gazeLLe on ” a shaded view on fashion by diane pernet “


     Yes, I am being featured on  ” A Shaded View on Fashion by Diane Pernet ” site by the amazing Diane. The shots are part of a new category on her site (Style Exits), I am the first one to appear in it; the photographs were taken earlier this year by photographer Walt Cessna in his studio in New York City. It was a two look collaboration with artist Scooter LaForge for an upcoming show of Walt. So cool !!






  Freak Chic

  by Gazelle Paulo

gazeLLe’s article for ” new york spy “

       My new article for New York SPY is up now … check it out: 

  ” Brazilian designer Fabio Costa is fashionably NotEqual ” featuring the amazing Fabio Costa

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  Freak Chic
  by Gazelle Paulo

the lynda johNNy luxo

Camisa Slim Fit Castelbajac

Cor: Branca

Tamanho P

Estado do Produto: Novo – Peça Única
in Johnny’s site

          This week I was in Sao Paulo city, and I had lunch with my darling friend DJ Johnny Luxo. He is one of the personalities that keep the nightlife alive in this huge Brazilian metropolis. From DJ to trend setter, or ” expression setter ” as I would like to let you know that once in every season Johnny comes out with a expression or slang that is completely adopted by everyone. ” Lynda ” is his new creation, the correct word spelling is ” linda ” (Portuguese for very beautiful), and Johnny refers to everything in the third person by using ” lynda “.
           The word ” lynda “has become such a huge success that it made the cover of L’OFFICIEL Brazil (February/2013), because Johnny has also launched a web site that sells pieces from his immense clothing archives; L’Officiel gave Johnny an eight page great photo spread about his archive…trust me, I have seen it and it is massive. So all the lyndas of Brazil are shopping at the ” lynda’s ” queen bee site.

            From Courreges to Castelbajac, you can own one of Johnny’s amazing pieces by ordering straight from his awesome site….and Johnny himself is featured in the site wearing them. Super cool !

the ” lynda ” Johnny Luxo and moi
Sao Paulo

  Freak Chic
  by Gazelle Paulo