great evening with robert w richards

* Robert W. Richards
** Dinah Washington with the young Robert W. Richards on the screen
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            An intimate set up where on the stage there was only a chair, a stool, a microphone and a screen on the background where exquisite illustrations passed by orchestrated by the voice of Robert W Richards…an elegant vision where he invited us into his life by discussing the experiences of his charming life with a witty and natural tone. ” Well, after all…you could be seeing Alan Cummings in Macbeth …but you chose me ” , some of the very first words he dropped over the audience filled with famous New York faces.

            Robert entertained us with his formidable moments spent with Lena Horne, Peter Allen, Roy Garrett and among many others…but he started this show at Dixon Place by describing his fascinating involvement with Dinah Washington, back on a time where racism was shameless more present in our society…. ” Chapters in an Improbable Life ” revealed a great talented man with a big generous heart towards his friends and people who came in his life, although Robert W Richards never discussed personal relationships in a deeper level….

           I was very surprised when after so many illustrations of illustrious people like Yves Saint Laurent, Liza Minnelli, Audrey Hepburn, Joey Arias, Susanne Bartsch and Patrick McDonald, the drawing he did of me while I was shooting with photographer Alex Geana just popped out on the screen…I felt special.

          It was a lovely show and Robert looked divine covered in Paul Smith.

* Yves Saint Laurent
** Susanne Bartsch
*** Patrick McDonald
**** moi…
ipad photos

Freak Chic
by GazeLLe Paulo

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