english glamour at the oliver goldsmith sunglaSSes store in london



        What do you do when you are in London, and you need a spectacular, classy, classic, vintage, glamorous, sophisticated or one of a kind shades/eye wear? You simply go to Oliver Goldsmith store. A family business which started in 1926, and to this day still goes strong with the best quality available pieces in the market.
          So, I followed my friends Neandro Ferreira and Gary Howells ON their successful search for something amazing at the Olive Goldsmith store in Notting Hill . They were assisted by PR and store manager Zoe Cosby, whom I like to call me “newest” best friend , she is just superb !!

         After Neandro and Gary selected their beautiful glasses, Zoe tooks us downstairs to the memory lane of OG. From Peter Sellers, Princess Diana, Ursula Andress, Nina Simone, Michael Caine, Princess Grace, Audrey Hepburn to John Lennon (granny glasses)  among so many others, beautiful and famous faces all with Oliver Goldsmith eyewear pieces. What a lovely afternoon !

“I don’t believe in those theories about certain styles suiting certain shaped faces. Life is too short. If you find a shape you like have it and never mind what anyone thinks.”  (Oliver Goldsmith 1965)


Gazelle Paulo, Zoe Cosby and Neandro Ferreira

Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

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