gazeLLe on making a picture by alex geana

           You can check a small interview that writer/photographer Alex Geana did with me during Pride Week on his blog ” Making a Picture “. Alex was the senior fashion writer at the Huffington Post. I have always liked his style, so fresh and original. Now, Alex is concentrating more on his own endeavors, and this new platform is for sure a special place, where he exposes pop culture through his own interpretations. Check his photography on his main site…yes, Daphne Guinness was photographed by him…..just saying !

Daphne Guiness at home

photographed by Alex Geana

gazeLLe interviews scOOter laforge for major pop

Scooter LaForge and Gazelle Paulo

at Scooter’s studio

New York City

      The second interview collaboration that I did for the site ” Major POP ” is online. This time around I sat with New York based artist Scooter LaForge, who is also a dear friend. Scooter was nice enough to let us in his studio, and we chatted about all things in general. The interview was set up as a performance piece, since Scooter was painting me as we talked. It was fun and unscripted, and after a while, we all let loose…and it was pure magic !

** Major POP is a fashion/art/pop site created and produced by fashion editor Aline Pimentel

Amanda’s interview for Major POP

Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

gazeLLe interviews amanda lepore for major pop

          Aline Pimentel, who is the Brazilian fashion editor behind “Major POP” has invited me to do a certain amount of short interviews for her new fashion/art/pop site. The first one, with icon Amanda Lepore, has just gone up on line. The interviews are dynamic, short and unrehearsed; the idea is to interview a personality in their environment by trying to capture their essence with on the spot questions. I wasn’t dressed up to interview Amanda, because of course you can’t compete with our fabulous diva on screen, and since the conversaton is short, all the attention was on her glamorous light. Yesterday, we shot the second interview with my friend and artist Scooter LaForge. It was a lot of fun, since I was becoming Gazelle during the interview, a smart approach !!

         “Blogging was a way and the tool that I have available at this moment to express myself by connecting with friends and people that I admire as professionals, and to create things and ideas that I love” says Aline, who will also be doing her share of interviews for her “Major POP” project.

          Selected by Aline, filmmaker Joshua Paul Johnson is in charge of the film editing, his work can also be seeing on

Watch moi and the fabulous Amanda Lepore on “Major POP”

        artist Scooter LaForge and Aline Pimentel in Scooter’s studio
        interview for “Major POP”
       photo by Patrick-Roberts

Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

reply to this post by nathan vincent

drawing “GL Masculine Stud Seeks Similar – 29” by Nathan Vincent
at Gazelle Paulo’s bathroom 
photo by Gazelle 

           It is so very simple; boy wants boy, girl wants boy, girl wants girl, boy wants girl; but for the New York based artist Nathan Vincent, who has made a name for himself in the art of crochet, boy only wants boy, or boy wants a lot of boyssss…!! They find themselves in the classifieds ads of CraigsList postings (M4M). Nathan has given a visual image to the postings by sexy raw drawings posted in his site “Reply To This Post”. I recently purchased the one above, and I love looking at it everyday.


by Gazelle Paulo

gazeLLe on the with the hoTTest men

            During the weekend this image of moi was at the top of the homepage of GREGBYNG.COM, an international gay lifestyle and network based in Montreal. Gregory B. Bying is the force behind this site that carries his name; Gregory is also the co-editor, marketer and partner of “Blake Magazine”, a french fashion male magazine which will land in the New York market this year. It is just awesome to be featured on this site, first because Gregory’s selection of sexy men is just pure hot land, and who doesn’t like to be surrounded by that?
             Second, this shot was taken by photographer Frank Louis, who for many years covered the New York Gay Pride. The shot above was taken in 2003. Frank Louis, who used to use his last name La Rocca published the postcard book ” Portraits of Pride”, a NYC Gay Pride Restrospective 1995-2002, and yes it is me on the cover with the other three beauties…you all know how much I love that parade !

Book PORTRAITS OF PRIDE(NYC) by Frank La Rocca ( Frank Louis )
Michael, Gazelle, Justin and Miss Saigon

Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

the blitz kids updates july 2011 are so up


Ok everyone, The Blitz Kids updates are up and they are hot. I know, they are not coming as often as they used to, but when the editor in chief (Danilo Monzillo) calls me and tells me it is that time again for me to send an article or two, I get so excited. So check it out, I don’t know when the next one will be….but enjoy what you have now !

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

facebOOk that you love and hate…


    You can’t stand it anymore when…



 1 – People tag you on bad photos…when they think you look great…

 2- You keep receiving party invitations over and over and over again….

 3-  People post on your wall about their events…not asking first if they could

 4- You receive those bulk mails….100 people, 200, 300…all at the same time…

 5- Couples says they love each other and they really get so candy about it…
 6- The first thing you want to do is to log on when you wake up…forget about a bathroom visit…

 7- People post photos giving you the middle finger…what for?

 8- People keep sending you invitations to be friends even after you turned them down already.

 9- When you know you can’t stand Facebook…but you just can’t get away from it…

10-You think you should create Buttbook…

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

not fierce enough? then ” drag quEEn consultant ” wiLL save you

Maurice Neuhaus as Madelein Ashton(first photo) and as Lady Gaga(above)

If you have that immense desire to really be a fierce drag queen/diva with a  touch of New York City glamour and style, but you are still learning the hard way on how to pull off that dream look…now you can have the best help straight from the Big Apple, and you don’t even have to leave your living room. Maurice Neuhaus is an artist, his alter ego is Madelein Ashton; Maurice is superb make up artist who is also a performer and a wig maker, trust me when I say he is one the best in town. He recently launched ” Drag Queen Consultant ” providing as the name itself says a full service drag queen and show girl on line consultant company. Very smart idea. He will provide full assistance on line for any questions regarding make up, body shaping, all about wigs, performance…and even if drag is not your call to fame, after Maurice’s guidance you will at least look phenomenal.



Facebook Page

Maurice Neuhaus, founder of Drag Queen Consultant


Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo