gourmet popcorn from kukuruza

Gourmet Popcorn at KUKURUZA
photo by Gazelle

  I am in the pretty city of Seattle !! I am not yet sleepless…but I am already so stuffed with gourmet popcorn from the Kukuruza store. If you ever come to this town….you must stop by and delight yourself with the fabulous popcorn flavors offered by this small company located only two blocks from the Pike Place Market. I strongly suggest the Coconut Macaroon and the Irish Cream Liqueur flavors. Yummy !


I went today to Mundoposto, which is a store in my hometown Teresina. It is just adorable place with fun and young clothes; I found something that I am going to wear at the Sex and the City party at the end of the month in New York. The designer Igor Leite, who is also the creator of the brand, always make sure than everything in the store is Made in Piaui(my state). I had a lot of fun and so did everybody else that was there when I showed up. I was told that Preta Gil(famous Brazilian singer) was there this week and bought half the store….I am glad something was left behind for me.

mirada d vaca

If you are going to be in Madrid in the next two weeks, you will probably be passing by the Chueca area, then try to find some time to visit the store Mirada d Vaca, which is a small t-shirt store that is closing its doors, and I don’t believe that they will re-open it anywhere, the t-shirts you will find there are not fashion forward, but they are fun, some really original, good quality, vibrant colors and the prices are great, you can find black and white shirts with images of everything…from super heroes to pop iconic figures…and they are great gifts.
Calle San Marcos 18

photos by gazeLLe

myriam boTTaZZi

     If you want big and chic, and you just happens to be in Rome, then you must run to Myriam Bottazzi’s adorable little boutique, in the San Lorenzo Quarter, that’s where Nunzia Garoffolo took me this afternoon, and what a treat ! Myriam, who is a stylist born in Milano, has a very surreal and original approach to accessories and bijoux. It is fascinating. The craftsmanship is simply impeccable and she does it all by herself; from clothes to giant bags, from gloves to oversized rings and earrings, she uses all kind of materials…oh my, I wanted them all. Some of the pieces have a gothic appeal, but they are somehow very modern, and that’s where her genius is. I don’t ever recall seeing an agatha stone being so chic. Check out the link: 

Gazelle in front of Myriam’s store…so when you are in Rome…you must come and see her beautiful pieces…yes, they are very affordable.

tokyo rebel in new york city

photos by Gazelle

      If you live in New York City and you love Japanese street fashion, there is no need to get on a flight and fly to Toquio anymore…you can buy original and imported Harajuku clothes right here in the Big Apple. TOKYO REBEL opened this month, the store is owned by the couple Jeff Williams and Masayo(she is from Japan) and they have a complete stock of authentic brands as seen in popular magazines like KERA. I was there last night and I really loved the store and the prices are just great. You can find everything from socks,skirts, hats, shirts, bags….name it, they have it, you will be that perfect rock punk gothic lolita. The store is located on 170 AVENUE B, between 10th and 11th streets, it is right next to Cafe Life. Check their website:

couture cOOkies by eleni’s

  From the kitchen of Eleni’s mom, Jeanie, who started baking her famous recipe in the early 1970’s so that little Eleni could share them with her friends in their California neighborhood, to the present pages of fashion magazines and elegant addresses all over US, UK, Canada and Puerto Rico…Eleni’s cookies and cupcakes are nothing but the best and delicious gifts, made with love, that money can buy. The gift sets are so fun and colorful, that they are sure to brighten your day or your special occasion…Do I need to say Father’s day are coming? Do I need to mention they can be couture all the way… You can indulge yourself at Eleni’s store in the Chelsa Market.http://www.elenis.com/