haRRods x harvey nichols christmas 2011 windows display


        Well, here I am back again in London during the Christmas season. and of course I had to check the windows displays of the department stores Harrods and Harvey Nichols. I must say that was so pleasantly surprised to see that Harrods really cleaned up its act this year, and present us with outstanding visuals so grand, magic and decadent…they are a fashion trip fantasy. Last year Harrods went for the 150 years celebration of Peter Pan, the displays were beautiful, but they lacked the glamour surrounding its theme fantasy. This year with no doubt luxury was the mission: the “Crystal Christmas ” is not really an original theme, but the execution is just superb….Swarovski crystals are present everywhere, it was almost impossible to take photos, the crowd was so excited.

         I wish I could say the same about Harvey Nichols Frozen Christmas window display, this is my favorite department store in London; they always come up with the most interesting concepts and ideas, but unfortunately in 2011 I was very disappointed with the decorations, even more with the execution; it is a mixed confusion of what abstract with Christmas can be. The displays lack refinement for such a great holiday, specially for such a great store like Harvey Nichols, which is so surprising to me.

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