“just penis” by fernando carpaneda shakes brasilia

fernando 3

fernando 4

What always has attracted me to Fernando Carpaneda, artistically speaking, is that in his art, the shock value or controversy is only a natural consequence of his point of view. In my opinion, the Brazilian born artist based in New York City, Carpaneda truly has an eye that goes beyond what could be seen as pornography, by many, reaching out for the love he feels and expresses mostly for the male body in all shapes and forms. There is a raw approach allied to a solid craftsmanship that produces intense art that screams sexuality, but with a valid justification for it to exist in his underground world. There are no boundaries, only the beauty of a journey, sometimes a long one, that leaves no room for hesitation normally found in most people. The show JUST PENIS, curated by Rogério Carvalho, is a combination of 117 works; drawings and photographs of penises taken by Fernando of men from all walks of life. It opens today in Brasilia at the Arte XXX Escritorio de Arte.

fernando 2

As a bonus, there will also be a screening of the movie Gazelle The Love Issue, where Fernando had an important scene with me during one his shows at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, in New York City

Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

lady buNNy in trans-jester

bunny 1

bunnyy 5

Believe me, this is the show you don’t want to miss in New York City. If there is a “queen” who can bring down any house, literally, is Lady Bunny: be ready for an unapologetic and beyond entertaining  “one woman” show, at The StoneWall Inn that will leave you speechless and wanting for more until the very end.  ‘Trans-Jester” is smartly written and perfectly delivered in a strong tone that takes pop culture to an even dirtier and funnier level…


bunny 4

me and Bunny

Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

madoNNa falls reaLLy hard during performance

madona cape now

BRIT Awards 2015 - Show

David M. Benett/Getty Images

Madonna felt heavily while performing on the Brit Awards (back after in 20 years) when the lengthy cape she was wearing was tugged by one of the backup dancers. It appeared that the cape was supposed to be easily removed but pulled Madonna along with it instead. Madonna finished the performance even after having missed some lyrics…well I always say it doesn’t matter how hard you fell…get up and finish what you started….love you Madonna! 😀

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

Gazelle also writes for TheBlot Magazine

varekai magic

photos were not allowed during the show; this one was taken right at the end of it

In the beginning of this month, my dear friend Cesar Terranova took me to the Varekai show at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. “Varekai” means “wherever” in the Romani language. Although I personally didn’t think that arena was a perfect match for the aesthetics of a Cirque Du Soleil spectacle, it was indeed a good show with highs and some lows. I was disappointed that after the intermission the stage scenario was still the same. Nevertheless it was exciting program leading to a great finale where a great number of acrobats took your breath away jumping off Russian swings.

gazelle and cesar

by Gazelle Paulo

Gazelle also writes for TheBlot and NewYorkSPY

mugler foLLies

mugler 1

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When I was in Paris two months ago, I went to the Moulin Rouge dinner experience (http://freakchic.com/2014/01/25/the-moulin-rouge-belle-epoque-experience.aspx ) with my partner Mark Anthony; well this time around, I checked the  “Mugler Follies”, a cabaret show extravaganza by former fashion designer Thierry Mugler, who now goes by his first name Manfred. We (moi and a group of friends)  opted for the dinner plus show package!
If you don’t know anything about Mugler, oh darling I don’t even know where to begin with you….anyway, on “Mugler Follies” Manfred clearly takes us on a personal tribute to his own creations, with the use of acrobat, performers and dancers, he involves the audience on a world where show business glamour and costumes meets sci-fi aesthetic with the purpose to recounting the tale of a young woman awakening from a dream to life. It is a mix of show and a fashion show where sophisticated and sexy silhouettes are changing on a fast pace, faster than a can-can…
I enjoyed it for what it is…and I recommend the show and drinks…but not the food !


mugler 6
mugler 99
in the group of gorgeous Allanah Starr
 Freak Chic
 by Gazelle Paulo

the moulin rouge beLLe epoque experience

a lovely time at the Moulin Rouge

         From the amazing New Year’s Eve in Rio, I went straight to Paris with my partner Mark Anthony. I have been to Paris zilhoes of times…so this time we decided to do something very different and touristy, after all we are tourists.

