geoFFrey mac gives his fashion & art take on religion

* Tribal Pieta
** Green Mary

      Geoffrey Mac is known from his bold style designs. Now, the very strong colors and firm concepts from his garments are being extended to another areas, and his fashion sense and art are just following along. The new religious pieces limited editions of 10 by Geoffrey are just now available on his website, they are stunning. The first time I laid my eyes on them was at the fashion event Pop Souk, and I knew I just had to have one. So I bought the ” Pink Voodoo Queen ” statue (check his site), it is an intense statue, and it is such a huge success at my home. She is numbered 1 of 10 in the limited edition! Just saying…
       Part of the concept, especially with the black painted ones, which feature the gun and scissor embellishments, is to represent how organized Religion has contributed to a lot of hatred, violence and the world’s wars. The statues also tie into his Spring 2012 Collection which featured a “Global Tribal” theme. The idea is similar to Voodoo, how an icon which represents something in one culture and religion has been transformed into something all together different. The icons which originally come from Catholicism have been juxtaposed with a mash-up of symbols from world religions, i.e. the star of David, or a burka. The tribal influences can be seen in the bright clashing colors, face painting, and scarification. The tribal inspiration is about taking us back to a more universal spirit of the Earth.

       At the moment they are only being sold exclusively at his site; but being such unique works of art…only “God” knows where they will also be available. What I know is that on July 10th if you want to own an original Geoffrey Mac garment, you will be able to get them at the featured sale on , his Spring 2012 Tribal Fashion Collection which were one-of-a-kind editorial pieces will be available for purchase.

* Blue Jesus
** Midnight Pair


by Gazelle Paulo

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