pat & aNNa cleveland rocks yazbukey at pfw


Pat Cleveland with Anna Cleveland


At the end of the Yazbukey presentation, the iconic photographer Ellen von Unewerth poses with the models.

Yazbukey, as always, puts up the coolest shows in the ultimate glamorous and intense scene during the fashion week in Paris. This time around the fabulous designer didn’t disappoint; mixing cars with girls, in Louboutins, in a very easy dancing garage mood  – did I say vintage Jaguars? – it was definitely a cool way to showcase again her bold accessories. Anna Cleveland was back again from the Dressed to Kill last season presentation, and her stunning iconic mother/model Pat Cleveland joined her in, perhaps, one of the most memorable scenes of #PFW, at least me and Patrick McDonald enjoyed every minute of it. You can watch some of it HERE !!


Dyna Dagger channeling Donna Jordan



FreakChic by Gazelle Paulo 

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