        The Ferrie show at the Moulin Rouge was nothing short of spectacular, trust me when I say to you that you are completely wrong if you think this is not worth it. We opted for a dinner  package with show, at first it might seem a little pricey, but when you think that you are having a five course dinner plus half a bottle of champagne(a whole one with your date) and the show, it is a great experience; do I need you to remind you that you are in Paris? We selected the super Belle Epoque dinner, which still had the Christmas theme, it starts at 7pm and the show starts at 9pm; delicious indeed…and you still get a metal heart shaped box with mints as a gift, which is a great souvenir to remember such a romantic night. Forgive me, if I sound so mellow…but it was such a romantic night.

         Photos are not allowed during the show, so click on the link so that you can have an idea of how beautiful the show is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQDmA_RRpXw

         So after New Year’s Eve in Rio…the Ferrie extravaganza at the Moulin Rouge is a great way to start 2014 or any New Year…just saying !! 



Mark and moi
Jan 4th / 2014

   Freak Chic

   by Gazelle Paulo

coby koehl tonight at don’t teLL mama: fate

Coby Koehl

art by Dayna Shadle Newman

             Trust me when I say that if you are in New York City ” tonight ” , you should take your little body to the Don’t Tell Mama venue to witness pure genius and fierceness on a stage. ” FATE ” is the new show of singer Coby Koehl.
             Coby is one of those singers that takes you to a state of grace and sensual fantasy while you are listening to his superb voice … amazing ! Simply amazing !!  And on that note, there is nothing else I can say…just listen to the video below….just saying !!!

FATE info:

“…the greatest living soul singer since Amy Winehouse and abso-lutely the most amazing voice I’ve heard in 15 years…”  (Boy George)

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

great evening with robert w richards

* Robert W. Richards
** Dinah Washington with the young Robert W. Richards on the screen
iPad photos

            An intimate set up where on the stage there was only a chair, a stool, a microphone and a screen on the background where exquisite illustrations passed by orchestrated by the voice of Robert W Richards…an elegant vision where he invited us into his life by discussing the experiences of his charming life with a witty and natural tone. ” Well, after all…you could be seeing Alan Cummings in Macbeth …but you chose me ” , some of the very first words he dropped over the audience filled with famous New York faces.

            Robert entertained us with his formidable moments spent with Lena Horne, Peter Allen, Roy Garrett and among many others…but he started this show at Dixon Place by describing his fascinating involvement with Dinah Washington, back on a time where racism was shameless more present in our society…. ” Chapters in an Improbable Life ” revealed a great talented man with a big generous heart towards his friends and people who came in his life, although Robert W Richards never discussed personal relationships in a deeper level….

           I was very surprised when after so many illustrations of illustrious people like Yves Saint Laurent, Liza Minnelli, Audrey Hepburn, Joey Arias, Susanne Bartsch and Patrick McDonald, the drawing he did of me while I was shooting with photographer Alex Geana just popped out on the screen…I felt special.

          It was a lovely show and Robert looked divine covered in Paul Smith.

* Yves Saint Laurent
** Susanne Bartsch
*** Patrick McDonald
**** moi…
ipad photos

Freak Chic
by GazeLLe Paulo

robert w richards: chapters in an improbable life…tonight at dixon place

 vintage photograph of Robert W. Richards by Marcus Blechman

         ” No redemption, no rehab, no regrets, no closets, no apologies, just one gay man’s dizzy ride drawing his way through the worlds of fashion, beautiful people, naked men, movie stars, porn stars, poets and jazz singers starting in the 50’s and continuing right up to this very moment … ” so that’s where I will be tonight…at Dixon Place. Robert W Richard will share his memories in this intimate set up for ” Chapters in an Improbable Life ” … just wonderful !

Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo