and haPPy 2017 from the marvelous city of rio de janeiro

9pm: it was the first stop of the night, very casual and fun!

midnight; a very grand and small gathering to welcome 2017. Simply lovely

third stop of the night: at the Narciza’s apartment….no need to add more!! Fun and lots of hair movement

the triplex penthouse above Narciza’s place was surreal !!

Well, here I was again at the marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro, the town that has the best New Years Eve of the whole world! I was hoping that this year I was going to be a little calmer, since my 2016 New Years Eve was really busy, but after the Festa dos Herois Safados, you get in a mood so vibrant…it is almost impossible to resist the energy. So here we went again into the night full of parties and celebrations…
Please don’t take me wrong, I have spent many years celebrating the “reveillon”  in the sands of Copacabana and it was simply amazing…but the time now is different and I like to know and always experience new things…
From a very casual chic gathering to a grand and small reception where I welcomed the first minutes of 2017, and from the super selected and busy party at the Narciza Tamborindeguy ‘s place at the Chopin building we ended up at the triplex penthouse right above Nariciza’s apartment….really insane. The end of the night or shall I better say the beginning of the new year was with the sunrise at the Fasano, and yes I did my little dance in the pool ! Happy 2017 !!

arriving at Fasano at 5am to wait for the sunrise…it was a lovely night indeed !


Ramiro, Martin, my bff Fernando, Adam, my darling friend Anna Maria and moi at Atlantica Avenue in Copacabana

Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

ver-o-peso is a must in belém


I was so happy to be back in Belém , a town where for many years I spent my school vacations. I was there to celebrate Christmas with my family and took some time off from the festivities to visit my favorite street market in Brasil: Ver-o-peso.
“Ver-o-peso” is located at the Guajara Bay riverside, the word means ‘check the weight’ going back to a colonial era tradition when the weight was measured before taxes could be paid.
Basically it is like any other market, the difference here is that there are things in Ver-o-peso that you truly only find there like fresh Brazilian nuts, amazing exotic fruits and of course, the very trendy açaí. The first time I ate açaí, I was maybe 10 years old. And do you know that açaí and fried fish is a perfect combination? Yes, it is indeed.


FreakChic by Gazelle Paulo

elections 2016: victory lost … and the future ahead!!

party-mix in my house: the unopened party mix treats by Fishs Eddy – photo by me

It is over…the dream and aspirations of the 2016 elections is now behind us, at least according to the process. Donald Trump won fair and square, the people spoke, or better saying “the people who came out to vote spoke” and although the country is divided at this moment since emotions and fear are flying high, there is really nothing “effective” to do except to wait and expect that Mr. Trump “the President” would be different than Mr. Trump “the candidate”. I rather wait to see what he is going to do instead of reacting before….but that’s ME! More anger doesn’t solve anything, even though the rhetoric of this campaign was so vile…otherwise we are behaving just like “they” said they would if Trump lost. I am not being naive, I am just patient and practical….
As my candidate Hillary Clinton said on her concession speech, ” we must accept this result and look into the future, Donald Trump is going to be our President, we owe him an open mind and a chance to lead…”.  I love politics, I love democracy…and although this was an exhausting campaign, and I followed it since day one, I am so glad we can move on now … somehow, I guess … and I hope.

God Bless the United States of America.

Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

trump or treat: i’m with her



  • my trick or treat basket of Donald goodies
  • me as Donald Trump wearing a pussy by artist Scooter LaForge;

It is finally coming to an end. The fierce battle for the US presidency between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has left a country, and perhaps the world, exhausted and divided. Needless to say it was nasty, mean and surreal. Donald Trump lost me since day one; but when the explicit and horrible  Access Hollywood recordings came out in which he makes aggressive sexual comments about women, it was just simply enough. However, such disgust for him had actually inspired me to create a strong look for Halloween 2016.
“Gazelle Tramp – Lets Make America Tight Again” was indeed, and with no doubt, one of the scariest and bizarre concepts I have ever created. The idea that Donald Trump would be grabbing his own “pussy” was quite disarming to a lot of people who crossed paths with me when I was hosting the Halloween Ball by Susanne Bartsch at MoMA PS1 or walking up and down at the Halloween Parade in New York City.
Well, must I really say the look was a success…well, it is such a pity that theme behind was so controversial and sad…but that’s how I wanted to express how I feel about him.
So, please get out today and vote !!
I am with HER.


me in an amazing photo taken at MoMA PS1 by Mao Padilha


yes, I was chosen as one of the best costumes at MoMA PS1 by W Magazine

Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

pop sucos in ipanema; just super “legal”







If you are visiting Rio de Janeiro and you need a place to have a light lunch or a cool early dinner,  you definitely should give it a try to Pop Sucos, located in Ipanema on Visconde de Piraja street, right across the General Osorio square. The name “sucos” – juices – might imply it is only a juice place, but this is really a full service restaurant with a complete menu. It is basic food, but very delicious with fair portions and great prices. The “pop” theme is interestingly used around the place and you can even order a burger named after “Andy Warhol”. Cute!!
Claudio, one of the owners, is extremely attentive to all the customers needs, and he even handed me the batman mask below…yes, I took a selfie in the middle of a full restaurant.  POP Sucos has only being in business for two months…I have a feeling they will be a major brand success. I will for sure go back….



FreakChic by Gazelle Paulo

daBBing is here … and it is a way of fashion


“Dabercrombie” by Stay Sick Clothing


You know when the trend is going to or is about to go “crazier”, when you turn on the TV early in the morning and you see Greg Kelly and Rosanna Scotto, hosts of FOX’s “Good Day New York”, dabbing with Migos, the creators of the Dab, to the beat of Look at My Dab.

