the apostolos mitropoulos mykonos store






*Brazilian actor Pablo Pereira, moi and the gorgeous Dimitra Giannatou who helped us at the coolest store in Mykonos

I was already familiar with the work of Greek designer Apostolos Mitropoulos through the legendary stylist Patricia Field. So, it was only natural to stop by his store in Mykonos to check his recent collection, and indeed it was one of my highlights of my trip to Greece.

Definitely, Apostolos has the speed, vision and talent of a mature designer who knows well his clientele and where to take his brand in a world platform. His prints are a strong representation of his work; very urban and strong but not too overpowering. Playful bijoux are a must just as an simple accessory for the day, or worn in large quantities for the night. I bought a great hat for my friend Scooter LaForge.

So believe me when I say, that you must stop at his store to take something special and extremely fashionable from Greece. The lovely and stunning Dimitra will help you with all your fashion needs. She was just super helpful with us. The “Apostolos Mitropoulos Underground ” Mykonos store is located at Kouzi Georgouli Str. in Little Venice. (phone:2289 078160)

You can learn a little bit more about Apostolos Mitropoulos on this interview for Fruit of The Forest

ap 8 by John Mitropoulos

Apostolos Mitropoulos by John Mitropoulos


FreakChic by Gazelle Paulo

maison julie in zurich: charming, chic & cozy






In Zurich, you can find all the major fashion brands with their expensive trends, but if you need a real Parisian fashionable 50’s touch to complement your unique style, the only place you need to find yourself is at Maison Julie; This super charming store is located on Laternengasse 3, indeed the smallest street in town.
I spent a lovely time in the company of glamorous and gorgeous Julie, former model Juliana Kara, who is the owner of Maison Julie and Maison Glam; so of course that her stores would be super stylish.
Maison Julie is charming, chic and with a cozy feel to it, where you can find the most beautiful blouses, skirts, pants, dresses, hats, shoes…I loved and you will too. Trust me…




me and Julie

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

with scOOter laforge at chez priape




On our last day in Montreal, we visited our New York friend Stephen Pevner who lives there six months out of the year. Stephen, who besides being a successful film producer, is the force behind the super amazing brand Saint at Large….and as if all this wasn’t enough, his new business endeavor is the Chez Priape store, located in the heart of gay Montreal, where you can find just all the accessories to make your hot body look even hotter…ask my friend Scooter LaForge and he will tell you…or show you… 😀



*Stephen Pevner and Scooter LaForge

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

Gazelle also writes for TheBlot Magazine

ca-rio-ca wear store opening



I flew to Los Angeles for the weekend to get the CA-RIO-CA WEAR first store ready for its opening. Gil Even, the brand creator, really put together a super fun event filled with beautiful people and great energy. I was able to select cool “sungas” from the most recent summer collection, and we had the gorgeous models changing into CA-RIO-CA WEAR swimsuits every 30 minutes and rotating at the window display…yes they stopped traffic !! The store is located at 8248 BEVERLY BLVD…so come over or visit the CA-RIO-CA WEAR site.


** with Gil Even, the creator of CA-RIO-CA WEAR

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

lie sang bong in the meatpacking district






A very small and private cocktail party celebrated the Lie Sang Bong New York Flagship store opening in the Meatpacking district. Mr. Lie, the Korean born fashion designer, also described as the “Korean McQueen” welcomed his beautiful and chic clientele at his new store. Sang Bong ‘s collection are an exquisite mix of classic elegance meeting architectural inspirations where silhouettes are also built out from Bauhaus-influenced geometric shapes. Lie Sang Bong will present his new F/W collection at the New York Fashion Week this coming Wednesday(18th), at The Salon at Lincoln Center.





Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

Gazelle also writes for TheBlot Magazine

bergdorf gOOdman holidays on ice

         Bergdorf Goodman ‘s Christmas windows displays never disappoint. The 2013 theme “Holidays On Ice” is an extremely high conceptual elegant visual trip embracing famous holidays. My favorite window with no doubt is the “April Fools Day”; a stunning upside down installation…it is impossible not to love it ! Check the video for more beautiful images:




Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

bergdorf gOOdman does diana vrEEland



        Well, if you are a great admirer of Diana Vreeland and you happen to pass by 5th Avenue and W 58th street, make sure you take a look at the three windows of Bergdorf Goodman, she is there.

        “Memos, the Vogue years” is a celebration of the nine years of Diana as the Editor in Chief at Vogue magazine (from 1962 to 1971), edited by her grandson Alexander Vreeland and published by Rizzoli. It is a super collection of her memos and letters to and from editors, designers and photographers. An absolute behind the scenes must have book that you can purchase in Bergdorf (7th floor). And to celebrate such occasion, Diana received this very well deserved homage from the store.


images from the Bergdorf Goodman blog site 


   Freak Chic

   by Gazelle Paulo


and the oscar goes to …. empire cake

    Well…what can I say? It is Oscar night…and I stopped at the Empire Cake next to my house and I got the most adorable cupcakes with fondat toppers with the nominees names. SO COOL !!. Empire Cake is the best, they never miss the moment to come up with cool ideas..yes, they have being done before…but they do it best . I love that store…and the Oscars goes to….

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo