gazeLLe’s christmas cards faux pas

new Christmas cards from past years
photo by Gazelle at home

       There was a time when I used to send so many Christmas cards, I mean I was really out of control; Fortunately, nowadays I have simplified my holidays by only sending greeting cards to those who sent me cards the year before, and sometimes new friends.

       Every year, I forget to write down what type of design I sent to whom the year before, and that becomes a silly drama because I end up buy new cards; I have so many left over new cards from past years, and I don’t believe in waste; I could give them to close friends so they can use them…but I have decided to trust my instincts and send them anyway….if you receive the same card you got in the past, just have a good laugh…and don’t tell anybody! Once in while, I am allowed a faux pas…and so are you !! 

Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

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