Do I need to say that on the GOP Republican Debate last night, there was a girl “dabbing” behind Megyn Kelly who was causing an even bigger distraction than Donald Trump’s big hands….oh dear !!

The move or dance move is very simple, you simply bend your arm and jerk your head down to your elbow and back up again, just like you were containing a sneeze from becoming airborne! I know, it is hysterical….can we please have the “Macarena” back?

Anyway, surfing online I came across the super insane “Dabercrombie” shirt (above) by Stay Sick Clothing, and I think it just super cool and hilarious….and as the song says: Dab is a way of fashion…..

dab 3

the girl dabbing at the GOP debate last night

dab 2

Greg Kelly and Rosanna Scotto dabbing with Migos this morning.


Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

banda de ipanema 2016

banda 3

this photo was taken by the mother of Gustavo; and I am wearing a dress and head scarf by Scooter LaForge, necklaces by Pericles Kondylatos and hat by Ron Keenan


The last time I attended the Banda de Ipanema, in Rio de Janeiro, was to do the Explain It to Gazelle , a short improvisation exercise video for the movie company  Terranova 8 Films, and that was back in 2013.
This Carnival, I was very happy that I managed to be in Rio two out of the three times when this very famous band take the fun to the streets of Ipanema.
My look for both times was fun and simple, first because it is the carnival vibe of it and second because it is so hot. My idea was to be walking around dragging a phone talking to Adele, God, my mother, husband or whoever came to mind….I had the best interaction with everybody…and I can surely say that I will be back next year.


me and darling angel Ludvick – all photos below are by Frederico Mendes / all rights reserved

banda 5banda 4


banda 1

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

miSSing my friends on world aids day

 aids1 by gazelle paulo


 Hello there,

As another year is passing by…I miss you so much, my darling friends…all 23 of you…some more than others, of course…sorry, but I am being myself as usual, but I do love you all.

I wish I could say this world has improved since you left. But it is a mess, not a hot mess, just a messed up stupid mess…where people continue to kill others, sometimes not even knowing their own reasons why. Believe me or not, but everybody is famous now, everybody is fabulous or fierce, or fabulous & fierce…and again, most of them don’t even know why also. I don’t know either. Would you ask Confucius or Platus why? Aristoteles won’t text me anymore. Maybe Andy knows. Anyway…

I don’t want to sound pessimist, so, I guess you are not really missing nothing much…but I do indeed miss you all, some more than others of course…Please send my love to Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Rivers. Joan should be here…to fire that Donald Trump.


with love, from your friend who still got you under my skin….

Gazelle Paulo

World Aids Day – December 1st


aids now now

Prezcobix Love by moi


by Gazelle Paulo


2014 world cup weird unforgeTTable opening ceremony moments

       Well, well, well…well and what the hell??!! FIFA requested so much from Brazil, then when it was the time to deliver their opening ceremony presentation at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Sao Paulo, it was the worst World Cup opening ever. 😮


       There are so many talented show producers, choreographers and designers in Brazil who could have done such a marvelous job, but that amateurish looking performance was conceived by Italian-Belgian theater director  Franco Dragone, who once worked at Cirque du Soleil…need I say more?


       Anyway, here are some of those unforgettable moments from the Brazilian opening 2014 World Cup fiasco a la Franco Dragone:

      1 – It wasn’t Franco Dragone’s fault that the World Cup ceremony had so many empty seats…blame it on our President Dilma Vana Rousseff, and of course FIFA:

copa 10

2 – This indigene rowing imaginarily with a seat belt on:


3 –  This scary, sad ,strange and confused  tree’s expression says it all:

copa 2

   4 – I have nightmares just looking at this “samambaia” plant concept:

copa 3

5 – This silly Pitbull “mom capris” look can’t possibly get any worst ??

copa 5
   YESSSSSS. it can get worst:

copa 5 again

6 – How many years do they have to make sure everything was working properly?  I mean, couldn’t they calculate right the weight of J-Lo beautiful butt ? Claudia Leitte is already on her knees:

copa 4

    7 – Claudia Leitte is still down … did I mention that her little blue ensemble cost over one million US dollars???

copa 7

8 – There were moments J-Lo looked amazing…and others like this one…she just didn’t:

copa 9
    9 – Those small soccer balls…oh my God…I just can’t:

copa 8

    10 – Among so many other images…this is the one that I think why a Brazilian should have conceived the opening…and NOT Franco Dragone:

copa 6

  just saying…..

FreakChic by Gazelle Paulo

miles deniro viciously aTTacked at maNNy & olgas piZZeria

Miles DeNiro
photo by Gazelle Paulo
in an event in New York City

       On the week of festivities that leads to the celebration of Gay Pride in New York City; Miles DeNiro (Heidi Glüm) who is one of our dear sisters was viciously attacked by two female patrons of Manny & Olgas, a very popular D.C pizzeria …yes, this happened in Washington D.C .

       Regardless how it started, the whole thing went out of control, leaving Miles with three large bumps, a huge gash on his head and several cuts on his arms.

        According to Miles DeNiro and you can see in the video above, she was attacked in the establishment while the staff remained behind the counter working and ignored the flight. Where was the manager when this was happening? To my horror, onlookers did nothing to stop the aggression…instead they watched, recorded and kept cheering it while Miles DeNiro was physically beaten by a Latino girl and her African-American friend …until two men who entered the place stopped the fight ! I wish I hadn’t posted the video, but it is important that people see it, and to take a stand if they would be in the same situation !

            There should be a law against people who just stands and watch when others are being attacked in public places …there should be some kind of punishment when a business establishment doesn’t take a stand for the security of their patrons…including all patrons…and the two aggressors? Wel, I hope Miles DeNiro will take this as far as it can go…someone needs to be punished for this…and there is a lot of guilty here to be equally divided !






Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo