Gazelle

While in Porto de Galinhas, my friend Johnny and I stayed at the Hotel Aconchego do Porto, which is a very charming place located about 100 meters from the beach…every morning I was up so early for the great breakfast which included very regional dishes, always different every morning…I was very fortunate to have always great cooks while growing up in my mother’s house, so I might not understand about the most complicated foreign cuisines out there…but when comes to perfection about Brazilian food from the North…specially breakfast…sorry but you can’t fool me..and in this hotel, they were sublime and simple; from the tapioca to cuscuz de milho, orange cakes and bread with guava, you could not wish for more, even the pineapples had the perfect sweetness. The lunch and dinner options in this hotel restaurant called Maracajú were also delicious, they describe themselves as being tropical with a french flair. I can’t wait to go back there one day and bring my boyfriend Mark.

My salmon dish with mango and Johnny’s salmon with chutney of tropical fruits
photo by Gazelle

Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

feijoada ritz at the pergula

Pergula Restaurant – Copacabana Palace Hotel
Rio de Janeiro
photo by Gazelle
May 15th / 2010

   It doesn’t matter how many times I would leave my table to help myself in the Feijoada Buffet at the Pergula Restaurant at the Copacabana Palace Hotel, when I returned to it, the table looked again impeccable…I could play that game all day every time I return to this restaurant and I would lose every time, the male servers that attend the quests in this very chic but informal restaurant in the pool area of one the finest hotels in the world are just perfect. Extremely well mannered and masculine, they deliver the best service…and those aprons…so beautiful !